10 Best Yogurt For Weight Gain in Nigeria

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It is true that yoghurt is an excellent weight-gaining snack but do you really know which among the yogurt brands is effective for weight gain in Nigeria? The milk product not only helps you gain weight, but it also helps your body get more calcium. All yoghurts are not made to be equal, rather they differ in their contents. Plain, low-fat, and fat-free yogurt are available, just as full-fat ones. The latter (full-fat yoghurt) is a nutritious and handy snack that is advised for weight gain. So if you want to add some weight, then the next time you go shopping for yoghurt, make sure it’s full-fat.

yogurt brands for weight gain

The top ten full-fat yoghurts that will help you gain weight are highlighted in this article.


The following are the top ten best yogurts in Nigeria for gaining weight.


This Greek Yoghurt is one of Nigeria’s most popular best yoghurt brands that supports weight-gain. No wonder, a significant number of people appreciate it. Their yogurt has the benefit of being moderate in fat and suitable for all people and health concerns.

Mic & Kay is a creamy, fat-free dessert with a lovely texture. Despite its reduced fat level, the brand’s flavor and texture are not compromised. This yoghurt contains no artificial colors or preservatives and is strong in protein. It’s fully made of natural components and comes in a BPA-free container.


This is a top-notch greek yogurt made by Kezia Foods. They are dedicated people at Kezia Snacks who want to make good, healthy food available to everyone.

They believe in taking great care with what people eat and attempting to provide the greatest options for a healthy living. It’s for this reason that they enjoy creating yogurt. It’s healthful, nutritious, delicious, creamy, tangy, and a lot of fun to eat.

For lactose intolerant people, Greek yogurt supplements lost calcium, and it also contains a lot of B12, which is good for energy and cognitive function, especially for vegetarians. It’s high in potassium, which helps regulate sodium and reduce blood pressure, and it’s high protein content aids in muscle and tissue regeneration – making it a good choice for weight gain.


Ziva’s Greek yogurt began as a fun response to the buyer’s love of yogurt, which resulted in them becoming ill after drinking one of the major yogurt brands available at the time. The yogurt manufacturer promised that their product will revolutionize the country’s yogurt sector.

Ziva began to fine-tune and standardize their procedures. They researched and created a formula that was ideal in terms of both quality and profitability.

The company is currently based in Abuja and manufactures from there. Ziva’s Keuken is a registered trademark of Ziva’s.


Habib Yoghurt is another top Nigerian yorghut brand that helps you to gain weight because of its high quality. The brand sells frozen yoghurts with fresh fruit toppings. The exquisite flavor of Habib Yoghurt is well-known and the milk product is also good for weight gain.

Habib Yoghurt is now available in a range of sizes to meet your specific requirements. Only natural ingredients are used to make Habib Yoghurt. It is high in Vitamin A and provides the optimum nutrition for the body. Administrative quality control and environmental laws are also followed by the brand.

Hollandia Yoghurt

In the Nigerian yogurt industry, Hollandia is a prominent brand that has been greatly regarded for a long time now. This brand is known for its tasty and nutritious yoghurt drinks. It’s packed with vitamins and the freshness of natural fruits.

Moreover, Hollandia yoghurt comes in six flavors: strawberry, orange, pineapple, coconut, plain sweetened, and plain green apple. People often ask if Hollandia yorghut is good for weight loss due to diverse spectrum of tastes. It doesn’t as there’s always something new to add to the monotony of yoghurt.


Health n’ Healthy Complete Living is a wellness lifestyle company that specializes in healthy food and exercise services that are inspired by active lifestyles. They provide a manner of delivering fundamental healthy food options, as well as a relatable alternative. Through their services and products, they are dedicated to giving healthy lifestyle options.

Health n’ Healthly Yogurt is a delightful snack that also happens to be a good source of calcium. Their yoghurt contains a lot of protein and vitamins, so it’s a good choice for gaining weight.


This yogurt brand comes in a variety of tastes, such as plain sweet, strawberry, vanilla, and others. The beverage is delicious and refreshing, and it is appropriate for both children and adults.

A Fresh Yo Yoghurt drink is perfect at home, in the office, at school, at parties, and at any time of day. The Yoghurt is made out of a range of nutrient-dense ingredients that are beneficial to your health.


Fage Yogurt is a thick, creamy yoghurt produced entirely of milk and containing live active yoghurt cultures. The company sells a variety of yoghurts with equally scrumptious toppings.

Fage Yoghurt is a strained lactose-free yoghurt. Because it’s naturally high in protein and calcium, it’s a one-of-a-kind food.


Farmfresh Yoghurt is high in protein and so a good choice for weight growth. Many people who are trying to lose weight or maintain their weight will benefit from Farmfresh Yoghurt.

Carbs, vitamins, and minerals are among the other nutrients included in farmfresh yogurt. This yoghurt contains no preservatives. The seven natural flavors offered in stirred yoghurt cups are strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, and mango.


Keziah Yoghurt is another option. This is a well-known brand of thick, unsweetened yoghurt in the country. Keziah makes one of the best frozen yoghurts and Greek frozen yoghurt from locally produced farm dairy, with the purpose of supplying yoghurt lovers with nutritious and delicious yoghurt. The company assures that only the best milk is used in the production of its yoghurt.


Yogurt and as well milk have been used to help people gain weight and build muscle. They provide the ideal combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids as a healthy source of calcium.

Yogurt is a wonderful source of protein if you’re attempting to gain weight and keep your body in good shape. In order to get the best yoghurt that will work for you, it’s pertinent that you go for the one that is full-fat. This article highlighted the top ten of these yogurt for weight gain in Nigeria.

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