List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Katsina State

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Nigeria is really blessed with states having many mineral resources. The presence of these mineral deposits enhances the economy and strength of any state. Many states in the country holds very precious minerals that adds the state’s reputation in the world. Aside being Africa’s biggest crude oil supplier, there are vast lands in Nigeria where mining of other natural resources can be found.


Katsina state is situated in the north-western region of Nigeria. This state is famous for its stride in agriculture and its natural resources. Katsina is a developing state having many facilities for its citizens. The latest research show Katsina as having many precious mineral resources, that makes this state prominent and famous.

In this informative article, we will highlight the mineral resources that can be found in Katsina state.


  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Kaolin
  • Marble
  • Salt
  • Asbestos
  • Graphite
  • Manganese
  • Quartz and Quartz Sands
  • Uranium
  • Nickel, Copper, Cobalt

The evidence and presence of these mineral resources are explained as follows:


In recent years, the mining corporations have seen the most precious mineral resource in the world, diamond, present in Katsina state. It is said that diamond is found in the initial stage of mining exploration. Katsina state is enjoying the fame of being the land, having the rarest and precious minerals. Diamonds were said to be found in the city of Kafur within the state.


Another rare and precious mineral, Gold is also said to be found in the amazing land of Katsina state. The right use and utilization of this state can make Nigeria more powerful and prominent. Gold is said to be founded in the cities of Faskari, Jibiya, Sabuwa, Safana, Bakori, Danmusa, Batsari, Malumfashi, Dutsinma, and Kankura. That research shows that Gold can be found in many regions in Katsina State.


Another important mineral deposit found in the state is Kaolin. This is a human-friendly mineral, used in many healthcare items. Kaolin is used in making drugs and medicines for different diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. This useful mineral can be extracted in the state of Katsina in Nigeria. Kaolin is also called as China Clay. It can be obtained and utilized by extracting the mines in the state of Katsina. That’s why Nigeria is active in having many pharmaceutical companies, to manufacture different drugs. Kaolin is present in the Kankara, Dutsin-Ma, Kamobo, Dan Marke, Rimi and Bakori, cities of Katsina.


Marble, another useful and expensive mineral, is founded in the State of Katsina. Marble is mainly used in building companies and manufacturers. The majority of Marble can be seen in the city of Kankara in Katsina State. Marble increases the manufacturing and construction companies in any state.


Salt mines can be found in many cities in Katsina State. Nigeria is having enough salt to fulfil the necessities of the country. People extract Salt and believe that Saltworks like Gold for them, which means that they are proud of their country’s salt mines.


Another important mineral used in construction and manufacturing is  Asbestos. Asbestos can be found in the cities of Faskari and Funtua. Many industries use the material in building and construction processes.


The material used mostly in the stationery and pencils is Graphite. Graphite can be found in the city of Malumfashi and Kankara. The mineral resource of Graphite fulfils the country’s need for that mineral. Nigeria is rich in the mineral resource of Graphite, that’s why it has many pencil making companies.


Mostly used in batteries and equipment, Manganese can be highly found in commercial quantities in Katsina state. The cities in the Katsina State having the majority of Manganese are Funtua, Bakori, MallamAyuba, Unguwar, and Tudun Kudu.


Quartz and Quartz Sands is a rare and useful mineral. It is mostly used in the making of Glass, Ceramics, and Abrasives. In Katsina State, many rivers have this mineral resource, mostly found in Daura and Jibia. These useful mineral resources fulfil the need of the state and are used by many industries.


The presence of this hazardous and nuclear mineral resource can be found in the Katsina State, mostly in the regions of Daura and Zango. This mineral resource can be used for the nuclear development and atomic powers, by any state.


These important minerals, used in steelmaking, manufacturing electronics, and much other equipment making, are mostly found in the cities of Fustua, Jibia, and Fankari. These solid and useful materials aid the construction companies in Nigeria, resulting in a better economy and stability in companies.

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