Cost of Toyota Corolla Engines in Nigeria (2024)

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The Toyota Corolla model is one of the most used car brands driven in Nigeria. This car has a strong engine and can be seen on the country’s road over the years. On a related note, the Toyota car’s engine has become a demanding product in the auto market. This has made a lot of it’s users inquire about the cost of its engine and spare parts. In this article, we will examine how much these Toyota Corolla car engines cost in Nigeria this 2024. 

toyota corolla engine price

It’s not news that Toyota Corolla is one of the most used cars in Nigeria. At present, the brand is popular on Nigeria streets. You can see Toyota Corolla 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010 and even 2014 models being driven within the country. These are the collections that are very common in the country. The above named Toyota Corolla models are at present overwhelming Nigeria streets and their engines are readily available at the automobiles market.


Basically, car engines are the heart and a major component of the vehicle. At the point where the engine is no longer functional anymore, a change will be required. That is the reason all out change or update of vehicle engines is suggested for consistent broken down and stalled vehicles.

Most corolla vehicles utilizes a 139-hp 1.8-liter four-chamber engine. This engine is responsible to send power to the front wheels through a persistently factor programmed transmission (CVT). The hybrid version of newer Toyota corolla models has a 169-hp 2.0-liter four-chamber that sits with a CVT or discretionary six-speed manual.

While all hatchbacks have the bigger motor, just the car offers a crossover powertrain. In a test carried out on the 2019 model of Corolla SE hatchback and the 2020 Corolla XSE cars, it showed that even the most grounded motor doesn’t convey sufficient speed increase. 

Notwithstanding, hard speed increase created coarse motor sounds that reduced their refinement. Both the Corolla and the hatchback have a lovely ride quality that satisfactorily secludes everything except the most exceedingly awful knocks. Their controlled body movements likewise give preferred readiness over past processes.

All things considered and in a normal circumstance, Toyota corolla engine has a progressive steering when contrasted with rivals, like the Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Golf. In the braking test carried out, neither one of the corollas body style had great outcomes in the 70-mph-to-zero test—needing somewhere in the range of 174 and 183 feet—their brake pedals were trustworthy and simple to work. 


Toyota Corolla engines are not as pricy as the Camry muscle enginesKnowing how much Toyota Corolla engines cost in the country, we have divided it into two segments on the off chance that you would want a replacement for your faulty engine. 

Typically, there are two sorts or sets of these engines you can discover in the country’s market: the Nigerian used engines and direct belgium (which are those engines imported from abroad).  In any case, the direct belgium Toyota Corolla engines is always preferred to the fairly used ones. This imported product is best prescribed for those looking to purchase and change the engine of their Toyota Corolla vehicles. 


Belgium Toyota Corolla are the ones imported from abroad. It’s always the new spare parts, but some variation may be slightly used. So it’s important to be specific when purchasing engines like this.

In any case, the cost of foreign used Toyota Corolla engine in Nigeria is between ₦300,000 to ₦400,000. This sum covers the cost of the cars for Toyota Corolla models 2005,2007, 2009 and 2012. 

Nonetheless, anyone looking for engine change should go for these imported Toyota Corolla engines from abroad. This is because they are capable of working for a long time.


Locally used Toyota Corolla engines in Nigeria can also be found in the market. The cost of this type of engine is between ₦200,000 to ₦280,000. 

Cheapness and affordability is what characterizes this car engine. In any case, very few individuals go for this class of Toyota Corolla engines. The reason for their decline is on account of the durability and efficiency of the engine to go for a long run. 


Our article highlighted the current cost of Toyota Corolla engines in the country. This includes how much the individual models and adaptation of the car cost. We believe information like this will give you a view of what to budget for. Additionally, our final words are that when purchasing, we suggest that you go for a confided seller and vendors who have some expertise in deals of Toyota Corolla motors in the country.

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