List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Ebonyi State

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Ebonyi State is a state that is blessed with a lot of mineral resources. Due to the effective exploitation of these resources in the past years, Ebonyi state has been developing at an accelerating pace. Aside this natural resources which are mined in Ebonyi state, there are also places like the salt lakes at Uburu, Oshiri and Okposi.


This state also has large deposits of zinc and lead in Enyiagba. In Afikpo, they have large reserves of Limestone and Kaolin. Majority of the mineral resources in the state, offer large potentials for profitable investments for by both foreign and local interests. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a list of the natural mineral resources that can be found in Ebonyi state.

Minerals Resources Found in Ebonyi State: Full List

Here are all mineral resources that has been mined from Ebonyi state today.


Kaolin mineral deposits can be found in over 25 states in Nigeria with over an estimated three billion metric tonnes deposit located within each of these states in commercial quantity. The use of Kaolin in the country today can not be underestimated. Aside the fact that it is used for manufacturing ceramics, porcelain, it can also be used in making paper, paint, etc. It can also be used in the health industry as it can be used to lessen diarrhea effects such as dysentry and even cholera. This natural mineral resource can also stop bleeding and soften the skin.


Salt is another natural resource that is found in Ebonyi state. As earleir stated, there is a salt lake in towns like Uburu, Oshiri and Okposi. In fact, Ebonyi state is the only state with the largest salt deposit in the Nigeria, hence the popular slogan, “Salt of the Nation”. Salts as a raw material can be used for the production of various chemicals like caustic soda, soda ash and chlorine. Also, another popular use of salt is flavoring and for the preservation food. Other uses include tanning, dyeing and even skin bleaching.


Zinc is also a raw mineral that can be found also in various states but can be found in commercial quantities in Ebonyi state. Zinc is called an essential trace element as it can be very vital for human health.


This precious metal can be found in less quantity in the state. Mining of Gold in Ebonyi state has not been used to its full potential, even though the state boast of this natural mineral resource.

With these rich mineral resources, there are a lot of potentials offered up for traditional industries in the states. Modern Industrialization in Ebonyi state would be more feasible in ceramics, food processing, and cement production, plastic, electrical and detergent manufacture. Lets move further and envisage other resources that can be found in Ebonyi state.

Agricultural Resources

The major sector in Ebonyi state is the agricultural sector. An estimate of 85% of the populace in the state, earn a living with one agricultural activity or the other. The level of agricultural productivity in the state is the highest ever recorded in Nigeria. You should be well familiar with the popular Abakiliki brand of rice: it is cultivated throughout the state.

Agricultural activities ranging from fish farming, food crop production and livestock farming are at its peak of indulgence in the state. Along the Aboine River, fishing is carried out on a commercial scale. In the Onicha, Ohaozara and Ishielu LGA’s, cattle ranching and traditional rearing of animals such as pigs, chicken, cows, pets and goats are very eminent.  Other food crops are also grown in large quantities in the state. Some of the food crops include; palm oil, cashew, mangoes etc. let us now see a detailed list of the agricultural products and resources found in Ebonyi state.

  • Yam
  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Banana
  • Maize
  • Natural rubber
  • Timber
  • Plantain

Economic Climate of Ebonyi State

There are a lot of opportunities that are existent in Ebonyi state for profitable economic ventures. These opportunities are readily available for private corporate bodies and individuals that are seeking to exploit and invest in the rich mineral resources of the state. In Ebonyi state, there are three established industrial layouts or better still three major towns that sums up the state’s economic activity: Abakiliki, Onueke, and Afikpo.

The local governments of the state have zoned these areas for industrial and commercial purposes. These areas have the needed infrastructural facilities such as roads, telecommunication facilities as well as power supply and water. It would also be noteworthy to say that the Ebonyi state enjoys a handsome supply o manpower. They have a populace of over 2 million people, semi-skilled and unskilled labour is readily available for the purpose of industrial development.  Credit facilities can be assured for industrial development as there are many banks and other financial institutions across the state.

With the enormous amount of minerals available in the state, there is a constant supply of raw materials for the production of batteries, zinc base alloys, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, chalk, paint, electrical wires, insecticides, adhesives, cable, soap, confectioneries, detergents etc.

Ethnic Composition

Ebonyi state consists of Igbo speaking and non-igbo speaking indigenes.  The non-speaking Igbo people of ebony is state include the Ntezis and Okpotos in Ishielu LGA.  The most widely spoken second language is English. The third language is Pidgin English. This state is grossly endowed culturally. The mode of dressing for the men in Ebonyi state is an overflowing jumper or long-sleeved shirt that is usually worn over a George wrapper tied around the waist. This outfit works well with a headgear, necklace and earrings.

In Ebonyi state, there are two very important festivals that are observed on a yearly basis. They are the new yam and masquerade festivals. The masquerade festival of the Ebonyi people features the Omaba Ekpe and Ogbodu masquerades. As for the new Yam festival in the state, it is known by a couple of names; Joku, Njoku ji or ihejoku. The Ebonyi state new yam festival marks the end of the farming season and ushers in a new season of harvest and consumption.

In Ebonyi state, there are a variety of colourful dances. The most notable ones are the Nkwa Umuagbogho, Nkwa Nwite, Oji anya lere , Uri, Akpoha lgurube,  and the Dibugwu. The traditional industries and work of art that is prominent in the state include; blacksmithing at Ezza and pottery works at Ihiagu in Ivo LGA. As for other works of art in the state, they include carved doors, stools, walking sticks, traditional flutes, wooden pestles and mortars.


Ebonyi state is really endowed with a lot of mineral resources. These resources contribute immensely to the economic index of the state in a lot of ways. The economic climate provided by the availability of these mineral resources is one of the reasons why investments by agro-allied industries would be really profiting.

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