Nigerian Breweries Salary Structure: See How Much They Pay Staff (2024)

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Nigerian Breweries is one of the top companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries in Nigeria just like NNPC, Shell, Chevron and other top multinational firms in Nigeria. Founded in 1946, the company is involved with the production of alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages. If you want to know how much a staff in Nigerian Breweries is paid, read on.


As said earlier, Nigerian Breweries are among the highest paying companies in Nigeria today as the monthly salary or take home package they pay their workers is mouth watering even for entry level, no wonder recruitment/employment in this company is very difficult as you would have to know someone that knows someone.

The Nigerian breweries produce alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. It was established on the 16th of April, 1946. The original name that it bore is the Nigerian brewery Limited. She is headquartered at Suru Lere, Lagos state, Nigeria. Their products have vastly travelled across Nigeria and West Africa. Even some parts of East Africa. At the time of writing this article, the present chairman of the company is Cheif kolawole B jamoudo. The official website of the Nigerian breweries is HTTPS://WWW.NBPLC.COM

Do you know that the Nigerian Breweries is amongst the high paying firms in Nigeria? This is one of the reasons why a lot of Nigerians are craving for a job at this multinational firm. Though they don’t pay as high as some oil companies in Nigeria, they pay their staff receive is something worth writing about.

The following is a list of some of the products produced by the Nigerian Breweries:

  • Star Lager (1949)
  • Pale Lager Gulder lager beer (1970)
  • Pale Lager Legend Extra Stout (1992)
  • ABV – 7.5% Heineken Lager (1998)
  • Premium Lager Goldberg Lager (2011)
  • Life Continental Lager (2011)
  • Star Lite Lager (2014)
  • Pale Lager Ace Passion Apple Spark (2014)
  • 33 Export Lager (2015)
  • Williams Dark Ale (2015)
  • Turbo King Stout (2015)
  • More Lager (2015)
  • Breezer (2015)
  • Ace Roots (2015)
  • Star Radler (2015)
  • Ace Rhythm (2015)
  • Star TripleX (2015)
  • Strongbow Cider (2015)
  • Alcohol-free drinks Maltina (1976)
  • Pineapple; Maltina Sip-it (2005)
  • Amstel Malta (1994)
  • Fayrouz, in pear, pineapple and exotic flavour (2006)
  • Climax Energy drink Malta Gold (2011)
  • Himalt (2015)
  • Maltex (2015)

Below is the Salary Structure of Nigerian Breweries PLC and How much their Staff is Paid on Monthly Basis

  1. A Sales representative working in the Nigerian Breweries is usually paid around N121,000 and N146,000, monthly.
  2. A Management Trainee collects about N289,000 and N314,000 per month.
  3. An Associate in Nigerian Breweries gets paid around N143,000 and 157,000 on monthly basis.

You should also note that apart from their basic salaries, members of staff working in the Nigerian Breweries are also host of other allowances which are given in addition to their monthly salaries.

The benefit or advantage of working in Nigerian Brewries is that you can build a solid career as they are also one of the best companies to work for in Nigeria.

Those are the Nigerian Brewery Salary for staff we could find.

Irrespective of their salaries, members of staff of the Nigerian Breweries enjoy other bonuses on a monthly basis.

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