Makeup Kit: Prices of Makeup Box in Nigeria (June, 2024)

As woman or lady who is very cautious of her physical appearance, it is important you make a budget solely meant for makeup box and every other materials that will enhance your beauty and makes you look more gorgeous and attractive.

Makeup kits and boxes are witnessing a huge transformation presently in Nigeria as both youth and old are more concerned about their looks and appearance, unlike what it used to be in time past.

Unsurprisingly, there has been an increase in the prices of makeup kits across the country due to the increased patronage they are getting in the market.


Nonetheless, there are some quality makeup kits available at cheaper prices in some states of the federation and after doing some findings, we have come up with some kits and their respective prices.

This list is in no particular order;  it consists of the name, features, prices and effectiveness and how to care for it.

See the list makeup box and kit prices this 2024 below

Make-up boxes prices

As a professional makeup artist, the makeup kits you must purchase is the box where you would put most of your makeup tools and materials.

As expected, makeup boxes are made of different qualities and structures. Hence, the better the quality, the higher the price but that doesn’t mean being shortchanged while purchasing one.

Having made some important researches, we realized that you can buy a makeup box for as low as N10, 000. Although, they are small in size while its quality can’t be as high as the big ones.

As someone who is only cautious of her look, a makeup box worth N10, 000 is certainly big enough to contain all of your makeup materials.

For  professional makeup artist, it’s compulsory you go for a bigger, more expensive and more quality box so as to be able to provide maximum protection for all your costumes and makeup instruments.

Professional  makeup boxes are more expensive than the one meant for someone whose mission is just to look good and attractive.

As a professional makeup artist, you’re advised to go for a bigger box which ranges between N30, 000 – N50, 000 in price.

Note that cost of these boxes differs from place to place across the country. Some factors, such as country’s economy, currency exchange rate, location, etc, often influence the price of makeup kits because sellers wouldn’t want to sell without making profits.

Price of Makeup Brush Sets

This is a must-have material for someone who is into the industry as a profession or as a mere makeup lover.

The importance of brush cannot be overemphasized when it comes to makeup. This is because it is used in applying other materials on the face.

It equally helps in ensuring that all applied costumes or kits are evenly extended to all part of the face. Makeup brushes are made of animal hairs such as goat, horse, cows among many others.

In terms of price, brushes made of goat hair appears to be the cheapest of them all in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that goat hair are easily seen – at cheaper price – in the market compared to either horse or cow.

There are different kinds of brush in a set, therefore, it is likely you find a brush made with goat hair, cow hair and horse air.

Brush sets are of different sizes, the biggest size presently cost N5, 000 in Nigeria while the smallest size could be gotten for as low as N1, 300 as at June, 2024.

Price of Eye Pencils

The use of eye pencils to enhance one’s beauty has been in existence for quite a long age. It won’t be out of place to say it’s one of the oldest way of making our appearance looks attractive.

Unlike in the stone ages, we now have diverse ways of applying eye pencils and liners to give our faces the perfect effect we wanted.

Eye pencils is not as expensive as the makeup brush sets neither is it as costly as makeup kits.

An average Nigerian can afford a quality eye pencil because it is sold between N500 and N3, 000. Hence, a makeup lover could easily go for the one of N500 which will also serve a great purpose.

As professional makeup artist, it is advisable you go for the one of N3000. This is because you will be privileged to have pencils of different colors and different sizes for different occasions.

Price of Concealers in Nigeria

Concealers serve as dark spot remover. Once your face has dark spots which could be caused by pimples, injury and other skin infections, could prevent your makeup from coming out as good as expected.

This is where concealers comes in to play its massive role. It will help brighten your face and also clear every dark spot, wrinkles, pimples, spider veins and birthmarks.

Professionals are advised to go for concealers with multiple colors so as to apply it on any skin colour. Concealers’ prices ranges from N1, 800 to N4, 500 depending on type and quality.

Price of Foundation in Nigeria

Foundation is another important makeup kit that helps in ensuring that facial appearance is nothing short of gorgeous.

It is sold in any cosmetics shops and super markets across the country, however, It is extremely important you go for foundation that suits your complexion.

Its value is between the range of N3, 000 – N8, 000, Meanwhile, some types of foundation which are often used by professionals are more expensive.

Price of Mascara

Mascara is no longer what it used to be in the past when there was just a handful of its type in the markets. We now have different types of mascara in Nigeria market.

Despite the increment in type and sizes, Nigerians prefer waterproof mascara because it tends to last longer than any other type.

Waterproof Mascara price ranges from N2, 000 to N6, 000 depending on quality.

Price of Brow Gel

This is mostly used by professionals as it helps to beautify the brow.

However, makeup lovers can also decide to add it to their makeup kits even if it’s not compulsory.

In terms of price, Gel brow is worth N3,000 or N5,000.

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