Top 10 Best Car Engine Oil Brands in Nigeria

The usefulness of engine oils can’t be underestimated. Because it is so important to your car’s efficient operation, you must ensure that you purchase only the best oil available for your vehicle. Most times, you can find the type of oil that your vehicle need at the oil cap in your engine.

car engine oil brands in Nigeria

In the Nigerian market, there are various engine oil brands that are also suited for your cars. However, settling for the best fit might be somewhat hard. This article compiles a list of Nigeria’s top ten engine oil brands. This was will give you options on which to choose and buy to ensure your car has the best performance.


The following is a list of the top car engine oil brands in Nigeria today:


Mobil is Nigeria’s largest producer and distributor of petroleum products. When it comes to automobiles, one of the first names that comes to mind is this brand.

Mobil Engine Oil is a totally synthetic engine oil that aids in fuel efficiency. The engine oil is highly suggested for everyday driving in a place like Nigeria with high temperatures, as it has a viscosity rating of 5W-30.

Mobil engine oil prices range from cheap to high, but there are a few budget-friendly options. Prices of Mobile Engine Oil varies from ₦10,000 to roughly ₦25,000 for 5-liter jugs.


Castrol is another best brand of engine oil in the country.

Castrol is a relatively new engine oil brand in Nigeria that is rapidly gaining popularity. Their engine oil is a high-performance full synthetic oil that has the strength to keep a thin, protective coating on the engine at all times.

Under strain, Castrol Edge Oil grows stronger, allowing your engine to perform at its best. The price of Castrol engine oil in Nigeria is about ₦8,000 to the high price ones.


Tonimas Engine Oil is a high-quality engine oil that you should opt for.

The engine oil is a lubricant for internal combustion engines made up of base oils that have been improved with antiwear additives, detergents, and dispersants.

Tonimas Engine Oil has a variety of functions, but its primary function is to keep the engine operating smoothly. It lubricates the engine and keeps it operating smoothly.


TotalEnergies is at the forefront of lubricant technology, from designing specific engine oils for racing rivals to improving fuel efficiency on our highways.

TotalEnergies’ DNA is built on quality, longevity, and sustainability, and nowhere is this more evident than in our vehicle engine oils.

You can go for Total Engine Oil as they are efficient and lasting.


Shell Engine Oil is made to give your engine the best possible performance. It can be used in gasoline and diesel engines. This oil offers excellent protection against engine wear and stress.

Shell engine oil is, in fact, developed specifically for high-stress situations in heavy-duty vehicles like lorries and trucks. It resists heat-related breakdown and continues to provide protection to your car. Their oil also aids in the reduction of vehicle pollutants and increases engine efficiency.

The cost of Shell engine oils ranges from ₦9,500 at the moment.


Valvoline Superior Full Synthetic Motor Oil is created specifically for hardworking automobiles, trucks, and SUVs, providing advanced sludge protection in the harshest situations. This engine oil uses cutting-edge additive technology to combat severe engine stress caused by excessive temperatures, hauling and towing, and other factors. Also, it has excellent heat resistance and is suited for supercharged automobiles.

Moreover, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil has been shown to extend engine life and improve fuel economy. ₦9,000 is the price of Valvoline Engine Oil, though some are above that.


The Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil is constructed entirely of synthetic compounds, ensuring that your engine is fully protected. With its excellent performing active cleansing chemicals, it protects your engine from sludge and other sorts of filth while also removing pollutants.

Moreover, Pennzoil Oil is well-known for its outstanding performance in cold conditions. It’s also great for long travels because it saves you money on gas. ₦15,200 is the price of Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil in Nigeria


Next on this list is Liqui Molly 2041 Premium W5-40 Synthetic Oil. This engine oil is very popular to the extent that for every car, there is a Liqui Molly Engine Oil. This oil is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines.

Liqui Molly Engine Oil is well-known for its low oil use and energy efficiency. It also aids in fuel conservation and provides immediate lubrication for your vehicle’s engine.

The Liqui Molly Engine Oil is ideal for high-demand applications. The price of this oil is ₦15,000 in Nigeria.


One of the most popular engine oils for automobiles is Royal Purple Engine Oil. This is a high-performance synthetic oil. It’s made up of a synthetic blend of mineral oils and other chemicals. It has a viscosity rating of 5W-30, making it appropriate for use in even extreme temperatures.

Through its emission management mechanism, the Royal Purple Engine Oil extends the life of an automobile engine.

Because of its ability to reduce friction, it also aids in fuel conservation. Under duress, the Royal Purple Oil performs admirably. It also keeps dirt and sludge out of the car’s engine.

₦12,800 is the price of Royal Purple Engine Oil.


This Engine Oil is designed to give your engine the best possible protection.  It may be used with a gasoline or diesel engine, as well as a motorcycle or automobile. This oil can resist the high pressures encountered in high-performance vehicles. With a viscosity rating of 5W-30, it performs exceptionally well at high temperatures.

The Red Line Engine Oil is known for its low oil consumption and is mostly utilized in auto and motorcycle racing for high-performance vehicles. Also, It also keeps your engine’s friction low.

The price of Red Line Engine Oil is ₦32,800 in the country’s market.


Basically, engine oil is commonly known as lubricating oil or motor oil. Its primary function is to ensure that the various parts of your car operate without friction. In order to get the best out of engine oil, you should go for the best brand. This article highlighted the top ten best car engine oil brands in Nigeria.

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