Yellow Card in Nigeria: Cost & How To Obtain It (2024)

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Yellow fever card is a one of the prerequisites for travelers who wants to leave Nigeria. This is not just an ordinary card, but rather it’s a certification that is required from anyone who wants to travel out of the country. This is also an international document which will be required by any country before admitting travelers. By and large, there is much to discuss about this essential certificate called yellow card.

yellow card in Nigeria

This write-up will explain what the yellow card is for, how to obtain it, and subsequently how much it will cost for getting a yellow card in Nigeria.

What’s Yellow Card?

A lot of people might not come across this before, and some may also view it as being the other card used in soccer. For the purpose of being informed, let’s know what really is this yellow card for traveling.

The yellow card is an international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis which shows or states that the holder has taken the yellow fever vaccine. This is a very essential document especially if you want to travel out of the country. According to the federal ministry of health, these card can be gotten via the e-registration which reduce some stress.

Moreso, the yellow card is a certificate of vaccination which indicates that travelers have been immunized against yellow fever from the country. The yellow fever card is always required from travelers so that their status on the virus will be known. Before being issued the card, a yellow fever vaccine will first be given so as to shield against the disease. It provides protection against the virus for travelers and those living in areas where the disease is present.

Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease present in Africa and some parts of South America. There are some other countries where yellow fever infection is prevalent. Some of these countries like Angola, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The infection, though a lot of people see it as avoidable, can be severe in some cases. Vaccination is the best way to protect against this virus. And from getting vaccinated, the yellow card for traveling will be issued.

How to Obtain Yellow Card For Traveling in Nigeria (2024)

If you are intending on getting a new yellow card for travelers in the country, then follow the succeeding simple steps and instructions. Unlike other document application process, obtaining a yellow card in Nigeria is not stressful. Much is credited to the electronic medium which is used to swift the process, through advancement in technology.

Due to this innovative, one can now apply for the yellow fever card certification online and follow basic procedures to acquire it. The below steps will give you a guide on how to get a yellow card certification online in Nigeria:

Step 1: Enter the Yellow Card Registration Website

As the new process of getting a yellow card is done online on the registration website, this is the very first thing to do. First, using your mobile phone or computer that has internet access and logon to the website of the yellow card authority body issuing the certificate. The website is available at

Step 2: Complete the Registration Process

On clicking the above link, the page will open, from here you will see a “register” button to take you to the next page where you will do the registration. The following page is where you will do the registration. Here, you will be required to fill in your personal information on the corresponding forms that will be given. Take time and fill all the required information correctly. It is important to always go through the process and review the details, because a critical mistake here could complicate the whole process and might even render the whole process invalid.

Step 3: Make Payment

Making payment for the certificate is the next step that follows after you have successfully filled in your personal details. From the present page, you should see where it’s written “pay now”, proceed by clicking the button. After it, a payment receipt that will enable you make payment will be generated.

Step 4: Select Preferred Mode of Payment

The succeeding page gives you an option to either pay online or at the bank. The former will require you to pay with your ATM card details, and in the latter, you will proceed to pay at the bank. If you are paying at the bank, then the printed generated receipt will be required by the bank so as to process the payment. However, all these two mode of payment will still yield the same result depending on convenience.

Step 5: Collection of Vaccine and Card

After you have concluded that registration proper and as while made payment, you can then proceed to Port Health Centres which is where your card will be given at the airport. Ensure to go with the evidence of payment and a copy of the biodata form you filled. Being without these essential details may render your application for the yellow card to be undone.

After the review of the application and the necessary confirmation, the yellow fever vaccine will be administered to you via injection together with the yellow card will be issued to you. That’s it! Now you are done with it, you can use your yellow card certificate.

The Current Cost of Yellow Card in Nigeria Today (2024)

How much does yellow card cost in Nigeria presently? This is one of the recurring question that a lot of folks inquire about. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the cost for the e-yellow card is ₦2,000, and can be obtained through the online application process.

This card is one of the cheapest vaccination cards to get in Nigeria today. One of the interesting fact is that the card has a fixed price across the country and does not depend on any factor. So, if you are presented with an increased fee, you will have to seek for a way out, or going to a recognized body. Presently as it stands, Yellow Card costs the same price in every part of the country.


The yellow fever card is a very essential certificate for not just travellers, but all and sundry. It is important to note that the new Yellow fever cards are valid for about ten years from the day the holder is vaccinated. And as long as your yellow card is still valid (that is still within the 10-year margin), you would not need to take any other vaccination till the current one expires. Now you know what’s yellow card, how to get it, and subsequently the cost of obtaining the card in Nigeria.

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