Current Prices of Coconut Oil in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Coconut oil is an important type of oil in Nigeria, not just because of its interesting taste but due to its medical importance to the body. According to medical practitioners, original coconut oil helps to nourish the skin and makes it glows at all time.

Also known as Copra Oil (botanical name), coconut oil is one oil that most Nigerians are eager to have in their respective houses.

In this post, you will get to know current coconut oil prices in Nigeria this 2024, the health benefits of this oil and how to know original coconut oil in the country.


In addition to its magical and positive influence on the skin, coconut oil serves as hair booster and remedy for hair loss.

It is believed that coconut oil serves as nutrients to the hair, thereby, preventing the growth of any unhealthy micro-organisms in one’s hair.

Despite the unrivaled importance of this oil, many health organization advised that taking it orally into your body could be dangerous as result of its high level of fats.

They charged people to take it alongside some scientifically certified oils including olive oil, avocado oil or canola oil.

Important Facts About Coconut Oil

  • It is gotten from mature coconut fruit

As the name implies, this oil is extracted from the fleshy part of a mature coconut fruit. The making of coconut oil involves  very tedious and strenuous procedures, hence, many prefer buying it rather than producing it themselves.

As much as we love to share some tips on how to extract this oil from a mature coconut fruit, we are afraid we can’t do that in today’s article.

However, we will definitely come up with a special write-up on how to produce a long-lasting coconut oil for home use.

  • It can stand the test of time

As mentioned earlier, this oil contains large content of saturated fats which prevents it from getting damage without lasting for considerable number of days. If I’m not exaggerating or making up stories, coconut oil can last for four (4) to six (6)  months before showing any sign of damage.

Unlike other type of oils which tends to change texture, taste and colour if exposed to light ; Coconut oil will certainly remain the same if exposed to any ray of light, moisture or any bacteria action.

  • It is widely known in across the world

Coconut oils is generally accepted by everyone due to its multiple functions and importance to the body.

Though they might differ from one country/continent to another, coconut oil perform the same function— as long as it’s in a well and good state — irrespective of location.

Importance of Coconut Oil to Nigerians (Health Benefits)

This type of oil has innumerable importance to the body, but we shall be limiting ourselves to just two most important role coconut oil plays on the skin and in other parts of the body. See its importance below :

  • It enhance loss of weight

Are you someone who really want to loss some weight? Then, the best way to achieve your mission is by adding some portion of coconut oil to your meal.

You can equally add it to any of your weight loss additives such so as to make the addictive work more efficiently and effectively.

  • It fights against body diseases

The intake of coconut oil in a moderate measure helps to boost body immune system, therefore, preventing the body from encountering disease or infections.

Coconut oil and other important nutrients work hand-in-hand to ensure that the body remain in good condition at all time. This is why you should never underrate the usefulness of coconut oil to your body and family.

  • It improves digestion
  • It is used for baking as it enhance sweet and inviting aromas
  • It helps to avoid constipation
  • It’s good for frying
  • It aids sound sleep
  • It boost Mental strength

There are many traders who engage in the buying and selling of coconut oil in Nigeria today, however, you must be very vigilant not to fall into trap of sellers who involved in fake products.

The increase in demand of this important oil across the country has given rise to fake products, hence, it is mandatory you take your time to check out for original coconut oil of high quality standard.

How to know a quality original coconut oil

  • Conduct a “Solid Test” on Oil pack

The first way to know a standard coconut oil is by engaging in what i call “solid test”

A solid test is carried out by touching the coconut oil pack to see if it’s liquid or solid at room temperature.

Having touched the pack, the solid one (at room temperature) is the original/standard one. While, the liquid coconut oil pack is substandard.

This is why it is important you get your coconut oil in the morning or evening where there is low temperature.

  • Check out for Label

Another method to know as standard oil from fake is by consulting the label on each pack. Every Coconut oil pack in Nigerian markets include a label which signify some level of originality.

Take a gentle look at the label, if you see some terminologies which include “unrefined,” “extra virgin” and “cold pressed” then you should go for it.

The term “unrefined” or” extra virgin” means the oil was extracted from coconut fruit without the use of chemicals, hence, it’s important natural characteristics are still intact.

Should you see any term like  “deodorized” on the label, please don’t go for it because it’s not the best coconut oil for you. In fact, you must AVOID it because it is added with some chemicals during its extraction and that will definitely prevent it from performing any of the listed functions.

  • Check for manufacturer’s name

This is another way to guaranty the quality of the oil you’re about buying. You must check for the manufacturing company, production date, NAFDAC registration number and expiring date.

Once you see all of these details on the pack, then, you should be rest assured you’re going for the best coconut oil.

Current Prices of Coconut Oil in Nigeria Today (June, 2024)

There are different brands of coconut oil pack in Nigeria and every producer have a unique price for his/her products.

This means it is likely we have different prices on the same quantity of coconut oil, depending on company’s fixed price and retailer’s added fee.

See the list of coconut oil prices in Nigeria today below:

  • Viva organic extra virgin coconut oil  ranges from N9000 to N9,500
  • Wilsona coconut Oil (1 ltr)  ranges from  N2,500 to N3, 000
  • Oora coconut Oil (1 ltr)  ranges N2,500 to N3,000
  • Alexsial coconut oil (1 ltr)  it shares same price Oora and Wilsona
  • We coconut oil (1 ltr)  ranges N2,500 to N3,000
  • Virgin coconut oil (1ltr)  ranges from N2,500 to N3,000
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