Top 10 Richest Men in Borno State & Net Worth (2024)

Borno State is a state in the Northeastern geopolitical zone in Nigeria. It is the second-largest state in Nigeria by area. Borno State has a diversified ethnic population and a long-standing, rich cultural legacy that spans more than a thousand years. Do you want to know who the richest people in Borno state are? That’s the main essence of us writing this comprehensive article.

It’s crucial to get to know who is the richest person in a given state. It’s one of the quests people set out on to learn more about the things going on around them. This article is focusing on the list of richest men in Borno state.


The following are the most affluent people from Borno state.


Mohammed Indimi is a Nigerian entrepreneur and also a businessman. He is the owner of the privately held oil exploration and production company Oriental Energy Resources Limited.

Indimi is regarded as one of the prosperous businesspeople in the country’s north. He is also one of the few billionaires in the region.

Mohammed Indimi is without a doubt a guy of dignity and is highly regarded in the Hausa states. The Indimi family is well-known due to his economic success.

Mohammad Indimi has amassed substantial wealth via his business. Only one in a million people are exactly like him, hence they are extremely uncommon.

How much money is Mohammad Indimi worth? The estimated value of Mohamed Indimi’s net worth is $1.3 Billion (N700 Billion Naira). He is considered among the richest people from Borno state.


Kashim Shettima has a reputation for being a tenacious politician and a vocal Muslim. Not many people are familiar with him despite the fact that he has been in the spotlight for a while. He is currently the vice president of Nigeria.

Kashim Shettima is a Borno-born politician who hails from the Kanuri tribe of Borno.

Shettima began his professional life as a lecturer in the Agricultural Economics Department of the University of Maiduguri.

Shettima has a lot of experience and continuously puts effort into his works. He has accumulated a significant amount of fortune, which is currently valued at $131 million.

Nevertheless, the problem with most public individuals is that, despite the fact that everyone knows they are wealthy, they frequently don’t flaunt it.


Gana is currently one of the richest men in Borno State. He went to Yelwa Boarding Senior Primary School in Maiduguri. He received an electrical engineering degree from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria while there.

He worked as an executive engineer for the North-Eastern State Ministry of Works and Housing. He ran as the GNPP’s candidate for governor of Borno State in 1983.

He spent many years on the board of directors for the National Electric Power Authority.


Mele Kolo Kyari OFR was born on 8 January 1965 in Maiduguri, Borno State. He is a Nigerian geologist who also works as the company’s first Group Chief Executive Officer and markets crude oil.

Mele attended Government Community Secondary School Biu in Borno State. Later, he graduated from the University of Maiduguri with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in geology and earth science.

One of the wealthiest people in Borno state is Mele Kyari.


Ali Modu Sheriff is a well-known politician from Borno state. He is the first governor of Borno State to hold office for two terms in a row.

Ali began working for his father’s construction company in 1981 as a Director and eventually attained the title of Managing Director. He established his first firm in 1985. His companies include Union Chase and Merril Organisation.

What is Ali Modu Sheriff’s estimated net worth? It’s estimated that Ali is valued between $41 million and $50 million. It’s apparent that his outstanding career as a politician is his main source of income.


Alkali was born in Tura-Wazila town, Borno State. She graduated from Bayero University Kano with a BA. She earned a Ph.D. in African studies from the same university and went on to lead Shekara Girls’ Boarding School. Alkali afterwards served as an English teacher at two institutions in Nigeria. She rose through the ranks of the arts faculty at Nasarawa State University, where she taught creative writing. She is acknowledged as the first female author from Northern Nigeria.


Mohammed Sanusi Daggash is a Nigerian architect and economist. He won a seat in the Federal House of Representatives in 1999, and he later was elected to represent Borno North in the Senate.

He was appointed Minister of the Nigerian National Planning Commission by President Umaru Yar’Adua in July 2007. In contrast, he lost his job in October 2008. He was once again made Minister of Works in April 2010 by Ex – president Goodluck Jonathan.


Afakriya Aduwa Gadzama was born in Lassa, Borno State. That was the 22nd of November 1953. He attended the renowned Barewa College in Zaria from 1968 to 1972 before transferring to the Zaria School of Basic Studies.

Subsequently, he went to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria and graduated with a bachelor’s in political science from there. Afakriya Gadzama is a Nigerian security officer who was appointed Director General of the State Security Service.


Mohammed Babagana Monguno is a Nigerian former military general and current National Security Adviser. He served as the Defense Intelligence Chief from July 2009 to September 2011. Monguno received his education at Lagos’ King’s College. He then made his way to the Nigerian Defence Academy, where he was a cadet officer.

According to allegations, Babagana Monguno used money intended to combat insecurity in Nigeria to buy properties worth billions of dollars.


Prince Wilson Olomu is a Nigerian football midfielder who played in the South African Premier Soccer League. With 13 goals for the 2009–10 PSL season, Olomu was the second-highest scorer in the league.

The estimated range of Prince Olomu’s net worth or income is $1 million to $10 million. He has amassed considerable money thanks to his principal profession as a football player.


That’s the list of the top ten richest men in Borno state. It’s crucial to remember that the net worth figures given here are only estimations. The actual figure can be higher or lower than that. We simply want you to be aware of who the wealthiest people in Borno state are.

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