Current Tiger Generator Prices in Nigeria (July, 2024)

If you been coming across some blue portable medium sized generators in Nigeria, then this is specifically what Tiger generators represent. This is a popular brand of generators that has been the solution to low-scale power supply for homes and small businesses. With the popular ‘I pass my neighbor’ generator being one of the products of this brand, there is certainly much to expect from them in the industry. During the long stay of Tiger generators in the country, they have been one of the most patronised brand, especially for small shops and houses. In the course of this article, we will highlight the prices of Tiger generators in Nigeria currently.

Tiger generator prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the limited supply of power has led to erratic supply of electricity in most areas of the country. The absence of this steady power supply has strengthened the usage of generators to power houses and businesses. This has created the popularity of the Tiger generator brand coupled with the fact that Tiger generators, due to the fact that they are affordable, fits the income profile of quite a lot of people in the country.

The low cost of this generator in all aspect has made a large number of people to opt for this brand. Nonetheless, with only a few models available in the country now, Tiger generators have their glory days in the past. This is as a result of the introduction of top and standard quality generator brand to the country’s market such as Elepaq, Firman, Perkins, Mikano and other portable generators.

Advantages of Using Tiger Generators

Normally, Tiger generators are more often known by many Nigerians as ‘I beta pass my neighbour’ generator. This brand of generators is one of the most popular electric generator brands in the country. This is due to the fact that it is affordable and has a low cost to run. The tiger brand of generators is known to produce generators with power rating below 2KVA.

This makes it suitable for small businesses such as electricians, beauty salons, small business centres and many homes. These places make use of these generators due to its portability and affordability which really incorporate low cost.

Things you will like about Tiger generators includes the following:

  • Affordability – which is due to their low cost
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Low Petrol Consumption – due to how they comes in lower sizes which is suitable for subtle tasks.

Now, let’s give you a brief overview of the prices of Tiger generators, so as to help you know what it represents before making a decision.

Latest Prices of Tiger Generators in Nigeria (2024)

There are a lot of brands of Tiger generators that are available in varied classification. Each brand has it own distinguishing features which is always size and power output or capacity. This goes on to reflect in their individual prices in the market. Here in this write-up, we will highlight some popular Tiger generators and also include their average prices in the country’s market. These Tiger generator prices is meant to give you a view of how these generators cost, and the prices may vary depending on certain factors that influences it.

Below is the rundown of top brands of Tiger generators that are available in the country. The following list shows the generator, brand and their respective price range:

  • Tiger TG1200 700VA Generator costs ₦65,000 – ₦80,000
  • Tiger TG950 650VA Generator costs ₦90,000 – ₦106,000
  • Tiger Generator – TG1450 costs ₦60,000 – ₦90,500
  • Tiger Generator – TG1400 costs ₦60,200 – ₦90,000
  • Tiger Generator – TG1500/1550 costs ₦70,350 – ₦95,000
  • Tiger TG2700 Petroleum Generator costs ₦65,000 – ₦80,000
  • Tiger Manual Gasoline Generator costs ₦31,270 – ₦33,000
  • Tiger TPG3000 2.5KVA Generator with Key & Wheel costs ₦90,000 – ₦113,000
  • Tiger TPG3000 2.5KVA Generator costs ₦90,000 – ₦113,000
  • Tiger TPG2900 2.0KVA Generator with Wheel costs ₦90,000 – ₦110,000
  • Tiger TPG2900E2 2.2KVA Generator with Key costs ₦90,000 – ₦110,000
  • Tiger TG1800 900VA Generator costs ₦90,000 – ₦270,000
  • Tiger TPG2500 2.0KVA Generator costs ₦90,000 – ₦116,000
  • Tiger TPG3200EX 2.5KVA Generator costs ₦90,000 – ₦115,000
  • Tiger TPG6500E2 5.0KVA Generator costs ₦250,500 – ₦350,000

Those are the current prices of Tiger Generators in Nigeria today. Also, it’s important to note that these figures may slightly differ from what is obtained in the real case. This is due to the factors that influences the cost: place, time, demand, exchange rate and classification of the generators.

Nevertheless, you can get these Tiger generators from any market in the country. A good number of electronics shops is our suggestion that you buy your Tiger branded generators, especially one that is an accredited dealer of an electronic brand; say LG or Samsung. Making a buy from such dealers will guaranty that you a Tiger generator that has a good quality. You can also look at some online stores, as they still have some collection of this brand of generators.

Things To Note About Tiger Generators

Here is a couple of things you should know about Tiger Generators. Firstly, the power rating of these generators goes from 700watts to 8KVA, and the generators are evaluated 50Hz. Going by this, we suggest that you don’t work your Tiger generators ceaselessly for over 6 hours.

When using a Tiger generator of power output that is in the range of 450VA and 850VA in your home or business, try not to over-burden it. For instance, home appliances like electric kettles, electric iron, warmers and air conditioning systems are high power consuming gadgets and consequently ought to be turned off when using these low power Tiger generators.

Tiger TG950, which is a 650VA generator can easily control your TV, DVD/VCD player, a couple of fans and a couple of lighting gadgets. Nonetheless, since Tiger generators are meant for subtle tasks, then you shouldn’t employ these generators to high power consuming appliances.


Generally, these Tiger Generators are affordable and fuel efficient. With its small size, they are additionally easy to keep up and spare parts are as well easy to get.  We have emphasized much on Tiger generators and how they can be used to get the best results, we now believe you are acquainted with what it takes. This article majored on the prices of Tiger generators in Nigeria. All these will give you a guide on making your purchasing decision on this generator brand.

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