Where to Buy Yam in Wholesale in Nigeria (2024)

Are you looking for places where you can buy yam in wholesale prices in Nigeria, then this post provides you with valid information on that. In Nigeria, yam is an essential commodity in the market. This agricultural produce is in great stock in most parts of the country. The availability of this produce has made it possible to for various types of yam to be exported to other countries that need it.


Yam tubers

However, the local market has also been in high demand for yams, hence the need to supply yam tubers in large quantities. This has also resulted to the marketability of this agricultural produce. Inasmuch as people often buy yams for house consumption, there is also a market in the selling of yam at wholesale in Nigeria. The search for the market of yam tubers in large quantities has been significant because of the profit in it. As a result, this write-up will investigate into where to buy wholesale yam in the country.


In Nigeria, almost all states especially the southern ones, do produce yam. With these producing areas, you can have where to buy your tubers of yam in large quantities. Since the wholesale business will involve you buying more of this agricultural produce, it’s pertinent to always go to areas where the produce is available in large amount. We have highlighted some states where you can buy yams in large quantities in the country.

Below is the rundown of states where you can buy yam on wholesale in Nigeria;


Benue is a state very prevalent for agricultural produce. With the state having most of the food crops like cassava, they also have a commercial quantity of yams. Also, Benue is Nigeria’s largest yam producing state and they records an average sale of 1.5 million yams annually.

One very prominent market in the state is the Zaki Biam yam market, known for the sale of yams. The market is indeed a huge one with great stock of agricultural produce like yam and the rest of others. With the large size of Zaki Biam market, it is no exaggeration to say that the yam market is the largest in the country, and maybe in continent.

Zaki Biam yam market is not just a local market, but rather farmers from far and wide bring their produce for better bargains while traders come from across the country and neighbouring Cameroun, Niger and Ghana to make purchases. To increase the chances of getting the best buy on yams, this market is a product specified market that is limited to only this kind of agricultural produce. Zaki Biam yam market opens to only yam sellers and buyers, and it has make the market the best place to buy yams at a very low cost. This is because a lot of the sellers are local cultivators of the crop.


Taraba is another state in the country that has a great deal of yam produce. The state has about 4 million hectares of arable land of which only about 1.5 million is said to be used for the cultivation of yams annually. Certainly, this has resulted to the availability of yam produce in the area, and also on wholesale. Taraba State is very know for their agricultural produce which includes mostly cassava and yam.

The contributing places to the availability of yam in Taraba state include Wukari and Danacha. A visit to Wukari and Danacha yam markets, you will see a large scale of yam produce which can be purchased mostly on wholesale. Going to these markets also shows that the state is a major exporters of this agricultural produce. This has create a lot of business opportunities on this within the state and its environ.


Other prominent yam producing state in Nigeria will certainly include Cross River. This state is a major supplier of yam produce to the Cross River state itself and other neighboring areas like Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Abia and Rivers States. The production of yam in the state is very high in the northern part that borders other top producing states like Benue and Taraba states.

Precisely, Ogoja area in Cross River State has a large plantation of yam which has made the agricultural produce to be available in commercial quantities. The area is generally good for agricultural crops like cassava, groundnut, rice and as while yam. This has made the market in the region to have a wholesale stock of yam produce. So, if you are contemplating on where to buy wholesale yam in the south-southern part of Nigeria, you can always go for Ogoja in Cross River State.


Adamawa state is located in a region that supports the production of this agricultural produce, yam. With some areas in the state very suitable for the planting of yam seedlings, a lot should be expected on harvest of these crops. According to the World Data atlas, Adamawa state has a high rate of yam production. The production of yam according to the report is at over 10, 1000 metric tons. This availability of yam has made the produce to be in commercial quantities for wholesale.


Nasarawa is also one of the largest yam producing states in the Nigeria. Though the state is being known for solid minerals, there are also some commercial quantities of agricultural produce which yam is inclusive. Nasarawa State has a high record in the production of yam in the country, as they was at a time exporting over 150 tonnes of ‘paper’ yam species to UK. This and many other local business of yam, goes to show that the state is a good place to source your yam on a wholesale.


The preceding write-up above showed the top places to buy yam on large quantity in Nigeria. That was for generality, however to be more specific and precise, let’s take a gander at the good places to buy yam on wholesale in the country.

The preferred places to buy yam tubers on wholesale includes;

  • Zaki Biam yam market in Benue state, which accounts for 70% of the yam cultivated in Nigeria
  • Wukari and Danacha yam markets in Taraba state
  • Ogoja market in Cross River state, which is prevelant for agricultural produce like groundnut, rice, cassava, and as well yam.

Though there are many places to buy yam in Nigeria, these are the best when intending on buying on a large quantity. Learn how to preserve Yam tubers in Nigeria.


Yam is a conventional agricultural produce that is sold in almost all food markets in the country. With the demand for this agricultural produce being high, there is certainly a business in this venture. This article encapsulated the best places to buy yam on a wholesale. This will give you a guide on where to source the produce on large quantity so as to thrive in this lucrative yam farming business.

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