Current Prices of China Doors in Nigeria (2024)

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A building is as good as the quality of materials used during its construction. These materials include doors, cement, woods, planks, rods, among many other countless materials you can ever think of.

However, we shall be focusing on one of the most important components of a building, and that’s the door. China doors are considered one of the best doors in the country that are very strong and durable.

The importance of a door to a building cannot be overemphasized as it provides security for the building and people living in it.


If a stranger or an unhealthy visitor must enter into a building, they need pass through the door. This is why we can’t afford to compromise the quality of the doors of our houses for any reason.

Apart from securing the whole building and people living in it, doors equally add more beauty, class and more attractive features to a building.

if you’re someone who loves flashy things, then, you might need to go for highly-decorated and multi-colored doors as it will help to increase the beauty of your house/building much to your taste and desire.

There are many types of doors in the world and in Nigeria today, but one of the best doors you can ever come across in the country are China doors.

You could be very wondering how come Chinese doors are the best in a country that’s as big and populous as Nigeria? Don’t worry, you will definitely be convinced that China doors are one of its kind by the end of this write up.

This is because we are set to open your eyes to the quality, beauty and affordable prices of China-made doors making headlines in Nigeria.

Facts about China Doors

China are known for production of good and quality products such as electrical gadgets, bags and others important commodities.

Just as the Chinese are professionally sound when it comes to  the production of technology-based items such as phones and laptops; they are equally good in the production of modern, quality and good-looking doors.

The qualities of these doors is the major reason why government and private firms prefer to have them in their building.

Here are some features that make a China door stand out from others doors in Nigeria:

  • They are Durable

Chinese doors can stand the test of time due to the fact that they are made from quality materials. Its ruggedness is second to none, hence, making it stay for many years without wearing to tearing.

This doesn’t mean Nigeria-made doors are not durable. However, China doors can last for many years and it can stay longer than any other type of doors.

  • Unique Style or Design

Chinese doors often distinguishes itself from others due to its unique style and designs. A typical China door contains a well-designed pattern and artistic piece of work, which make it looks gorgeous, attractive and eye-catchy.

  • Low cost of maintenance and Installation

China doors are very easy to install into a building due to possession of nice fringes that can easily be fixed into your new building.

They are equally easy to maintain because they doesn’t get damaged too often and easy.

  • Affordability

This is another feature that prompt many Nigerians into buying China doors. They are relatively cheap, when compared to other type of doors in Nigerian markets.

Despite the aforementioned qualities, Chinese doors are easy to get and they come in a price you don’t need to empty your purse to get it.

Sizes of China Doors

China-made doors are of different sizes, just as other brands, and they still maintain topnotch quality and reliability level.

There are sizes for toilet, kitchen, office, sitting room and other parts of your building. All you need do is to know the exact size that perfectly suits your taste and will serves it purpose.

Current Prices of China Doors in Nigeria (2024)

As mentioned earlier, China doors are very cheap and easy to get in Nigeria’s current market.

This types of doors can be seen in every nook and cranny of the country, thanks to the fact that they are highly-rated by many Nigeria construction companies, engineers and architects.

Expectedly, China doors come in different prices as results of the different in the materials, designs, sizes, thickness and shapes they are made of.

A China wooden door is expected to be cheaper than the ones made by steel or metals. Hence, the reason for the difference in prices.

Here is a comprehensive list of the China door prices in Nigeria market:

  • China Wooden Door === N30, 000 – N50, 000
  • Watson Times Chinese Door 6 feet === N60, 000 – N90, 000
  • Watson Times Chinese Door (4 and 5 feet) ===  N60, 000 – N75, 000
  • China Steel Doors ===  N32, 000 – N55, 000
  • China Security Door ===  N65, 000 – N120, 000

Note that the prices of the listed doors vary from one location to another, because of some artificial increment that could be added by retailers.

Their prices can also change – from what you we listed above – in respect to the country’s  economic status.

Where to Buy Chinese Doors

China doors are not scarce, they are easy to get at any market where building materials are being specialized on. You can equally go to any distributor of the product to make your transactions.

You can equally make an online transaction, using any online payment platform in the country.

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