Latest Prices Of Mosquito Nets In Nigeria (2024)

The high rate of malaria infection in Africa especially in Nigeria is a serious contending medical issue. For this reason, many medical practitioners have suggested that every Nigerian home should have a mosquito net to reduce the widespread of malaria parasite, hence the use of mosquito nets.

prices of mosquito nets in Nigeria

A mosquito net is a protective clothing that protects the human body from possible bites from a mosquito. They are generally set-up in bed rooms which is where one normally has a night rest/sleep. Seeing that mosquitoes are more active and eager to feast during this period than in daytime, having this mosquito net is essential and pertinent.

However, one need to buy the net as there is no free version of it available in the market. The only exception to this is that most at times, several NGOs and the Federal government through some health scheme do provide these mosquito nets for free, but it happens occasionally.

Nevertheless, to buy the net, one must consider some factors which affects its price. Read on to discover more information on the current prices of mosquito nets in Nigeria this year.


Nigeria has a conducive climate suitable for mosquitoes to thrive. The country arguably records the highest malaria dead toll and risk rate worldwide. Unfortunately, about 97% of the Nigerian population are at risk to the disease; with just 3% living in location free of mosquitoes. Thus, to protect yourself, here are the factors to consider before purchasing a mosquito net;


One of the forms in which Mosquito nets comes are the treated nets and normal nets. Treated nets are nets that are medically cared for before released for sale. They are pre-treated with chemicals that repels mosquitoes as well as other insects. The only disadvantages of this net is that it does affect some people whose skin are sensitive to chemicals. On the other hand, a normal mosquito net undergoes no medical treatment and comes naturally. It’s the most commonly used in Nigeria with an average selling prices of ₦8,000.


Imported nets are preferred by only a small percentage of Nigerians. The reason for this might be attributed to its high price which also comes with an equivalent expensive shipping fee. Meanwhile, the locally made mosquito nets accounts for more than 80% of the Nigerian home and they are easily accessible and affordable as well. Additionally, imported nets are usually purchased through international e-commerce sites while locally-produced nets can be gotten form the market or wholesale e-shops like Jumia, Konga, Jiji among others.


The place of purchase also affects the selling how muc mosquito nets cost in Nigeria. The cost of purchasing this net from popular commercial cities and states like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Anambra, and Port Harcourt is more expensive when compared to other regions.


One of the factors that influences the price of mosquito nets in Nigeria is its size. Generally, the purchasing cost of any size of the net lies within the range of ₦4,000 to ₦18,000. Also, choosing a size smaller than what will accommodate you will still put you at risk to malaria. So the best thing when purchasing a mosquito net is to check and ensure that it suits your bed size.


Different mosquito nets comes with various materials which in turn has its quality. Polypropylene and polyesters are the two main materials used to produce mosquito nets in Nigeria. Also, the net made with soft materials are recommendable for children as the ones made with hard materials might make them feel uncomfortable.


The prices of mosquito nets in Nigeria costs between ₦5,000 to ₦20,000 respectively. This depends on the type you want to buy, the size, design, brand, and purpose. You can buy mosquito nets in various stores in the country, or even online via eCommerce sites in the country.


Contributing to over 29% cases worldwide, and 26% death toll, Nigeria is arguably the worst malaria hit country in the globe. Protecting yourself as a Nigerian is paramount for healthy living and to do this, you’ll need the mosquito net. This posts has information about the current mosquito net prices.

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