9 Types of Women Nigerian Men Love to Marry

Marriage itself, is entirely different from being in a relationship. Although, marriage is a simple but yet advanced form of relationship because its for better for worse until death separates both parties. Nigerian men are one of a kind and could be intolerant when it comes to the type of women they want to marry and spend their lives with.


As God would have it, women are beautiful. It is something no man has fully understood as to why they can do without women. Although, all kinds of Nigerian women are appreciated by Nigerian men, not all are qualified to be a man’s eve. Trust me, no man loves to spend his time, effort, energy and money on a woman who does not fit into any of these criteria below

Types of women Nigerian men want to marry

A home keeper

Nigerian men love to marry industrious women they can leave the affairs of their homes to. Trust is one of the greatest gift a man can give a woman. Women who are home keepers can cook and raise children the right way by instilling the core values and morals. A man who marries a real home keeper feels more relaxed and secured that he had made the right choice.

Women that are hard to get

Its normal with women to play hard to get so as not to fall cheaply into men’s traps. These women are seen by men as virtuous and they would die to have them by their side as they see them as a potential wife material.

Intelligent ladies

Every man trips for a lady who is intelligent as no man would want to marry a dummy. Men know a smart women when they see them as these women are always successful in their careers.

A disadvantage to this is that some men who are not in the same class may feel intimidated by them as no man wants to be controlled by a woman. Women please note that Men are naturally proud and would do anything to maintain their ego.

Ladies who are understanding and genuine

Most Ladies who are honest, understanding and genuine are rare. Women like these love in totality. Men want women that would stand by them even when things are not moving well; Women who can understand and encourage them. Women should know that your words can either destroy or uplift your man.

Women that are beautiful

Every man has his own definition of beauty as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; Nigerian men go for that which are appealing to them. She doesn’t need to be the most beautiful woman in the world but should possess those strong features and characters that men can’t resist.

Ladies that are not loose morally

Most men are guilty of jumping from one lady to another before they get married and trust them, they tour clubs, looking for girls that are ready to satisfy their sexual urge. Believe me, men don’t appreciate women who are morally loose but the ones who are disciplined.

Ladies with class

Nigerian men love to marry women within their social status. They feel proud to have women at their side who have the class, women who know how to dress and behave mature in public.

Women with sumptuous shape

Hmmm, you won’t expect a Nigerian man to see a figure eight and throw away his eyes or a busty woman without having to fantasize. The reality is that most Nigerian men love their women curvy and fleshy as they do not want to feel bones when they touch or lie with these women.

God Fearing Ladies

Most Nigerian men want God fearing ladies that can raise the spirituality of their homes. Women that are prayerful. Although, men don’t like it when such women over do it. They want a woman that can raise their children in a Godly way.

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