List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Bayelsa State

Bayelsa is a state blessed with numerous natural mineral resources and is located in southern Nigeria. It is among the Niger Delta states just between Delta and Rivers state


Created in 1996 by the General Sani Abacha’s military government, Bayelsa is among the oil producing states we have in Nigeria. In fact, crude oil in Nigeria was first discovered in Oloibiri, a town within Bayelsa.

The capital, Yenagoa is the administrative seat of power where the state government resides. Although the major local language spoken in this state is Ijaw, there are other dialects such as Kolukuma, Mein, Bomu, Nembe, Epie-Atisa, and Ogbia.

In this post we list the natural resources found in Bayelsa state, agro raw materials and other information concerning her economy, local government areas, etc.

Mineral Resources in Bayelsa State

#1. Natural Gas

This mineral resource is found in large quantity in the state especially in local government areas like Brass, Ekeremor, Kolokuma/Opokuma and Nembe LGA’s to be precise.

Today, Nigeria’s gas reserves have more value of her crude oil reserves. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other foreign oil companies operating in the country are said to be the ones exploring natural gas in Bayelsa and other states where it can be found.

#2. Crude Oil

This natural resource has generated income for both the federation and the state combined. Although, Bayelsa State has one of the largest crude oil and natural gas deposits in Nigeria, majority of Bayelsans live in poverty and even petroleum product is expensive.

Crude oil is used for making gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, tar, asphalt, paraffin wax, and lubricating oils.

#3. Salt

Salt can also be found in commercial quantities especially in Brass local government. We can’t say the kind of salt found here because it hasn’t been explored because the focus has always been on crude oil.

#4. Silica Sand

Silica sand can be used in the production of glass and also in the filtration of water for agricultural purposes.

Agro Raw Materials

Aside the above minerals, there are other agricultural resources or crops that are found in Bayelsa. As a riverine state, many communities are mostly surrounded by water, making it hard to travel by road in the state.

The following are agro raw materials within the state: Fish, oyster, shrimps, cassava, coco-yam, plantain, timber, cane wood, raffia palm, irvingia (ogbono), maize, palm produce, rice, yam, sugar cane, sea-foods and plantain.

List of Universities in Bayelsa state

The following as major tertiary institutions within the state:

  • Niger Delta University
  • Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education
  • College of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science
  • International Institute of Tourism
  • Federal University Otuoke

Local Government Areas

There are 8 LGA’s in Bayelsa state and they are:

  • Brass
  • Ekeremor
  • Kolokuma/Opokuma
  • Nembe
  • Ogbia
  • Sagbama
  • Southern Ijaw
  • Yenagoa


Most people living within the state are mainly rural dwellers and lack access to social amenities like transportation, health, education and other important infrastructure.

The lack of commercial activities that would boost the state’s economy has seen low developmental activities affecting the state. Decades of neglect by both central, state governments, and also oil and gas firms is also a worrying factor.

Militancy, kidnapping and other criminal activities have also taken over the state since the effort of successive state governments have proved abortive in trying to curb the trend of insecurity in the state.

They has also been poverty-alleviation programs to help reverse the poverty situation in the state, but it has yielded little or less result. One can only be surprised that a state such as Bayelsa with various natural resources hasn’t been utilized to its full potential.

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