Where & How To Buy Tokunbo Car Engines in Nigeria (2024)

A lot of buyers of used car and parts have always questioned the novelty of vehicle parts. This has been recurring due to the number of fake car engines circulating the automobile markets for some time. As such, we have decided to pen this short piece of information on how to purchase Tokunbo car engines in Nigeria. This write-up will also cover additionally buying tips, good vehicle dealers, what to pay special mind to, and how to go about it.

Tokunbo car engines in Nigeria

Certainly, car engines are the major component that determines the mobility of the vehicle. Without them, regardless of whether you have a new vehicle, it’s all and nothing without an engine. This does not only mean any engine like that. It implies a good and working engine that can go on a long run at normal circumstances. If you would want to know how to buy a good car engine for your car, then read this article.


Here are few important things to look at before placing your money on a tokunbo car engine;

  • KNOW THE RIGHT ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: This is vital, in light of the fact that you will be specific on what you intend on buying. For example, on the off chance that you’ve a 3.3L 3MZ-FE 05 sienna engine, and you’d need a engine for that ride, you’ve got to be specific about your demands. Not indicating accurately, would cost you much regarding assets (cash, time, and so forth). For example, a few vehicles have a VVTi joined on their camshaft, while others don’t. These are specialized issues that your technician would have the option to figure out when putting orders. However, in the event that you have no clue about your motor determination, you can source that on the web, your technician, or a mechanic vendor.
  • LOOK AT THE MARKET: Here, you will have to take a peek at what the market hold of engines. Normally, car engine dealers and vendors are all over the place. Also, you could really arrange for nearly all you require online these days. The impediment of requesting utilized motors is that the condition of the motor is difficult to tell, and if there are issues, the expense of returning back to the state of procurement, would practically twofold the price tag. Purchasing such motors would be a 50/50 thing. In developed countries like USA, and other European nations, you have a great deal of reliable junkyards where used vehicle parts are sold.


Even as there are many dealers of car engines in the country, it is pertinent to make a deal with the right person. Here are good places to source used car engines in Nigeria:


This is typically a e-commerce site owned by Bon Prix Ltd. Here is your one stop shop for cars and car parts like engines. At Ladipomarket.ng, they offer an exhaustive scope of vehicle parts for practically all vehicles at incredibly exquisite costs. Regardless of whether you need prepared to-fit segments by explicit vehicle makers, or you are searching for quality car engines for a portion of the expense value, their broad collection has all you require to get your vehicle back out and running again. Furthermore, they invest heavily in oustanding for quality, speed, and fantastic services. In the event that you are hoping to purchase your car engine there, access their website at www.ladipomarket.ng in a click.


CarPartsNigeria.com is one of the leading online stores to get your vehicle spare parts in Nigeria and in Africa. They have a total choice of top notch parts including car engines for a wide scope of new and pre-owned car makes and models – offered at the most reduced costs. There are a large number of stocked engines in the CarPartNigeria.com website, and the procuring process is speedy hitch-free.


BetaCar is an internet business auto platform that deals on automobiles business. The vision of this company is to be Nigeria’s most favored objective for vehicle purchasers. In attaining this aim, they utilize the power of innovation to present to you the best trade-in vehicles at the snap of a catch.


These are a portion of the things you should pay special attention to before buying a Tokunbo car engine:

  1. Prior to making any payment for an engine, guarantee that it is turned, 360°, and not 180°. This would make you decide whether the motor’s inside segments like driving rod, camshafts, and so forth are in good condition.
  2. Secondly, compare your engine’s details are same  with what is at the market. Check the engine’s wiring saddles, and sensors for any separations.
  3. On the off chance that it’s a V type Engine, eliminate a sparkle plug, from every one of the banks, and examine them. Sparkle plugs reveals to you significantly more about a motors interior state. On the off chance that it’s a 4-cylinder engine, same thing applies.
  4. Open the oil fill cap, and blaze through it with torch light. That gives you some view about the state of the valve train in the chamber head.
  5. Relaxed the oil channel/sump bolt, to check the nature of the motor oil. On the off chance that smooth, you have an overheated motor. Flee from such car engine.


There is definitely not an ideal method to know whether a motor is good, except if its open apart, and inner parts assessed. If you can apply the aforementioned tips with the earlier guides, then you will know how to source a good engine for your car. That’s our take on this article as we have been able to highlight to you how to buy Tokunbo car engine in Nigeria. We believe this information was helpful in getting you a good engine to get your car back working.

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