Latest Prices of Washing Machines in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Are you in search of buying a good washing machine to solve your cleaning needs. You may not be far from the solution as we have provided prices of the best washing machines brands in Nigeria. Also in this article, we’ll also list the pros and cons of washing machines and how to get the best deal.

Washing machines are electrical-powered appliances that makes removing of stains in clothes easy. Considering the time and effort in manually washing clothes, the machine reduces stress and time in washing your clothes with the human hands.

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

All types of washing machines are classified based on their operations, how it’s loaded, the volume of load they have, etc. They include:

1. Type Of Loader

When talking about loader in washing machines, it means how the machine opens for the washing to be carried. There are of various kinds of loaders

Top loader: In this type of machine, the clothes are loaded into from the top. This type may not easily get a knock and will require less maintenance.

Front or side loader: Are the category of the machine that requires clothes to be put from the rear in washing. This type is preferred for users who intend on using it for industrial washing as it will be flexible to carry multiple operations.

2. Size of Washing Machines

Washing machines can be classified based on the weight and sizes they have. Their sizes vary in 5kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 13kg, etc, depending on your choice. Different machines are developed to meet a certain standard and their quality and effectiveness will be varying same as their weights.

3. Operation

Not all washing machines performs only washing fuction, but there are some quality ones that also do other operations like drying and as while spinning. These type of machines are recommended for they help reduce the stress and time of spending much in doing just laundry.

The prices of washing machines are very affordable nowadays than in the past when only the rich could afford it. This has been complemented by the healthy competition of manufacturing companies to produce washing machines that are durable, affordable and lasting depending on the financial capability of their customers.

Here is a list of prices of different washing machines available for sale in Nigeria according to increasing value this 2024

Washing Machine Producer/Brands Price
4.6kg Single Tub-in-tub Washing Machine Binatone N25,650
Haier Thermocool Washing Machine TLW3.5 Haier N29,990
Scanfrost Washing Machine Semi Automatic SFWMTTA Scanfrost N55,200
Washing Machine WP- 750R LG N57,000
Washing Machine TwinTub WMP-750R(5kg Washing And Spin Capacity)Top Loader With RollerJet. LG N65,500
10kgTwin Tub Washing Machine Midea N75,000
8kg Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Haier Thermocool N80,300
LG Washing Machine Top loader 13 KG Automatic 1049 LG N172,000
LG Washing Machine WM-1280 – 6KG Direct Drive LG N268,000
LG Washing Machine Automatic 17KG Washer and Dryer 1255RD LG N512,000

Things To Should Consider Before Buying A Washing Machine

Do you ever have the plan of purchasing a washing machine, then when going to the store to buy it, you find out that the size is as big as a motor car and its price is expensive? When talking about the size, price and others, we’re just outlining the important things to have in mind before buying your dream washing equipment.


The washing machine price is no doubt the first thing a buyer will inquire about a product. While a higher price isn’t a reliable factor to measure the quality of the machine, it would be worth checking for affordable washing machine prices. There are some products that are just higher in price because of their complexity but not compared to a small brand.

Not withstanding the price, others features in a washing machine to look out for include;


Size is another major factor to consider when purchasing a washing machine. The bigger machines are more costlier than the smaller ones and are usually more effective.

How it’s loaded

It may be either front-loaders or top-loaders. Whatever one you choose, let it be the one that would satisfy your washing needs

Power consumption

How much power it can take or consume should also be put into consideration before you buy a washing machine. Its better to go for power efficient machines that can do the basic laundry stuffs and can be powered by your generator set.


There are various brands of washing machines in the country but the best are: Haier Thermocool, LG, Scanfrost, Midea, Qasa, Nexus, etc. Other features like spin speed adjustment, noise reduction, child locks and touchscreen controls should also be considered when tring to get this appliance.

How To Use Your Washing Machines For Best Results

Before going on the washing process. Make sure there is enough water for your clothes. This will make the machine’s agitator to spin the clothes around freely and give best results. If the water is low, you’ll observe the agitator will be unable to move, resulting in an awkward sound to show.

Your detergents should be enough for the clothes you wish to wash. This is just like doing manual washing in which if the detergents are lacking, then the clothes will not be properly washed.

Please also note that your washing machine is just a aiding machine and not a ‘super’ machine. If after washing the clothes, then dirts are still lingering, just rewash it. Before inputting a dirty cloth into the machine, ensure to soak them with enough detergent for few hours to doing it. Doing this will make you achieve cleaner washes and help the washing machine to do its work easily.

Where To Buy Original Washing Machines In Nigeria

Online and electronic/electrical stores in the country have a lot of good brands of washing machines for sale. You can take advantage of this by going to these stores to get your machine at a good price.

A lot of trusted online stores like Jumia, Konga, Amazon also sells these machines at these stores and also have a wide range of top notch home appliances. You can also get the best deals from these shopping sites, by getting washing machines that are durable which will solve your laundry ploblems with its affordable offers.

Lastly on online stores, you can optimize and augment your washing experience with the range of best washing machines from Konga. They are preferred for their offer premium quality washing machines from the top loader to the front loader.

These availability of washing machines in online stores is complemented by the sale of different kinds of the machine at electronic stores nationwide to make the product accessible to all and sundry.


Washing machines are sold from the price of N30,000 and above, even up to N200,000. This affordability of the machines in Nigeria which is easy for an average person should  allow for solutions to manual washing which is outdated in many developed countries. The stains cleaners are of different kinds and have high standard and quality, providing guaranteed convenience to real-time laundry.

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