Zuma Rock: History, Myth & Pictures

Zuma rock is a very popular landmark in Nigeria. As a child from Kogi States that grew up in Kaduna State, daddy had always told us numerous tales regarding the gigantic Zuma rock especially when we drive pass it and mummy tries very hard to show us the human face on the rock.


Picture showing Zuma rock

Obviously, we never did see the face then until a day dad deemed it fit to stop by. That moment was what prompted me to write this after several other visits, driving by and of course extensive research… I hope you enjoy what you will read below.


Zuma rock is located in Madalla, Niger State some 45 minutes drive from the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. It stands gigantically at an intimidating height of 725m above the surrounding area with an impressive circumference of 3.1km. Interestingly, no other Mountain is standing close to it. Not because there are no Mountains around…. But because they stay at a reasonable distance away paying homage. No wonder the locals then see it an a sacred rock.

Geologically, Zuma rock is a monolith. It stands gracefully at the northern end of Abuja on the Abuja Kaduna express Road. Zuma rock is something known as the “the gateway to Abuja” and due to it popular nature, had been depicted on the one hundred Naira note. In historical times, the rock is used by the gbagyi people to defend themselves.


Yeah… We call it myth but to the locals surrounding Zuma rock, it is no myth as they still nurses some of these believes till date. One of such might is the geologically masterpiece that looks like the human face which gives the locals the impression that there’s a mysterious power behind the rock.

The myths surrounding Zuma rock was upheld again by the now abandoned 5-star hotel that was supposed to serve as a guest in for tourists. They believed it was the gods of the rock that made it to be abandoned as it frowns at it. This was because the hotel will bring about infidelity close to it. There had been other cases of an attempt been made to make the place a standard resort only to be foiled by the mysterious power of the rock.

Another case been mentioned by the locals around Zuma rock is the case of some white men that can to blow the rock off using dynamite only to get stricken by the angered diety of the rock. The last one I can remember is the one that even made wave in our national dailies. A loud sound came out of the rock which possibly was a geologically phenomenon but the locals claimed the gods are angry. These and many more are the myths surrounding Zuma rock. You can find out more from the locals when you get there, they are quite eager to show you how powerful the power behind Zuma rock is.

Worthy of mention is the reported cases of rituals carried out around the though the police and elders there denied the idea.


Some Group of Tourist At the Zuma Rock Site


With all these controversies the rock, do people still go Zuma rock? Yes, they know and it one of those places many people want to go. One of the activities that is been carried out here is the rock climbing done mostly by experienced climbers with the right climbing tools. It takes nothing less than 4 hours approximately 5 hours to climb it but when you do…. It is actually worth it. You will have the whole of Abuja in sight.

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