10 Hot Businesses You Can Do In Nigerian Universities Easily (2024)

A market place can be anywhere where goods and services are exchanged for money. By this, we can say that the university environment is a very large marketplace as lots and lots of businesses and services can be offered there.


In this article, we shall consider the top ten best businesses that are easy to kick start in our Nigerian universities as an undergraduate.

Lots of factors such as rate of patronage, profit margin and ease of kick starting were considered for this selections. Take your time to go through the list, choose the most favourable one, carry out a feasibility study and kick start.

10 Best Businesses You Can Start In Nigerian Universities Easily

1. Transportation Service

Transportation services is always in high demand in the university environment. Students will always rush over for lectures or to submit assignments and the school premises is always bubbling with activities. So as an undergraduate, you can leverage on this by using your car to offer transportation services within the school premises.

2. Food and canteen services/delivery

This is another business that has a very high patronage rate. Staff and students will always chill down their hunger by looking for any available eating spot to eat or drink. If you have excellent cooking skills, then you can capitalize on this and make lots of income. You can as well include food delivery services in your kitty. Professors, staff and students will always patronize you as you will eliminate the stress of trekking to the nearest eatery. Extending your services to late night hours is also a very big advantage.

3. Photocopying and typing services

This is a line of business that will always make you money as a Nigerian student or an undergraduate and fit in to any university setting as typing and photocopying are always in high demand. You can make streams of income by simply placing your photocopying machine near a lecture hall or in any strategic position. Also, you will not lack typing jobs. You always be faced with typing term papers, assignments, research work and projects.

4. Barbing/Hair making and styling

Provision of hair cut and hair making services for guys and ladies can generate lots of income for you. It is most suitable to site your shop close to a hostel where the students can easily have access.

5. General provisions shop

You will gain lots of patronage by opening a shop for selling stuffs like biscuit, sweets, gums, drinks, snacks and many other general edible and non-edible items. These items are always in high demand.

6. Dry Cleaning services

This is another money spinning business venture that can fetch you cash as an undergraduate or Nigerian student. Washing and ironing clothes for the students and staff can be very rewarding. This can be even more rewarding if you site your office close to the hostels and staff quarters.

7. Photography and Video services

Photography is sure to give you so much money as a student in Nigerian universities especially in this era of pre-birthday and pre-wedding pictures trend. Students and group of students will always take photographs and passports, so you are assured of regular earnings.

8. Make-up and make overs

This is mostly targeted towards the female students. Most Nigerian students believe that looking good is good business, so they go a long way in working on their looks. You will be even surprised by the high amount of money that they end up spending for this. Simply get set your make-up and make over shed close to the female hostel, and you will be amazed with the traffic in patronage.

9. Sales of Books and academic materials

Books and other writing materials will always be on high demand in any academic environment. You can boost your income by selling text books, exercise books and other writing materials.

10. Sales of trendy clothes and shoes

It is very common to hear Nigerian undergraduate students complaining about lack of money. On a lighter note, these students are the same people who wear the latest designer clothes in town. They spend good money in fashion. With this perception, they will always patronize good fashion products. So, it is very certain for you to have good patronage from selling shoes and clothes that meets the latest fashion in town.

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