How To Apply For Tinted Permit in Nigeria: Requirements & Cost (2024)

With regards to the queries posed by some intending applicants on how to get a tinted permit for their vehicles in Nigeria, we have come up with this write-up so as to explicate more on the process. At first, all the applications for this vehicle particulars is processed by the Nigeria Police Force. In Nigeria, the office sees to the guideline of the administration and usage of these tinted vehicles permit. The basic rule here is that, each and every individual who possesses a tinted car is lawfully required by the Nigerian law to get a tinted permit from the Nigerian police.

is tinted glass legal in nigeria


Some don’t understand what a tinted glass permit really imply. Basically, this is the authority permit that is given to an individual who possesses a vehicle with tinted glasses. For the most part, the permit is always issued by the Nigerian police force, which engages the person to use the vehicle with a tinted glass lawfully.

This definition essentially infers that the utilization of tinted glass vehicles without this due official approval from the police force is implying an unlawful activity with the non-transparent vehicle. It’s important to note that the vehicles that require this tinted permit are those with industrially fitted tinted glass as it were.

More so, the inability to acquire a tinted permit which is the legitimate license may prompt the police power pulling your vehicle over, which you will face the consequence. Continuing from the above affirmations, this article looks to clarify the least demanding method of acquiring a tinted license in Nigeria. With all things considered, the fascinating thing is that you truly don’t need to pay a dime to get your permit. All you need do is follow the straightforward process that we have laid out in this post. Continue reading to the last punctuation mark as we will give a detailed rundown of the hitch-free process.


Yes, it is acceptable to use tinted glass in Nigeria. However, vehicle owners who want tinted windows and glasses must first request a permit from the Nigerian Police Force. Depending on the justifications provided by the automobile owner for seeking tinted glass, the NPF may approve or reject applications for tinted glass permits. Without a police authorization, it is illegal to operate a car with tinted windows.


The tinted glass license can be issued by the Nigerian Police to an individual simply on two conditions. If your interest for a tinted glass permit and on the point that you are with an adept clarification, either for security reasons or for prosperity reason. There are the other important reasons the permit can be affirmed by the NPF.


At first, you must own a tinted window car before being considered for the vehicle permit. This is the primary thing that the Nigerian police force will look at before considering the following conditions. Subsequent to this is the important reasons for getting a tinted glass permit in the country.


Security reasons is perhaps the most often reason behind the application and approval of a tinted permit. The applicant is expected to show their individual case to the capable trained professionals. Conceding of the permit isn’t modified, and each application is embraced or denied for its own advantages. Various public figures and public characters, for instance, entertainers, celebrities, footballers, and performers will conventionally have their applications confirmed subsequently.

These individuals of note require extra security similarly as assurance due to their incredibly open life and activities. They similarly need this level of covering when they are making the rounds or in transit, making a vehicle with hued glass and windows very fit for them. They can in this manner successfully apply for and get support for tinted glass permits.


An asserted health condition can moreover be sufficient reason to be given a license for tinted glass. Victims of certain skin conditions that are exacerbated by direct sunshine are able to apply under this condition. You will require medical confirmation from an certified clinical expert. This may be included in the application for the process.


After you’ve known what is a tinted permit and it significance, let’s now discover the ways to get the permit. Just follow the step by step instructions on how to acquire a tinted glass permit in Nigeria. They are the following:

  • The first thing to do is to fill the Application form on the Nigeria Police Force tinted permit application website at . Completing the form will enable you to acquire an Application ID.
  • The next step is to complete the Application Process by Login in with email you gave and the Application ID is appeared beneath.
  • Complete the Bio-Data form when signed in and give the subtleties of the vehicle you need to get a Tinted Permit for.
  • Take the Print-out to any Police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your Tinted Permit Certificate.

That’s it on how to apply for tinted permit in the country. Moreover, for more information on the application, you can reach the Nigerian Police Force at: on email. Note: Tinted permit is issued to motor vehicle(s) with factory-fitted tinted glass only.


Normally, you shouldn’t be required to pay any amount of money in order to get a tinted permit in Nigeria. In any case, with the nature of things in the country, you may have to pay some cash, ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦20,000, on the off chance that you truly need your tinted license to be delivered on schedule.


Tinted permit is an involuntary requirement by the Nigerian police on individuals with dark-screen glass. The force have made it mandatory for all car owners who wants to use tinted glasses to get licenses from them in their states of residents. The Police Tinted Glass Permit is free if the most ideal strategy is followed and it requires steadiness, till the police convey the permit to you.

Why is the permit so significant? In Nigeria, and in different nations of the world, it is altogether expected to see vehicles with tinted windows. Ordinarily, this kind of glass make the driving experience pleasurable to these drivers. Nevertheless, the laws overseeing vehicle possession and use in Nigeria make it needed for all vehicle owners with tinted glass windows to have a permit for it. As such this article was important, as it give you a detailed guide on how to go through the process successfully.

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