Top 10 Best Weight Gain Supplements in Nigeria

This post is for you if you want to find an excellent weight gain supplement. Though these best weight gain supplements are effective, they must be taken with caution or with a prescription by a physician. Because there are no medications that do not have side effects. The ten best weight gain supplements in Nigeria will be highlighted below. This will give lean people some ways to add some flesh.

weight-gain supplements in Nigeria


The top ten weight-gain supplements in Nigeria include:


Apetamin is a quality weight gain supplement that works and will provide speedy effects for people who are thin or just want to gain weight. The supplement contains cyproheptadine hydrochloride, which aids in weight gain by stimulating hunger.

Though gaining weight might be difficult for many people due to a lack of appetite, this supplement has a special blend of important vitamins. It also contains important amino acids that aid to stimulate appetite and encourage the user to eat more. Water-soluble vitamins, for example, aid in the faster absorption of amino acids in the intestine, allowing nutrients to act more efficiently.

Also, a lot of people especially the users, believe that Apetamin can help one gain weight in a week or two.


Universal Nutrition Bunto Blood And Weight Gain Tonic is a well-known supplement in the country. Bunto is a prominent supplement that has been particularly developed to give the body with essential nutrients. Bunto will provide nutrients required for the creation of healthy blood cells and the development of a strong immune system if used regularly.

Bunto is beneficial to people who have been unwell since it helps them recover quickly. This supplement is also used by nursing women to gain weight quickly after 30 days or longer. Bunto is a cost-effective weight-gain and recovery meal supplement offered in a variety of marketplaces.


Looking for an effective weight gain supplement? Oraxin syrup is so effective that it can help you gain weight in as little as a week or two.

Oraxin Syrup is a multivitamin made specifically for people who are having trouble losing weight and losing their appetite. It provides important vitamins that aid in appetite stimulation.  Furthermore, the supplement enhances your appetite, causing the user to consume more and store more fat in their body, and that result to gaining a lot of weight.

On the whole, Oraxin syrup is among the most effective weight-gaining supplements available. Weight gain has been reported in specific areas of the body, such as the thighs and arms, by users of this supplement.


A lot of protein supplement is in this product by Serious Mass. Looking at the figures, there are 1,250 calories and 50 grams of protein in each serving of this formula.

Serious Mass is an excellent supplement for muscle rehabilitation and bodybuilding. This supplement is manufactured as a powder, making it perfect for use as a post-workout drink and as a supplement between meals to help you gain weight faster.

Moreover, Serious Mass already contains the nutrients you need to gain weight and enhance your physique, allowing you to achieve the body you’ve always desired. This supplement also supports and fuels high-intensity workouts.


Appeton is a professionally produced milk formula designed to assist slim adults in gaining weight in a healthy and natural manner. The weight gain supplement contains sufficient levels of necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lipids, and carbohydrates.

Protein is also abundant in adult Appeton Weight Gain, which is essential for tissue growth. Its carbohydrate and fat components give the body the energy it needs while also allowing the body to preserve protein for tissue growth.


Modern BCAA+ powder is widely regarded as one of the most effective supplements available. One of the supplement contains 15 grams of amino acid, making it suitable for bodybuilding.

Many gym-goers who put in a lot of work use BCAA plus powder to bulk up their muscles and gain weight. Modern BCAA powder is available in a variety of tastes, so you can choose which one you prefer. It has a terrific taste and does not contain any artificial colors.


This weight gain supplement is a multivitamin with critical amino acids for better energy metabolism. It has a total of 19 nutrients in it. It also offers other advantages, including as promoting physical and mental development and strengthening the immune system to help people recover faster from illnesses.

Astymin was created to help both men and women maintain their overall health and vigor. The supplement can as well help users gain weight by replenishing nutrients lost due to stress or other biological causes.

AMINO 3000

Amino 3000 is a well-known multivitamin of exceptional quality. It’s a well-known weight-gain supplement. It’s packed with necessary amin hi hio acids, as the name implies, making it extremely effective. It also has a well-balanced composition that can provide the body with other vital nutrients.

Finally, the Amino 3000 is hygienically treated to ensure that its users do not experience any negative health impacts.


Cypri Gold is a weight-gain formula mostly designed for women who want to gain weight very quickly. Cypri Gold syrup is a great supplement because it contains all of the nutrients that the body requires to establish a strong immune system.

Cypri Gold additionally aids in the maintenance of blood cells. It has Cyproheptadine in it, which aids in appetite stimulation. Moreover, this supplement has been studied and proven to be a healthy supplement with no negative health effects.


The majority of the top weight gain supplements in Nigeria work by increasing your rate of food consumption. It also makes fat or flesh accumulation easier in the way it increases the rate at which you eat. They primarily assist users in receiving the necessary bodily nutrients for growth. It is not embarrassing to have a slender figure, but you might decide to improve it by gaining weight. We hope that you find these top weight-gain pills in Nigeria to be helpful.

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