Latest Prices of Perkins Generators in Nigeria (May, 2024)

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Most times, generators are the solution to the unsteady power supply in Nigeria. Inasmuch as there are many brands of generators in the country, buying one of Perkins generators could be better. This brand is preferable due to the fact that they are durable and have long history in this industry. There are many of Perkins generators in the Nigerian market; and with this great number, it will be better to know their prices. In the course of this write-up, we will highlight the current prices of Perkins Generators in Nigeria today.

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Nowadays, with the erratic power supply in Nigeria, the use of generators is indeed a mere solution to the agonizing issue. It’s certain that everyone will love to have steady power supply in his or her house. But in a situation where the reverse is the case, then you will have to think of a way to ensure that you always have power whenever you need it.  Having a generator is one of the ways to achieve a steady power supply. There are a lot of generators available in different brands and types – from the small to the colossal ones. For the purpose of this  article, we will be discussing about Perkins Generator.

Overview of Perkins Generators

Perkins generators is a brand that has been in existence for more than 75 years now. Ever since their entry into the industry, they have been helping businesses by providing backup power generators that have thousands of different applications. The company is very much known for its advanced engineering and technology which helps to make good durable products. Perkins Generators has become synonymous with high-performance diesel engines that can last for a long run. Their generators have always served houses and businesses that call for backup power. Their product is always trusted with their service for several decades, and the present is no different.

Perkins generators are notable in the Nigerian market and they are typically available in medium and high power range that is from 5KVA to 5000KVA and that’s just the beginning. Remember it anyway that when you need to buy your preferred Perkins generator set, or you need to get extra parts, you need to be guaranteed that you are making your buy from a dependable Perkins seller. This is so you can be sure that what you are getting is the first and best deal. The Nigerian market is very much in stock of Perkins generators, and a lot of people are making a buy of these  products. If you’re still contemplating on the cost of getting their generators, then this write-up will be very helpful. Continue with us as we provide the prices of these power equipment.

Current Prices of Perkins Generator in Nigeria (2024)

The following list we have below shows the rundown of Perkins generators and their prices for you to know. It’s important to note that the prices vary as a result of some variables such as exchange rate, your location and the shop that you are making the purchase from. On buying a Perkins generators, you can purchase your choice from dealers or reputable online stores such as Jumia, Konga, etc. The local electronic stores can also have a good collection of these generators.

Below is the list of Perkins generators and their current prices in the country:

  • Perkins 15KVA costs ₦1,950,000  to ₦2,950,000
  • Perkins 20KVA costs ₦2,300,000  to ₦3,950,000
  • Perkins 25KVA costs ₦2,400,000  to ₦4,450,000
  • Perkins 30KVA costs ₦2,560,000  to ₦4,550,000
  • Perkins 40KVA costs ₦3,590,000  to ₦4,550,000
  • Perkins 50KVA costs ₦5,250,000 to ₦6,310,000
  • Perkins 100KVA costs ₦5,000,000 to ₦8,500,000
  • Perkins 150KVA costs ₦6,500,000 to ₦9,500,000
  • Perkins 200KVA costs ₦8,950,000  to ₦20,500,000
  • Perkins 250KVA costs ₦9,900,000 to ₦30,650,000
  • Perkins 300KVA costs ₦11,500,000  to ₦22,650,000
  • Perkins 500KVA costs ₦24,000,000  to ₦32,650,000
  • Perkins 600KVA costs ₦23,500,000  to ₦35,650,000
  • Perkins 800KVA costs ₦30,500,000 to ₦35,650,000

Those are the prices of Perkins generators that are available in the country’s market. These are big generators that are capable of powering big houses and as big business places. Nevertheless, these price may differ slightly from what is obtained in the real case, but this is meant to give you a picture of the cost of the product.

Where to Buy Perkins Generators

A lot of online stores has a great stock of this generator. The most prominent of these online outfits includes Jumia, Konga, Kara and Jiji. These e-commerce websites can deliver these Perkins generators to your convenience. It is important to note that when buying a Perkins generator or sourcing for parts, it is good to source from a reputable place like these online stores.

Nonetheless, you can as well buy Perkins generators from some reputable dealers and distributors of Perkins engine electric power generators in Nigeria. They include: Sakr Power Generation, Mikano International Ltd, Ziatech Nig Ltd, Broadcrown West Africa Ltd, and other authorized dealers. These dealers of Perkins Generators offer a wide range of services from sales, leasing or after sales services. Their services are very vast and they can also deliver your Perkins engine to any part of the country, so far you pay the additional fees.


After seeing the prices and some specification of Perkins Generators, this should be the time to make a decision on what to give you a reliable power supply. Actually, there are a ton of reasons why you ought to go for Perkins Generators and we will specify a couple of them here before concluding this write-up. The first is that they have an assortment and collection of these generators and thus you have the choice of decision. Moreso, Perkins Generator brand is likewise known for great electronic products with splendid plans just as stunning features and they are very energy effective. That isn’t everything, you can easily find their spare parts and they are easy to manage, maintain and operate. Additionally, you get to have awesome after sales services on your generator purchase. All these make doing business with this brand very effective and good for both parts.

That’s how much we can take on this, as we were able to enumerate and highlight the current prices of Perkins generators that are available in the Nigerian market. This article additionally gave you a guide on which of these generators to purchase, their features, and their pricing which we were more elaborate on.

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