Top 10 Best Generator Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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With the inconsistent supply of electricity in the country, most Nigerians now depend on generators as an effective means for power supply. In case you’re looking for how to get a good generator either on the internet or at stores outlet across the country, then this post will come in handy as Nigerian Infopedia would reveal the best brands of generators we have in Nigeria. While there are other kinds of power supply like solar generators, hydro-powered generators, having a fuel powered generator seem to be the cheaper option.

generators brands in Nigeria

There are also somethings you have to look out for before buying a brand new generator. Things like the coil, the fuel economy, price, voltage, size, etc are just a few things you need to consider before purchasing a brand new gen. This article will now highlight the top ten best generator brands in Nigeria and their respective price range.


The following are the leading 10 generator brands in Nigeria this year with their current prices this 2024:


Elepaq is a well-known name in the Nigerian generator market. This is a top-notch producer of quality generators for homes and heavy-duty workplaces. This has made their products to be used by a large number of Nigerians every day.

Elepaq generators are delivered with very solid materials and new parts are also simple to get across Nigeria. The features of their generators is very much and it usefulness can’t be underestimated. Their generators are practical and made for homes or private companies and they are also very eco-friendly and sturdy.

Moreover, most Elepaq generators has intriguing features like swift key starter, recoil start, built-in AVR, overload protection among different highlights. The capacity of their generators start from 800KW to as high as 10KVA which are the heavy-duty ones.

The cost of Elepaq generators ranges from ₦100,000 to the most exquisite ones which can reach ₦3 million.


Honda generators are one of the best silent generator brands in the market out there. Why they are preferable is due to the fact that they are produced using great materials which made them to be profoundly solid when contrasted with others.

The capacity of Honda generators isn’t minimal.  Their generators start from a capacity of around 450VA to up to 5.5 KVA. These are ranging from the home choice to the ones suitable for heavy-duty purposes.


Sumec Firman is a well-known generator brand in the country. Their generators are very effective and this makes them to be utilized by numerous Nigerians. It ranges from the medium size ones to heavy-duty ones.

It should be noted that Elepaq and Firman generators are both well-liked options for a backup power source. In comparison to Elepaq generators, Firman generators are typically thought to be of greater quality, more fuel-efficient, and quieter. Elepaq generators, on the other hand, might be more affordable and widely accessible in particular markets.

Generators from Sumec Firman brand are very compacted with features to suite customers. The generators are truly durable, effective, and stable with power capacity from 0.9KVA to 9KVA. You can get Sumec Firman from ₦80,000 upwards.


A good number of homes in the country has Elemax Generators in their domain. This brand of generator very classified for both homes, offices and large workplaces which needs a great deal of power supply. This has made it possible to find a considerable lot of these generator sets in workplaces, and private companies.

Elemax generator is very durable and fuel efficient as well, which makes it notable for saving fuel. Generators from this brand include portable generators, gasoline generators, diesel generators, inver generators and welder generators. This is just to list just a few as there are many other generators types in their collection.


Mikano generators are mostly heavy-duty generators which for the most part run on diesel and are very eco-friendly at that.

Mikano brand offers after-deals support, maintenance services and other services that will intrigue customers to always buy their products. The greater part of their generators are mostly soundproof so you don’t need to stress over the noise generated by most gasoline generators.

The only issue is the cost of Mikano generators, they are pricey in light of the fact that they’re made explicitly for hard core operations. Their generators range from 9KVA to up to 800KVA and costs range from ₦2.5 Million to ₦53 Million.


Just like the preceding brand, Lutian also makes heavy-duty generators. The quality can’t be underestimated some people rate it to be quite possibly the most well known brand of generators in this class. The reason for this claim is because of its quality and effectiveness.

Looking more on Lutian generators, they are less expensive when contrasted with others yet costly when you consider that it has a class of it own. There is no much bothering issues with Lutian generators as long as you have the money to fuel it.


Tiger brand is very popular for their ‘I pass my neighbor’ generators. Only this has made them a mainstream generator brand in the country. A lot of generator users in the country are attracted to their products and it has served the power need for a long time now.

Moreover, Tiger generators are effective and generally good for home and office use. They are additionally known to moderate fuel and can keep going for a few hours before you will have to top off.


Perkins generators are heavy-duty ones which makes them to be ideal for hard core operations. They are silent types which makes it eco-friendly.

On the whole, Perkins generators is perhaps the most dependable in light of the fact that the brand as an company produces great engines. Their generators are used by manufacturing plants, corporate organization and homes.

However, their products are very expensive due to the fact that they are heavy-duty generators.


Inasmuch as Haier Thermocool is very popular for making hardware and house equipments, they are equally well known for fabricating generators. The company likewise makes astounding generators that have high power output rate and convey powerful execution with it compacted features.

The cost of Haier Thermocool generators is from the range between ₦42,000 – ₦350,000 or more relying upon value it has.


Though Kipor might not be popular as other brands, but they have good generators in their collection. They are a famous generator brand known for the production of soundproof or low noise generators.

Kipor generators has many other interesting features aside the soundproofing. They are extremely proficient and operates on diesel.

The price range of Kipor generators is from ₦400,000 – ₦3,000,000.


It is quite known that the Elepaq 1.5 kva is one of the fastest selling generators in the country. A 1.5 KVA Elepaq generator can power a variety of appliances and equipment, depending on their individual power requirements. Here are some examples of what a generator of this capacity can typically handle:

  1. Lights: You can power several light bulbs, including LED and CFL bulbs, depending on their wattage. A 1.5 KVA generator should be able to handle multiple lights in your home or a small office.
  2. Fans: You can run a few electric fans with a 1.5 KVA generator. The number of fans will depend on their power consumption. Make sure to check the wattage of your fans to ensure they are compatible with the generator’s capacity.
  3. Television: A 1.5 KVA generator can typically power a standard-sized LED or LCD television. However, if you have additional devices connected to the TV, such as a set-top box or a gaming console, it’s important to consider their power requirements as well.
  4. Computers and laptops: You can run a desktop computer or a laptop with a 1.5 KVA generator. However, if you have additional peripherals like printers or scanners, make sure to consider their power consumption as well.
  5. Small kitchen appliances: This generator can handle small kitchen appliances such as blenders, toasters, electric kettles, and microwaves with lower power ratings. However, larger kitchen appliances like refrigerators, electric cookers, and air fryers typically require more power and may exceed the capacity of a 1.5 KVA generator.
  6. Mobile chargers: You can charge multiple mobile devices like smartphones and tablets using a 1.5 KVA generator. These devices have relatively low power requirements.

Please note that the specific power requirements of each device may vary, so it’s essential to check the power ratings (usually in watts) of the appliances you intend to connect to the generator. Additionally, it’s advisable not to overload the generator beyond its capacity to prevent damage and ensure safe operation.


That’s the view of the top ten best generator brands in Nigeria. On the off chance that you are looking for the best generator set, then you should choose any of these brands that suits you.

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