Full List of Nigerian Local Airlines (2024)

Do you want to know the full list of local airlines that are operating in Nigeria? Indeed, the country has a vibrant and diverse aviation industry, in which a multitude of local airlines contribute to the country’s connectivity, economic growth, and transportation needs. The airlines ranges from passenger carriers to cargo airlines and helicopter services.

local airlines in Nigeria

There are nine airlines presently operating in Nigeria. They include: Air Peace airline, Arik Air; Azman Air, Dana Air, Green Africa, Ibom Air, Max Air, Overland and United Nigeria Airlines. With a focus on domestic operations, these airlines serve various regions within Nigeria, linking cities, facilitating business activities, and providing essential services to industries such as oil and gas, tourism, and logistics. This article explores the full list of Nigerian local airlines, highlighting their roles, services, and contributions to Nigeria’s aviation landscape.



Here is a list of Nigerian domestic airlines along with brief explanations of each:


Arik Air is one of those names that you will hear in the country’s aviation industry. It is one of Nigeria’s largest and leading airlines, offering both domestic and international flights. It operates a wide range of aircraft and provides a comprehensive network of destinations within Nigeria and across Africa.


Air Peace is a Nigerian airline that has rapidly grown to become one of the country’s major carriers. It operates a large fleet of aircraft, serving numerous domestic routes and some international destinations. Air Peace is known for its commitment to safety and customer service.


Dana Air is a Nigerian airline that primarily operates domestic flights. It has gained prominence for its efficient operations and modern fleet of aircraft. Dana Air connects major cities within Nigeria, providing convenient travel options for passengers.


Overland Airways is a regional airline that specializes in serving smaller airports and connecting remote areas in Nigeria. It focuses on providing reliable air transportation to underserved communities and supporting economic development in those regions.


Med-View Airline is a Nigerian carrier that operates both domestic and international flights. It has a diverse fleet and offers services to various destinations, including popular pilgrimage sites. Med-View Airline emphasizes safety and comfort for its passengers.


Azman Air is a Nigerian airline that operates domestic flights within the country. It has grown steadily since its establishment and provides affordable air travel options to a range of destinations. Azman Air focuses on delivering efficient and reliable services to its customers.


Max Air is a Nigerian airline that primarily operates domestic flights. It caters to both passenger and cargo transportation needs and serves major cities in Nigeria. Max Air aims to provide quality service and efficient operations.


Ibom Air is a state-owned airline based in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It commenced operations in 2019 and focuses on connecting the state with other major cities in Nigeria. Ibom Air aims to enhance economic growth and promote tourism within the region.


First Nation Airways is a Nigerian airline that primarily operates domestic flights. It has a small fleet of aircraft and serves several key destinations within Nigeria. First Nation Airways strives to provide reliable and safe air travel options.


Tarco Air is a Nigerian airline that focuses on cargo operations. It specializes in transporting goods and provides efficient logistics solutions to meet the freight transportation needs of businesses.


Azikel Air is a Nigerian local airline that primarily operates domestic flights within Nigeria. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Bayelsa State. The airline provides scheduled passenger services, charter flights, and cargo transportation. Azikel Air aims to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable air travel options to its customers.


Taraba Air is owned by the Taraba State Government and was established to promote connectivity within the state and facilitate economic development. Taraba Air operates scheduled flights from its base in Jalingo, the capital city of Taraba State.


Allied Air is a cargo airline based in Lagos, Nigeria. It specializes in freight services, operating both domestically and internationally. The airline plays a crucial role in transporting goods, including perishable items and industrial cargo, to various destinations. Allied Air is known for its reliable and efficient cargo operations.


Caverton Helicopters is a Nigerian aviation company that provides rotary-wing transportation services. It operates both within Nigeria and internationally. Caverton Helicopters serves various sectors, including offshore oil and gas, executive charter, and search and rescue operations.


Bristow Helicopters is a well-established Nigerian airline specializing in offshore helicopter transportation.  Bristow Helicopters has been a key provider of helicopter services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The company operates a large fleet of modern helicopters and is recognized for its safety record and operational excellence.


Tropical Arctic Logistics (TAL) is a Nigerian airline that offers a range of aviation services, including helicopter charter, medical evacuation, aerial survey, and cargo transportation. TAL operates across Nigeria and West Africa, providing reliable and customized aviation solutions to various industries, such as oil and gas, construction, and emergency response.


QuikJet Cargo Airlines is a Nigerian cargo airline specializing in express air cargo services. The airline operates both domestic and international freight flights. QuikJet Cargo Airlines focuses on providing timely and secure transportation of goods to meet the needs of businesses and industries.


Dornier Aviation Nigeria is an aviation company based in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers a range of services, including aircraft charter, aerial surveillance, medical evacuation, and aircraft maintenance. Dornier Aviation Nigeria operates a diverse fleet of aircraft and serves various sectors, such as oil and gas, tourism, and emergency medical services.


EAS Airlines, also known as Executive Air Services, was a Nigerian airline that ceased operations in 2006. It was based in Kano, Nigeria, and primarily provided domestic passenger services. Although no longer active, EAS Airlines played a significant role in the Nigerian aviation industry during its operational years.


That’s the list of the local airlines that are operating in Nigeria. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other Nigerian domestic airlines operating within the country.

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