Current Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Wallpapers are very essential, especially when looking for good decoration to a room. This is also used as an alternative to wall paints. With the large collection of wallpapers in the market today, it’s pertinent to peek at their current prices. This will surely help you to know how much can go for this essential decoration material. This article will also highlight the different types of wallpapers in Nigeria, and their respective prices and features.

wallpapers and their prices in Nigeria

Having a wallpaper is always a good way to decorate a room. These wallpapers come in different classification to give you varied options to choose from. They are distinguishing in color, pattern, and their texture seem endless. All these unique and alluring features make wallpapers an ideal thing especially if you would want to decorate your walls. Nonetheless, if you’re used to covering your walls with paint only, then you might be missing out as wallpaper prices might not be as expensive as you may think.

The amount you pay when selecting a wallpaper might even be more cheaper than painting a wall. This write-up will provide the current cost of wallpapers that are available in the country’s market. It is however important to note that some add-on costs like the cost of installation may alter the prices of these wallpapers. These include supplies such as sponges, rollers, brushes, paste (if needed), and blades as they are factored in to make the cost of the process.


There is not just a type of wallpaper in the market, but it comes in different classification to make the product more distinctive. The availability of these wallpapers in various types can make the process of choosing the right one a bit puzzling. As such, it is essential to consider the various types of wallpapers when it comes to selecting the one for your room, or any other place. This will help you to know the nature of the product and understand what and where they are designed for. Here, we will consider the common wallpaper types that are available in Nigeria.


Mylar wallpapers are mostly used for kitchens and bathrooms. Though they are very much applicable, but they are not the most common type of wallpaper around. The nature of the wallpaper is that they has a wet or shiny surface, and it also highlights wall defects, so it is always better to get an underlay before installing this type of wallpaper. The presence of the polyester film makes the material easy to wash and it is also easy to remove.


The Bamboo wallpapers is a local type of wallpapers in the country. Typically, the material is handcrafted from regular bamboo and pasted to paper. One of the reasons why people opt for this product is that they are environmentally friendly, and they also varies from one roll to another owing to its natural base. This wallpapers type requires special skills as it is a little technical to install. On the whole, bamboo wallpapers are beautiful and delicate, but the little hitch might be in how they are not so easy to wash nor maintain.


Another common wallpaper type of wallpapers in Nigeria today is the Vinyl. Due to the high durability, the product is the most commonly used type of wallpaper. The wallpaper is even more durable as the vinyl coating layer is more thicker. Normally, vinyl wallpaper are used to design various places including the sitting room, kitchen and bedrooms. It is easily maintained due to the fact that it can be washed.


This is a common type of wallpapers that is  commonly obtainable in wide variety of colors and designs. This wallpaper type is  digitally-printed and the pricing is relatively lower than most other types on the list. Printed wallpapers are mostly used to design kitchen wall, and the printing ink is water-based which makes it applicable on this aspect.


Over the years, this type of wallpapers – the liner has been very popular and used mostly in the country.  Liner wallpapers are made from paper or fiberglass, and they are basically used for hiding wall defects and curtailing repairs. With the presence of the wallpaper, it also serves as a base for more delicate wallpaper types to come in. This meaning that the product can be used alone and can also be combined with other wallpaper types. One of the factor that intrigue people to this is that liner wallpapers are easy to install and easier to remove.


This type of wallpaper has a polished metal foil which is used as a base. This feature gives the interior space a sparkly metallic effect. Foil wallpapers make wall defects more clear due to its high reflectivity. In a bid to maintain the foil’s shine and beauty, the coating and adhering process needs to be plain enough.


With the fascinating 3D-patterns created from a velvet-like fibre in this type of wallpapers, then it’s a good idea. Flock wallpaper is one of the most popular wallpapers in Nigeria, as they are mostly used in living rooms. Unlike most other wallpapers, the flock wallpaper is not washable and could be hard to remove, depending on the type of design.


Although the prices of wallpapers can vary widely depending on quality, brand name, and material, the average cost of these products in the country falls somewhere between ₦5,000 and ₦8,000 per roll.  To give you an elaborate view on this, it important to know how the different types of wallpapers and their prices currently.

The following are wallpapers and their prices in Nigeria this 2024:

  • Liner Wallpapers –  A very common type of wallpapers that costs between ₦3, 000 – ₦4, 500 per roll in Nigeria.
  • Bamboo Wallpapers – This is a local type that costs between ₦4, 000 – ₦7, 000 per roll.
  • Mylar Wallpapers – Costs between ₦2, 500 – ₦3, 000 per roll.
  • Flock Wallpapers – The flock 3D wallpapers cost between ₦4, 800 – ₦8, 000 per roll depending on the design.
  • Foil Wallpapers – The prices of foil wallpapers in Nigeria could go for ₦4, 000 – ₦7, 000 per roll.
  • Vinyl Wallpapers – Costs between ₦5, 000 – ₦6, 000 per roll in Nigeria.
  • Printed Wallpapers – The digitized printed wallpapers costs between ₦2, 500 – ₦3, 000 per roll.


There are many things you would like about using wallpapers to design your home and these advantages include:

The choice of having varieties of wallpapers to choose from. Be it from the different designs, colours and types, makes it an advantage of using wallpapers to grab attention.

Most wallpapers are very easy to install and remove, than using paints on the wall. You can also dust and clean them so that they retain their beauty.

Wallpapers are also durable as they can last for a very long time if maintained properly. Wallpapers also can hide the defects of a wall by blending easily with it.


The things you might not like about using wallpapers aren’t much, depending on your budget and type of building.

It is a known factor that wallpapers are more costlier than using paint. While some wallpapers are hard to remove and install. If you use textured walls and raw concrete, it would be difficult to use wallpapers.


Wallpapers are very essential in the transformation of walls to make them look more nicer. With the alluring nature of these products, you can’t afford to miss them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and anywhere else. This article covered the prices of wallpapers in the country, and this will give you a picture of how much they go for in the market today.

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