Ondo State University of Medical Sciences School Fees (2024)

Southwestern region of Nigeria are known for their enthusiasm towards education which is responsible for their possession of numerous tertiary institutions.

Our major focus for today lies in Ondo state, one of many states in the south west region of the country — as we shall be  talking on one world-class university located in the state known as Ondo State University of Medical Science (UNIMED) as it is fondly called by its students and the people of the state.


Facts about UNIMED History

UNIMED, according to Wikipedia,  was inaugurated by the former governor of the state Olusegun Mimiko in 2015 after being approved by the National University Commission NUC. It located in Ondo City in the north central part of the state and it is a state-owned tertiary institution whose affairs are controlled by Ondo state government.

The university went on to become the third medical specialized university in the continent of Africa while it was the first medical specialized university in Nigeria.

It was also the 139th University in Nigeria while it was the 40th state-owned university in Africa’s most populated country.

Since its inauguration four years ago, UNIMED has never changed its vice chancellor as Professor Friday Okonofua — a well-known professor of Gynecology  remain the pioneer Vice chancellor while Dr. Funke Oyebade Mni continue to be the registrar.


Ondo state university of medical sciences can boast of six facilities which are listed below:

  • Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

There are six courses rendered under this faculty, they include Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Nursing, Medical Rehabilitation and Medical Laboratory Sciences.

  • Faculty of Clinical Sciences

This faculty includes 11 courses which are Anaesthesia, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medicine, Surgery, Morbid Anatomy, Haematology, Microbiology, Chemical Pathology , Radiology and Community Medicine.

  • Faculty of Sciences

This faculty consists of eight courses, they include Biological Sciences; Microbiology; Animal and Environmental Biology; Plant Biology and Biotechnology; Biology; Physics; Chemistry and Computer Science.

  • Faculty of Dentistry

Only five courses are available in this faculty, they are  — Child Dental Health, Oral and Oral/Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Preventive Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry

  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The courses offered in this faculty include Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy and Pharmacognosy.

  • Faculty of Public Health

The last but not least, eight courses are studied in this faculty. They include Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, Public Health Nutrition, Health Economics and Health Management, Women’s Studies and Reproductive Health, Demography, Health Informatics and Health Education and Primary Health Care.

Current school fees of some courses rendered under each faculty

Should you desire an admission into this impressive and highly-rated university in the next academic session, it is therefore important you are conversant with the fee paid for some courses.

Having made so many findings from students; parents and guidance — who enrolled their children into the university, we’ve been able to gather some trusted information as regards to school fees for some courses rendered in the school.

Here is the list below:

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Courses: Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry & Dental Surgery.

For Indigenes

  • 100 Level  =  N250,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry) = N310,000
  • 200 Level (Returning) = N285,000
  • 300 Level = N305,000
  • 400 Level = N350,000
  • 500 Level = N360,000
  • 600 Level = N380,000

For Non-indigenes

  • 100 Level = N300,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry DE) = N360,000
  • N200 Level (Returning) = N335,000
  • 300 Level = N355,000
  • 400 Level = N400,000
  • 500 Level = N410,000
  • 600 Level = N430,000
  • Acceptance fee (for 100L and 200L DE) = N100,000

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Courses: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry

For Indigenes

  • 100 Level = N220,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry DE) = N225,000
  • N200 Level (Returning) = N200,000
  • 300 Level = N195,000
  • 400 Level = N235,000

For Non-indigenes

  • 100 Level = N270,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry DE) = N275,000
  • 200 Level (Returning) = N250,000
  • 300 Level = N245,000
  • 400 Level = N285,000
  • Acceptance fee (for 100L and 200L DE) = N60,000

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences & Nursing Sciences

Courses: Nursing/Nursing Science, Physiotherapy

For Indigenes

  • 100 Level = N230,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry) = N275,000
  • 200 Level (Returning) = N250,000
  • 300 Level = N280,000
  • 400 Level = N310,000
  • 500 Level = N350,000

For Non-indigenes

  • 100 Level = N280,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry) = N325,000
  • N200 Level (Returning) = N300,000
  • 300 Level = N330,000
  • 400 Level = N360,000
  • 500 Level = N400,000
  • Acceptance fee (for 100L and 200L DE) =  N80,000

Faculty of Science

Courses: Animal & Environmental Biology, Plant Biology & Biotechnology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics with Electronics, Chemistry.

For Indigenes

  • 100 Level = N200,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry DE) = N205,000
  • N200 Level (Returning) = N180,000
  • 300 Level = N175,000
  • 400 Level = N215,000

For Non-indigenes

  • 100 Level = N250,000
  • 200 Level (Direct Entry DE) = N255,000
  • N200 Level (Returning) = N230,000
  • 300 Level = N225,000
  • 400 Level = N265,000
  • Acceptance fee (for 100L and 200L DE) =  N60,000

UNIMED’s Website

In case you have any question bothering your mind, you can connect to them via official websites unimedondo.edu.ng . This site provides room for online payment, online course registration, comment and other student-related issues.

Other Tertiary Institutions in Ondo State

Apart from UNIMED, there are many universities in the state as they strongly believe that a citizen without education will always play a second fiddle to educationally sound personnel.

The list of universities in Ondo state are listed below :

  • Adekunle Ajasin University
  • Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)
  • Achievers University
  • Wesley University of Science and Technology
  • Elizade University
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