Current Prices of 10KVA Generator in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Nigeria’s power sector has left so much to be desired by its citizens over the years. The whole country could experience a total blackout for more than three days.

There hasn’t been a week where the whole country enjoy regular and untouchable power supply — that’s how worse electricity has become in the country.

As result of this unwanted events, many Nigerians have no option but to include a generator in their list of basic things of life.


The wealthy and well-to-do citizens doesn’t mind splashing huge cash on big generators which serve as alternative source of electricity to power their businesses and other household appliances.

At the other hand, the average Nigerians stick to small size generators, as far as it powers some of their little electronic equipment and it equally prevents them from experiencing total blackout.

Some fraction of the citizens chose to install an inverter in their respective homes so as to ultimately prevent the inadequate supply of electricity.

Inverter is fast becoming the best way deployed by Nigerians to power their businesses, and to enhance their good living; Nonetheless, generator still remains the widely used alternative source of power in Nigeria

How much does a generator cost in Nigeria’s current market? Where can i get one, and which brand should i go for? If you’re asking any of these questions, then, you’re in the right place  because we are set to unveil everything you must know about 10KVA generator. All you need do is to patiently read this post.

What’s all about 10KVA Generator

This type of generator isn’t the most sought-after alternative power supply in Nigeria, nonetheless, it is one of the best generators in the country.

It’s regarded to as the ”heavy weight” among Nigerians due to its massive weight and its huge qualities which include durability and easy-to-use features.

It is designed in such a way that it will power your small-scale and large-scale business. Though, it’s not the biggest of generators you can ever come across in this part of the world, it is one of the best generators you have ever seen in Nigeria.


Another impressive feature of  this type of generators is its mobility. Despite its big size, it is important to let you know that this type of generators are movable, meaning, it doesn’t really need to stay in a fixed position.

You can bring it out in the morning to power your business all through the day, then, you take it inside your store – or any other safe place – at your closing period.


Every 10KVA generator in good condition doesn’t make noise while in use, this is one of the major reasons why event planners prefer making use of it to any other kind of generator.

As soon as you notice any unbearable sound from 10KVA generator, you should know that something is wrong with it.

Easy to get

This type of generator are easily seen across the country, therefore, you won’t be stressed searching for it in the market.

Get to any open markets that deals with electrical gadgets and generator in Nigeria, you will see diverse brands of 10KVA generator.

You can equally decide to purchase yours directly from company or from company’s distributors. This gives you a chance to return it whenever it develops unwanted fault before warranty’s expiration date.

Economical consumption of fuel

Unlike many other big-sized generators, 10KVA doesn’t consume much fuel while in use, therefore, you need not to worry about the quantity or cost of fuel to run it.

Prices of 10KVA Generators in Nigeria According to Different Brands

As said earlier, this size and type of generator are manufactured by diverse brands, therefore, there are different price tags on them.

The difference in prices is as result of each brand’s additional price or distributors’ added price in order to realize more profit from its sale.

Having said that, we have come up a brand-by-brand price list of 10KVA generator. See the list below:

  • Elepaq 10KVA Generators Price

Elepaq’s 10KVA generator is the brand on the list because this brand is one of the best and oldest generator-producing companies in the world.

Elepaq generators are reliable and dependable; they are easy-to-use and they are very affordable; you will definitely be happy you go for their products.

Elepaq ensures that all their products are made of quality and long-lasting voltage regulators which helps to control the quantity of power supply by their generation.

This Voltage regulator ensures that all connected appliances or gadgets are safe from any kind of damages that could arise as result of fluctuating electric current from the generator.

As for the price, an Elepaq 10KVA generator can’t be cheaper than ₦189, 000 at any market in the country, except you’re going for fake Elepaq products.

The most expensive price of this type of Elepaq generator is  ₦200,000 in any state of the federation.

In short, the price of a standard Elepaq’s 10KVA generator ranges between ₦189,000 — ₦200,000

  • Firman Soundproof 10KVA Generator Prices

As the name implies, Firman’s soundproof 10KVA generator doesn’t produce high sound. In fact, it can be in use and no one notices because it hardly make any sound.

Firman is a well-known generator-producing brand in Nigeria, thanks to the unequal qualities of their products.

Many Nigerians are in love with their products due to the fact that they are easy to use and maintain and they consume less fuel.

Talking of the price, Firman aren’t made for average Nigerians. This is because the least price at which you can get a Firman soundproof 10KVA generator is ₦400, 000.

In the same vein, Its highest price is valued at ₦501, 000. Now you see the reason why only wealthy Nigerians and successful businessman can afford this type of generator. Irrespective of the price, you stand to gain more from its services on the long run.

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