Best Career Opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria

Philosophy is a good degree and one of the most underrated courses in Nigeria. Most students and graduates wonder what they can do with a degree in philosophy or where they can work when they graduate. While the career opportunities and job prospects for philosophy graduates exist, people don’t have or know about this information. In this article, we will outline the professional career opportunities available in philosophy in Nigeria and the kind of jobs can one can get with a philosophy degree.

career opportunities in philosophy in Nigeria

Firstly, lets know what’s the subject theme about. Philosophy is the study of knowledge about life and the universe. It has to do with basically examining crucial issues and enquiries which pertains to life, its importance, the nature of the real world, information and truth about the human world.
Students and understudies who offer this course, are equipped to think, bring out inquiries and attempt to contend things which relate to human life and the universe. Philosophy assists with sharpening the mind, i.e. one’s capacity to reason adequately and detail intelligent contentions.
For the most part, the course assists with improving your intelligent and basic reasoning.

The study of Philosophy requires students offering it to compose and relate discussion on philosophical hypotheses. These hypotheses and theories allows them to additionally broaden ones examination into different fields of knowledge.

Duration of Philosophy as a course in Nigerian Universities

In Nigerian universities, philosophy as a course takes a minimum of four years to complete your study program. Philosophy is offered as a degree programme in the faculty of Arts and Humanities, and this does not resist the fact that the course has ties with science discipline as well.

The course content of this profession include:

  • Logic
  • Philosophy of the mind
  • Metaphysics
  • Ethic­s
  • Philosophy of science
  • Political reasoning

Though a lot may think about what should be possible with a degree in Philosophy, as it isn’t often characterized as a professional or lucrative course. As this writeup progresses, we will provide answers, including the different oppurtunities that are accessible and available in the philosophical profession.

Professional Career Opportunities in Nigeria for Philosophers

Philosophical Opportunities in Communication/Journalism

The openings available for philosophers in the journalism and communication industry is based on  their critical thinking. Here, they aid in the production of news coverage and materials like magazines, books, papers and diaries both on the web and on hard copies. In more advanced countries, a graduate or expert philosopher can work with news source firms or producers of books and post articles. So as to be effective in this field, one needs to pick up work understanding and build up an arrangement of journalistic works.

Journalism by contrast, is about news coverage and it centers around investigating, composing, altering and introducing different types of broadcasting to feed the public with concised news on whats happening.

Philosophy Career Opportunities in Education Sector

Studying Philosophy also opens work oppurtunities in the teaching field. Educational schools at all level; primary, secondary or tertiary institutions opens door for graduates of philosophy.
Understudies or students of philosophy are enabled to create correspondences and basic reasoning capacities. This attributes is the basic for them to venture in the education line. These young philosophers should simply seek after an extra expert training on the course, so as to have a view of what is involved.

Graduates in the field of Philosophy are best on research as a result of their capacity to participate in thinking and mental analysis which was in their school days. In the event that you wish to get into the further scholastic research line, the mastery skills you should have must be on a selected area of specialization.

Public Careers in Philosophy

Many philosophists and graduates of Philosophy have many open work options in the public scene. These job incorporates working with state services, public service and many other openings.
The study of philosophy empowers its understudies to have a more profound understanding and information on cultural issues and also mental functions which involves the brain.

Philosophy professions that has to do in the public view differ as respective to the philosopher’s specialization. People who study theories of philosophy are very much put for professions in public places since their degree has helped them build up a comprehension of complex cultural issues and world issues, just as general explanatory capacities.

The areas where the experience of pubic-inclined philosophers are needed, include: Regulatory jobs es which involves with Government agencies, Administrative jobs in Health services, Police and Armed forces works, and others. Additionally, Philosophy educates students so they can settle on educated choices with legitimate information regarding the public.

Pholosopy Careers in Law

A career in Philosophy opens you to works in the legal field. The reason that philosophers are needed here is that the legal profession requires a lot of research, examination of arguments and logical reasonings. This have make philosophers services needed. In this way, they posses aptitudes required to explore through the occasionally mind boggling fields of law.

Undoubtedly, the field of law opens oppurtunities to some philosophers while some inquire about, secretarial and paralegal positions, all still in the legal discipline.

Careers in Psychotherapy

Philosophers are much in demand in Psychotherapy. This discipline involves the treatment of mental illness by discussing the patients problem with him or her personally. To know how philosophy concerns about mental reasoning, its that experts in philosophy are required to have relational abilities and satisfactory information on mental issues. This is required so as to relate with people during treatment and reason the solution.

An experienced philosopher is well prepared to take up this job, and different options are available in this field.


From the aforementioned career options available for philosphers, it could be deduced that their work are vast in many fields. Philosophy is open to jobs in Government, Human Resources, Advertising,­ Banking, Sciences, Religion, Business, International diplomacy, Social work, Medical management, Management consultancies, Educati­onal institutions, Accountancy firms adding with Recruitment offices.

Skills needed in philosophy includes:

  1. The ability to define and comprehend problems.
  2. Capacity to equitably break down mental reasonings and ideas.
  3. Ability to examine, create and figure intelligent arguments.
  4. How to dissect speculation, presumptions and propose an explanation to the assumptions.
  5. The ability to communicate effectively.
  6. Some other skills include questioning, reasoning and analytical thinking.

It is worthy to note that these abilities are required in different oppurtunities and divisions of the profession.

Generally, the philosophy career is not just about brainstorming only on arguments, it incoporates working in many fields other than your major. News, politics, government and health are areas where it is very applicable. With this, it is worth considering a career in philosophy.

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