Pharmacist Salary Structure in Nigeria: See What They Earn (2024)

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In the health sector, pharmacy jobs in Nigeria pays well. No wonder graduates who study Pharmacy are respected members of our society. We have taken time to highlight the salary structure of Nigerian pharmacist in this post after the President approved the minimum wage bill to N30,000.

It is widely known that unemployment is taking its toll on young Nigerians and the trend of things indicates that the situation will not improve any time soon. This is partially due to the ever increasing number of graduates who leave our tertiary institutions yearly with no provision for enough employment opportunities to occupy them.

Who is a pharmacist?

Pharmacists are health care practitioners whose job are to prepare and dispense medicine in a pharmacy. They are also called chemists or druggists who focus on safe and effective use of medication. Pharmacy as a profession is practiced in various related settings like hospitals, primary health centers and pharmaceutical industries.

What are the functions of a pharmacists?

Pharmacists generally work in pharmacies and drugstores.  Hospitals employ pharmacists to analyze both in-patient and out-patient medication before dispensing drugs to them. Therefore, close attention to detail is necessary if one must be a pharmacist. Pharmacists file prescriptions from medical doctors and must be able to decide what medication is appropriate for each patient. They can also identify any mistake by doctors in prescribing medication to patients.

They review other medications which patients are taking before filling new prescriptions to make sure that the medications do not interact harmfully. They are also supposed to notify the physician in charge if there are issues    about their medications. Pharmacist are also required to be computer literates with good communication and interpersonal skills. They are supposed to relate with patients with simple courtesy.

They must be able to collaborate with others in their team and also work independently with little or no supervision, as well as in team settings. They are required to read professional journals related to their field to keep themselves abreast with information concerning new drugs coming into the market.

Pharmacy has its focus more on drug dispensing and is mostly centered on discovering and dispensing medical remedies to sicknesses and diseases. Pharmacists are really among the most respected professions worldwide. Therefore, it is easy to see why a lot of people have interest in studying it.

Salary is a big factor that is considered before employment. A Pharmacist tends to earn 5 figure income without wasting much time after graduating.

If there is one sector where you can hardly find an unemployed professional, it is the health sector. Employment opportunities for interns are always there and will always be available for graduates in the medical field.

The health sector in Nigeria is always growing. People may joke with every other thing, but not with their lives. People will always fall sick, women will give birth, people will die, etc. This implies that the services of health care professionals will always be required on a daily basis.

Pharmacy is one of the fields in the health science sector. It is very rare to find an unemployed graduate pharmacist. This is because their services are always in high demand.

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals in the health science sector. They practice the science of pharmacy with emphasis on the right use and effective drugs administration. Pharmacy is the professional field in the health sciences that connects health care with chemistry. Hence, every prospective pharmacist must be very sound in chemistry.

A pharmacist directs and ensures the safe administration of drugs and other food supplements.


Pharmacy can be practiced at different levels. Some pharmacists are self-employed, some work with government ministries, agencies and hospitals, some work for other pharmacists while some work in Universities and research centres.

In this article, we will highlight the average salaries of Professional Pharmacists in Nigeria, with emphasis on the different settings where the profession is practiced.

Pharmacists earn good sum monthly. They are among the highest earning professionals in the health care sector. Infact, it is only the medical Doctors who earn more than them.

In Nigeria, there is a special salary scale for workers in the health sector. In multinational companies, they are paid extra allowances which makes them one of the top earning professionals.

Pharmacist Salary Structure: What They Earn Monthly

With the current economic situation, one would like to know how much that could be made out of this profession before venturing into it.

However, in Nigeria, studying Pharmacy do not guarantee a nice job after graduating from the school. All the same, Pharmacists graduates are likely to land on a good job with 6 figures in some developed countries. In US, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reveals that the median annual salary for pharmacists is $124,170 yearly with the least 10 percent earning less than $87,420 and the top 10 percent earning $159,410. The median hourly pay of pharmacist was $59.70 hourly.

In most developing countries, pharmacists are classified as one of top earners in professional careers. These professionals are exposed to various possibilities and are highly indispensable, making both the government or private sectors constantly be on the lookout for them.

Salaries of Pharmacists in Federal and State Hospitals

Pharmacists are among the most respected professional in Nigeria and their place in the medical world remains indispensable and very vital for human survival. The salaries of Pharmacists differ according to their levels. For instance, the salary of an entry level pharmacist is lower when compared to that of a chief pharmacist.

This shows that the entry level pharmacist will have between 0 – 2 years relevant experience, while Mid-level pharmacists is expected to have between 2 – 5 years’ experience and experienced pharmacist with over 5 years’ experience.

According to various pharmacists with different levels of experience mostly from several companies and locations, the average salary of Pharmacists in Nigeria is about N150,000 per month. pharmacists in entry-level positions are paid below N100,000 per month while those in middle-level positions are paid about N150,000 per month and the ones in the senior-level positions are paid from N200,000 and above per month.

Entry level with 0 – 2 years’ experience earn from N165, 000 – N200, 000 Although some teaching hospitals pay N300, 000 for entry level.
Mid-Level with 2 – 5 years’ experience earns from N250, 000 – N450, 000
Levels from 5 years and above earn from N450, 000 – N800, 000

For the pharmacists in private hospitals, their salaries are quite different from that of their counterparts in government agencies.

Entry level with 0 – 2 years’ experience earn about N50, 000 – N150, 000
Mid-Level with 2 – 5 years’ experience earns from N150, 000 – N250, 000
Levels from 5 years and above are paid N200, 000 – N400, 000

Pharmacist equally receive allowances for s as a result of the risks involved in their jobs. From the salaries above, one can say that the pharmacy is a noble profession since it reflects in their salary.

Salaries of Pharmacists Working in Government Health Agencies

Based on research, the average monthly salary of pharmacists working in the government agencies in Nigeria is #150,000 naira. New entrants in the profession earn around #75,000 while the senior and highly experienced pharmacists earn #250,000 naira and above monthly.

Salaries of pharmacists in federal, state hospitals and other government agencies such as NAFDAC, NDLEA, etc depends on the rank of the pharmacist, i.e the years spent in service and the qualification.

The salary structure for hospitals is on Consolidated Health Salary structure (CONHESS). Salary for new entrants, CONHESS 9 is averagely #170,000 naira. Allowances, years of experience and additional certificates, can increase the salaries.

Salaries of Pharmacists Working as Lecturers

Pharmacists working as lecturers in state or federal universities earn between #200,000 and #600,000 per month.

Pharmacist Salary Structure in Multinational Companies

The pay package in multinational companies depends on a lot of factors such as qualification, added professional/safety certificates, etc. Some of the multinational companies pay in dollars. On the average, the monthly salary earned by pharmacists in multinationals companies is between #300,000 and #800,000.

Salary of Self Employed Pharmacist

The amount earned monthly by self-employed pharmacists can not be accurately measured. It depends on the size of the business. Some can earn as high as one million naira monthly. The ones who manufacture drugs can even earn more.

Self employed pharmacists are those who own their individual pharmaceutical companies and shops. For this class, their earnings varies due to many factors. Research and interviews carried out indicates that a pharmaceutical shop in a good location can rake in #200,000 and above monthly.

There is another class of Pharmacists. These are the ones who work for other pharmacists. This class of pharmacists are mainly fresh graduates. They work for other senior pharmacists inorder to gain experience while seeking for opportunities in the government and multinational agencies. Their salaries are based on their years of experience, but the average salary is roughly #50,000 monthly.

How To Become A Pharmacist in Nigeria Today

If you are interested in being a pharmacist, here is the simple guide you need to become a Pharmacist in Nigeria.

Get Certifications

For you to become a professional Pharmacist in Nigeria, you need to be certified. Your Primary and secondary certifications are the first requirements. You must have credit in English, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, Biology. Then you go ahead to obtain admission in any pharmacy accredited university in with your JAMB score above 200 depending on the school.

Do Your Internship

On graduating from the university, a pharmacist must go for a one-year compulsory Internship program where you will practice as a Pharmacist in a hospital with other trained professionals whom you will learn a lot more about the profession from.


Finally, the pharmacist would need to go for a compulsory one-year NYSC where you would be posted in a hospital to serve.

Job Opportunities Available For Pharmacist In Nigeria

Here are the various opportunities for pharmacist in Nigeria currently.

  • Community Pharmacist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Lecturing
  • Consultant pharmacy
  • Science writing


On the whole, Pharmacy is a great field where young Nigerians should aspire to go into. Not only will they be assured of good streams of income, but they will also gain the respect that abounds therein for medical professionals.

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