Current Prices of PVC Ceiling Panels in Nigeria (2024)

Ceiling panels are very important especially when it comes to building houses. While the roof of a house or office might beautify it outside, it is the ceiling that beautifies the inside. While the use of asbestos sheets has passed and has become vogue, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) ceiling panels are now becoming popular and are used in modern homes.

As of today, PVC panel designs have become the most purchased ceiling designs in Nigeria as compared to other types in the market. You would hardly see an average Nigerian’s living room or sitting room that don’t have PVC ceiling there. Well, there is also the modern POP ceiling but its expensive nature has seen only the wealthy majority purchase such building material.

It is true that PVC panels of ceiling designs are of different types in the building market and it depends on user preference, but most people often opt for the wooden ceiling designs due to its unique and mature look and also because it adds class and has its special way of making the interior aspect of the building look elegant.


There are many benefits for using PVC panels for ceiling design. Although, these panels come in various colours, sizes and even designs, those who manufactured it didn’t do it for decorative purposes only but to also serve as sound insulators to help reduce sound affecting the roof top. With PVC, you are guaranteed of a noiseless environment to help you rest well.

PVC panels are not cheap and are not too expensive. The price of PVC ceiling panels in Nigeria heavily depends on the design and quality of the panel in question. Since they are easy to install and are suitable for personal houses, offices, or any building type. Be it styrofoam or polystyrene, you can install them using nails or even adhesives to the ceiling and it will fit just fine.

Latest PVC Ceiling Panel Prices in Nigeria

The cheapest PVC ceiling would cost N6,000 per bundle while the PVC panels of higher grade is between N15,000 to N25,000 per bundle in today’s market. These depends on place, design, quality and Dollar rate.

Also be aware that PVCs with mixed designs can be a little expensive than those with just one colour or design. You would need a carpenter with technical know how to install the panels for you. The installation charge for installing PVC in a three bedroom flat should be more than N30,000 (It depends on how you negotiate with the carpenter).

Where can original PVC panels be purchased in Nigeria? You can either buy from distributors or directly from manufacturers or better still, purchase them using Jumia, Konga or any other reliable online stores or building material stores near you.

Advantages of Using PVC Ceiling

Below are some of the benefits of using PVC ceiling panels at your home or office.

  1. Due to their light weight, PVC ceiling panels are one of the easiest roofing sheets to install, usually done in a day if its a three bed-room flat and two or three days if its a duplex.
  2. Another advantage of installing PVC ceiling is the maintenance. These panels are easy to maintain as cleaning it can be very easy to do.
  3. PVCs are manufactured using safe materials and it is less dangerous to people’s health unlike asbestos and other ceiling design types.
  4. They are also very durable and last long than other panel ceiling types.
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