How to Build a Career in Human Resources Management in Nigeria

Do you want to start a successful career in Human Resource Management and become a certified HR personnel in Nigeria, this post will give you the steps on how to go about that.


Human resource managers are known to be professionals whose responsibilities within a company includes hiring new employees, conducting interviews and managing benefits. People interested to start this career will at least need a bachelor’s degree and at most professional certification and experience in the field to get job positions of HR in Nigeria.

How to Build A Career In Human Resources In Nigeria

The following are steps that will aid you in building a career in Human Resource Management (HRM):

1. Passion and zeal

If you are looking to build a career as a human resource person in Nigeria, you need to be passionate about what you do. This is so like other professional careers you must show zeal for you to grow in the field.

We often advise that before delving into this career path, you need to discover if you are passionate about human resource jobs, are you someone that have the drive towards helping people, improving their skills, understanding people’s plight and so on.

You should be able to recognize potentials in other people and or help them see where they need improvement to make the most of their lives.

2. Getting a Degree

There are courses you would have to study to be a certified human resource personnel. You would need a degree in social sciences or in personnel management. You should also be aware that top corporate organizations in Nigeria are currently employing those who have “discipline disparity”.

If you have a combination of mathematics and Human resources or a combination of Chemistry and Human resources, it would be an added advantage to you.

3. Certifications

This is another prerequisite if you must build a successful carer as a human resource practitioner. It means that you must get the necessary certifications such as CIPM which means chartered institute of personnel management and The Institute for Human Resources which specializes in IHR Certification.

All these points listed above will help you build a Career in Human Resources Management in Nigeria in case you choose to start.

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