Current Prices of Honda Generators in Nigeria (June, 2024)

One of Nigeria’s most liked generator brand, Honda is ostensibly a big name in the industry. This is perhaps due to fact that the company’s product has been making waves in the industry in the country. One could allude this to the way the brand is very reliable, dependable and as well affordable with respect to their products price. There are many things to like about Honda Generators, and one of such good things is that their generator set are capable to supply power for up to 8 hours. That’s not all about the brand, as there are good numbers of other things that would attract you to their generators. In this article, we will highlight the prices of Honda generators in Nigeria currently.

honda generators in Nigeria and their prices

With Honda being one of the most used brand of generators in the country, one can’t question their set of machines. In the automobile industry, they have been one of the most notable figures there. This has stretch to the generator industry which they are incrementally gaining the market both locally and in the world scene. Honda Generators are seen to be very durable and efficient. This has made their users to sometimes opine that there aren’t many generators that can be as efficacious as this generator brand. The new inventions and innovations is always introduced to their generators so as it would be able to last longer. With the quality still in place, there is so much hope that their products will still be efficient to serve the demanding customers.

Ever since the introduction of Honda Generators into the Nigerian market, they have won the heart of a good number of people. This incorporate many who which to see a solution to the abysmal state of power supply in the country. Perceively, the brand remains one of the most popular and respected with respect to generators in the country. Deservedly so, Honda generators are one of the most dependable generators in the country.

There are good numbers of reason that has prompt Honda brand to be that popular in the generator industry. One of this is that their machines are powerful, efficient and relatively cheap. Another motivating factor is the fact that their generator spare parts are readily available; as this makes the brand more popular among it users in the country.  These generators products are relatively affordable, despite their amazing features. The different sizes, designs and offers different power output in which their generators come in has also been influencing factors to their feat

Most Honda Generators, if not all of them, are characterized by the same fuel-efficient technology which has made the brand to be noted for economy and lasting in a long run. This is behind the company’s reputation for unparalleled durability, quality and reliability. Other notable features about Honda Generators is that they are compact, fuel-efficient and the new models provide smooth and safe power for recreational, emergency and home use. With this brand in mind when thinking of buying a generator, one thing is sure with them that you can never be wrong in settling for any of their generator products.

After emphasizing much on the nature of Honda Generators and how they are classified, let’s now take a gander at the prices of their generator set in the country.

Current Prices of Honda Generators in Nigeria (2024)

In terms of popularity, Honda is in the list of the most sought for generators in the country. The reputation of the brand has due to the fact that their generators are qualified with the capacity of serving homes and as well business places. The varied sizes and power qualities of these Honda Generators makes someone to settle on which one that will meet his needs. An important factor which is the generator power output is a variable that often determines the price of generators. This clear off the fallacy that the prices of these generators are dependent on year of production.

On when you think of procuring an Honda generator, it is important to note that the product can be gotten directly from the manufacturers or distributors around the country. Other mediums like the online stores and contemporary generator suppliers is as well preferable the best way to purchase these Honda generators in the country. Also, you should get Honda generators from Honda distributors or directly from the manufacturer, as this is a safe and direct way of doing the procurement.

Certainly, to know how much Honda Generators does for in the market is the major reason why you consider this article. In this paragraph, we will take a gander at the current prices of various brands and types of Honda Generators in Nigeria. This will give you a picture of how much to budget for when looking on purchasing a new generator set of this brand.

Below is the rundown of the latest prices of Honda Generators that are available in Nigeria;

  • Honda EM650Z 450 VA Portable Low Noise Generator costs ₦50,000 – ₦57,000
  • Honda EB1000 750 VA Generator costs ₦55,000 – ₦60,000
  • Honda EB3000 2.3 KVA Generator (Recoil Start) costs ₦110,000 – ₦125,000
  • Honda EB3000S 2.3 KVA Generator (Key Start) costs ₦120,000 – ₦135,000
  • Honda EG4000 3.2 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine costs ₦190,000 – ₦200,000
  • Honda EG6500 5.0 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine costs ₦260,000 – ₦280,000
  • Honda EU65iS 5.5 KVA Compact Low Noise Generator with built-in Inverter costs ₦630,000 – ₦668,000

That’s the prices of Honda Generators in Nigeria. It is important to note that these figures may slightly differ from what is obtained in the real case. This is due to the factors that influences the cost: place, time, demand, exchange rate and classification of the generators.


Before winding up on this write-up, let’s look lightly at some things youou should know about Honda generators, and their intriguing features. The brand is broadly viewed as one of the most famous and important with regards to generators and most especially on automobiles. Honda’s adventure in the market is to a great extent down to its products’ excellence, durability and unwavering quality. Since it inception more than 69 years back, they has plunged into the manufacturing of generators that has been serving the country for a long time now.

In a related note, here are some other things you will like about these Honda generators. It includes: Fuel Efficiency, Powerful and Reliable, Being very Portable, Flexibility, and as well Convenience and Easy to Use. Nonetheless, there are numerous other reasons why Honda generators are viewed as probably the best brand on the lookout.

Conclusively, Honda generators are one of the most profoundly productive generator brand on the lookout. Their generator is one of the top selling products and these their generators are available in various sizes, classification, and power output, which all reflect their respective prices.

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