Current Prices of Scanfrost Washing Machines in Nigeria (June, 2024)

If you’re contemplating on buying a washing machine that will give you the best offer, then Scanfrost has a wide range of washing machines which allows you to find the perfect appliance to fit your needs.

Scanfrost is a global producer of home electronic appliances especially ones for household utility. Their range of appliances include cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other electronic appliances used in the kitchen. These products are produced to aid you cook, clean, save time and energy and to even live a better life with your gadgets.

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

The large collection of washing machines by Scanfrost starts from a load capacity of 6kg, which is suitable for smaller families, and range higher up to 12kg, big enough to wash a whole large sheet set and also ideal for industrial use.

Scanfrost washing machines are available at an affordable price which a low income earner can afford. In this post, we list out the latest prices of Scanfrost electronic washers in Nigeria electronic market and as well, state their best features.

Latest Prices of Scanfrost Washing Machines in Nigeria (2024)

To be sure of what to bargain on in purchasing washing machines made by Scanfrost, we’ve outlined to best ones from the low priced to the higher ones.

Scanfrost SFWMTT12 12kg Washing Machine Price = N50,000 to N52,000

This Scanfrost washing machine with model number SFWMTT12 has a top loader type of loading clothes. It comes with a non deterchable  top to give a safe wash.

Other features of the machine is that its automatic and a capacity of 12kg which is a perfect plan for big family laundry.

Price: Online stores and malls sell this washing machine for a price ranging from N50,000 to N52,000 in Nigeria.

Verdict: Scanfrost SFWMTT12 washing machine is best suit for family use with its good capacity and fair price.

Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTA Washing Machine Price = N53,000 – N57,000

This is another affordable product from Scanfrost. It’s a semi automatic washing machine with a capacity of 8kg.

Best features: It has a separate pipe for handling wash and spin dryer and built in drain pump.

Also, another feature of the washer is that it use top load style of loading.

Price: N53,000 – N57,000

Verdict: In affordability, its perfect for a low income earner to also buy.

Scanfrost SFWD6000 6kg Washing Machine Price = N72,000 – N76,000

This silver coloured Scanfrost washing machine is a solution to your laundry. It has 6kg capacity and uses front load type of loading to give a perfect wash.

Features: This washing machine has a Self clean option and a program to manage washing of clothes like syntethic cotton, wool and silk.

Price: A budget of N72,000 – N76,000 can get you this washing machine in Nigeria.

Verdict: Good with inclusive modern designs and features.

Scanfrost SFD7000 Washing Machine Price = N72,000 – N77,000

Features: Has 7kg washer capacity and uses front loading method to operate. It also has a silver finish and a separate timer option for monitoring wash.

Like the other, it also has a program to manage synthetic cotton and delicate materials wash.

Price: N72,000 – N77,000

Verdict: Scanfrost SFD7000 is a good choice washing machine for one willing for a good offer.

Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTB Washing Machine Price = N72,000 – N80,000

This washing machine features modern designs for good washing performance. It has a 10kg capacity. Another good features of this washing machine is that it has a two tube for deep action wash and a built-in drain pump.

Price: Available in the range of N72,000 – N80,000 in the country.

Verdict: Super washer!

Scanfrost SFWMTTC Washing Machine Price = N80,000 – N85,000

Scanfrost SFWMTTC is a semi automatic washing machine that features;

  • 12kg washing capacity
  • Has two tubes for a separate wash and spin drying.
  • Lasting top case.
  • This machine also come with an inbuilt drain pump.

Price: N80,000 – N85,000 in Nigeria

Verdict: Good for large scale home washing and industrial use.

Scanfrost SFWD6000 Washing Machine Price = N82,000 to N88,000

This is another product from Scanfrost. In this type, it comes with a dryer and has a capacity up to 6kg.

Some of the intriguing features of this washing machine is that it has a Inbuilt light; a Mechanical timer option to regulate heating; finished with silver; it uses the front loading pattern.

Price: Local vendors and online stores in the country sale Scanfrost SFWD6000 washing machine within the range of N82,000 to N88,000.

Verdict: This type of washing machine is more preferred for its quality which interest any buyer.

Scanfrost SFWMFL8001 Washing Machine Price = N90,000 – N95,000

A lot of modern technological inputs categorize this washing machine: its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); speed of 1200 revolution per minute and other features make it a perfect buy to bargain.

Scanfrost SFWMFL8001 has a capacity of 7kg and consumes water up to 8 litres.

Price: N90,000 – N95,000 range and available at local and online stores nationwide.

Verdict: A perfect modern washer.

Scanfrost SFWD7350 3.5kg Washing Machine Price = N95,000 – N105,000

This washing machine has a capacity of 7kg for the washer and dryer 3.5kg and uses front loading pattern to wash. It comes with modern features like Digital display, electric blue finish and options for multi washing.

Price: N95,000 – N105,000

Verdict: A quality multiple purpose washer for washing and drying.

Scanfrost SFWMTLZK Washing Machine Price = N100,000

This is another 6kg wash capacity machine for Scanfrost. It uses the loading pattern of the top and come with good features to give a clean wash.

Price: The price range for Scanfrost SFWMTLZK washing machine is from N100,000 up to N110,000 in Nigeria.

Verdict: This washing machine is a perfect bargain to solve house and industrial washing service.

Scanfrost SFML7001 Washing Machine Price = N130,000 – N140,000

Features of this washing machine are:

  • Front loading pattern
  • A 7kg capacity
  • Fully automated
  • Wash care program
  • And a Stainless top cover

Price: Ranges from N130,000 – N140,000

Verdict: A good selection, with its modern features.

Scanfrost SFWMFL8001 Top Load Washing Machine Price = N147,000

In settling for the best washing machine, its sometimes easy in seeing it through its price and what it can perform. This type from Scanfrost is a mega and a little colossal in size because of the installed quality features. These features are the DN function, Preset function and Fuzzy control function.

The machine uses top loader and inbuilt with a stainless steel inner drum adding to this with its 10kg capacity.

Price: The costs of this peoduct is negotiable from N142,000 – N147,000 in various stores in the country.

Verdict: Big price, multiple functions.

Why choose Scanfrost Washing Machines?

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing home electronic appliances, Scanfrost products are indeed what to select from. They produce gadgets like: refrigerators, cookers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, washing machines and kitchen appliances in optimum quality to cater for your cooking, washing and house works.

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