Top 4 Nigerian Brands That Are No Longer In The Market Today

Nigerian Infopedia went digging up on some of the best Nigerian brands of yesteryear that are no longer sold in the market today and we have put together four of the best Nigerian brands of years back that are now extint.

Top 4 Nigerian Brands that are No Longer in the Nigerian Market Currently

1. Okin Biscuit


Okin biscuit was the in thing for kids in the 90s. Whether it’s the Coaster or the short cake, this biscuit was loved by almost all 90s kids growing up. It has since gone extinct.

2. Robot and Bubble Chewing Gums


These chewing gums were almost always found in every nook and cranny of Lagos, particularly in kiosks. Every child loved the really sweet taste of it and had to always go about with some in their pockets. It’s however gone extinct over the years. This particular brand is no longer in the market.

3. Krest Soft Drink


Manufactured by the Coca-Cola company in the late 90s, Krest was one of the best soft drink brands around but sadly it is no more.

4. Planta Margarine


Planta margarine was one of the best brands of margarines around in yesteryear. It was loved by almost all but as the times changed, Planta changed with it, never to be seen again in the Nigerian Market.

These are the ones Nigerian Infopedia could gather, if you know of any, do feel free to use the comments section.

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