Cost of Toyota Camry Muscle Engines in Nigeria (2024)

Toyota Camry muscle is one brand that has been very popular in the country’s auto market. This car model collection is considered as perhaps the most well known used vehicle in Nigeria. By and large, Toyota Camry can be said to worth its weight in gold, due to how it gives lasting value for less money.

cost of toyota camry muscle engine

Moreover, the majority of these Toyota Camrys, on a normal circumstance are about in completely good condition irrespective of the long run. This has been a good thing for its users because the vast majority of them when they need the car’s engine, they feel it is a wise decision for them since they realize they will drive their vehicle for long. Therefore we feel certain to give you the view of how much Toyota Camry muscle engines cost in the country.


This brand of Toyota car collection has a standard four-chamber engine sets with a automated eight-speed. However, with this being the case, its speed increase numbers is a issue for some people who likes swift cars. A less amazing version of the Toyota Camry muscle engine works with a battery and two electric motors to control the car half and half. This is sometimes not any more energizing to drive than the base powertrain.

The genuine feature of this setup is the smooth 301-hp V-6 that is accessible on the XLE and XSE models just as the TRD variation. With all of these in this brand of cars, we are certain that it won’t be a bother driving on of the version of Toyota Camry. It has a automatic drive and it is also responsive in taking care of. The steering is weighted and it’s very responsive when cornering. It is also light while moving in parking garages.

A check on this collection of cars shows that the Camry’s brake pedal is responsive and not very delicate, even in the hybrid, in which it should merge friction with braking . In this situation, the energy from slowing down (i.e braking) is utilized to re-energize the crossover’s battery pack. At lower speeds, in any case, the car brake pedal is excessively touchy, making stopping moves somewhat of a herky-jerky issue.

It’s important to note that Toyota Camry has a good and working engine which goes for a long run. You can just anticipate most extreme adequacy, for a car that pushes out a string 268 strength and around 248 pound-feet of force. In its working the Toyota Camry muscle can undoubtedly outperform more than 350,000 miles without the motor enduring any type of overheating. The model that specifically has this kind of features is the XLE V-6 model, which can record a fast 0-60 season of 6.1 seconds. There are many good features about Toyota Camry Engines as drivers can just see the value in this vehicle more.


Let’s look at how much Toyota Camry Muscle engines go for in the Nigerian market. In general, we will be looking at the cost of the car’s engine here.

It’s quite surprising that most Toyota Camry engines in the market aren’t new ones but fairly used rather. This does not rule out the fact that there are a some numbers of new engines there, which are in the form of spare parts.


Normally, the price of these engines is contingent upon some factors like location, usage, durability of the product.

  • The cost of Toyota Camry 2AZ Engine 2003 Model will be around ₦140,000 to ₦200,000
  • The Toyota Camry 2GR Engine 2008 Model will be available for purchase from ₦300,000 to ₦450,000
  • Toyota Camry 5X Engine is sold in the region of ₦158,000
  • The 1997 – 2011 models of Toyota Camry Muscle Engines will be available starting in the region of ₦80,000 to ₦200,000 depending on the type.
  • Toyota Camry Spider Engine 2008-2010 Models costs in the region of ₦300,000 – ₦500,000
  • The Toyota Camry V6 Engine 1992 Model is readily available for purchase at a price from ₦85,000 to ₦150,000
  • The Toyota Camry V6 Engine 1999 Model is worth around ₦105,000 in Nigeria.

That’s the view of the cost of Toyota Camry Muscle Engines in the country. Though, the pricing here may slightly deviate from what is obtained in the current market, but it is meant to give you a hint on how much it costs.

After we’ve been able to give you what to budget for, how about we take a gander at some things about this collection of car?


Finally settled for a Toyota Camry engine? You ought to know some few things about Toyota Camry as a brand in general. Firstly, this model of Toyota brand is a standout amongst other fair size vehicles available in the country and anywhere else. A typically Toyota Camry Muscle can take five passengers comfortable and gloats of awesome features and plans. The most recent rendition of the brand includes a refreshed infotainment system to add to its expressive new look.


  1. Friendly Fuel Mileage: Toyota Camry is one of the vehicles that ought to be yours, if you are searching for a vehicle with great fuel efficiency. With its four-chamber engine, the vehicle moderately returns a solid 35 mph on an highway and around 25 mph around.
  2. Astounding Safety Features: In security rating, Toyota Camry unquestionably procures a top mark. The vehicle includes a top-class sway assurance which shields travelers on board from threat. Most recent adaptations of the XLE features a Safety Connect emergency response system notwithstanding its programmed braking mechanism which can distinguish an accident before it occurs.
  3. Dependability: When it comes to Toyota Camry one thing is certain – you don’t have to stress over investing a lot of energy in the technician workshop.
  4. Availability in Models: Toyota Camry is available in five distinctive trim levels: L, LE, SE, XSE and XLE. This incredible passenger vehicle ensures an agreeable ride with standard route features.
  5. Connectivity Features: The vintage 2007 – 2011 model features current introduction to cars which incorporates Bluetooth phone pairing. Of recent, an advanced touch screen infotainment framework was presented in last forms of the car brand.


That’s the size of this write-up, as we’ve been able to give you a detailed information on the prices of Toyota Camry Muscle Engines in Nigeria. Our final words is that buying from the right dealer is what you should prioritize. Also note that these engines are durable, and they come fully guaranteed for your safety.

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