How To Identify Original Shea Butter in Nigeria

Shea butter is essential to many Nigerians and this has prompted the high demand for this product. Shea butter also known as Ori, has a lot of medicinal value, ranging from improving skin colour to maintaining the human hair, this natural commodity is valuable. No wonder original shea butter is difficult to find these days.

original shea butter in Nigeria

How To Identify Original Shea Butter in Nigeria

This focus of this post explains how to Identify original shea butter from an adulterated one. It also provides the benefits of using shea butter, so as to provide an idea of how important it is

The Benefits Of Shea Butter (Ori)

Many producers of fake shea butters are taking advantage of the popularity of the product to make ineffective shea butters into the market. This is because of its high demand. An obvious example why shea butter is that special is that it is stuffed with nutrients containing vitamins A, E and F, which helps to protect, improve and maintain the skin’s natural colour.

Additionally, shea butter assists with rashes, skin inflammation and restores dried out lips. They also help to maintain the human hair. Shea butter is very edible because of its great taste. Some individuals in certain parts of the country even use it to cook simply like different oils.

The origin of this special specie of natural butter is traced to the nuts of the Karite tree. These are trees very popular in the African savannah, mostly in West and Central Africa. These are the category of trees that does not undergo plantation but they rather grow naturally. They ordinarily take up to 25-50 years to develop and can live for a time long as decades to centuries for stronger ones.

Methods of Identifying Original Shea Butter in Nigeria

Below are different ways to know whether your shea butter is original:

Method 1: Exposure to Sunlight

When the sun encounters directly with shea butter it will make it to turn to fluid or moistering which is as a result of the melting of the substance. If your shea butter does not react to this test, it may be an adulterated one or just try other methods below to further clarify.

Method 2: The Appearance

The look of any product is what to consider before taking it. This is the principal thing you should see when purchasing the shea butter, by contrasting it with other original but same product.

The appearance of an original shea butter needs to look tanish, while others may be rich or grayish. Be that as it may, there is nothing astray deviating from those three portrayals, as any should quickly indicates that its fake. In settling for a good shea butter, do well to investigate the shea margarine you’re purchasing and ensure the appearance is on standard.

Method 3: How It Smells

An original shea butter smells hearty with similarity to that of a smoke. The broiling of the seeds which is vital during the process toward making the shea butter is what make the butter to smell that way.

Method 4: Analysing The Surface

Another method to definite the inventiveness of shea butters is its surface, i.e. by analysing the smoothness of how it looks. Original shea butter ought to be extremely smooth when it come in contact with the skin by rubbing. Any deviation from this at the point when you purchase the product is far from original.

Here is what to do when you go to the market to buy a shea butter. Firstly, if the shea butter you purchase has an oily vibe and spreads, this simply means that if it opposes to retain into your skin, then at that point you should think of other options. Another scenario is the point when you rub the shea butter in the middle of your fingers, it should dissolve equally. However, this excludes some shea butter that are grainy, which does not implies that its phony. Grainy shea butters are caused when it is not permitted to chill off before mixing is performed.

Method 5: Capacity To Hold In The Hand

At the point when you need to purchase a shea butter, take a little and rub into your wrist and note the following reactions. If that it assimilate and vanishes quickly into your skin, then it’s an adulterated one.

Original shea butters should hold its whitish shading when you rub it on your wrist. This is before it continuously gets assimilated into your skin. If paradaventure the shea butter has been altered, it ought to be somewhat clingy when squeezed between the thumb and first finger.

These observation should help you identify a unique shea butter hence not falling a victim of the fake ones.

Method 6: Reaction To Temperature

Furthermore, several tests on shea butter has shown that only fake ones are strong and pact at room temperature, thereby resulting to thickness. In the opposite way, original shea butters ought to liquefy when you test it by placing it between fingers or your palms. This resultant liquid is because of your body heat which indicates that shea butters liquidity is a function of heat.

Also, an undoctored shea butter can’t withstand any type of warmth nor an expansion in temperature. There is likewise a distinction between original shea butter and a deviation from the former.

Advantages of Shea Butter

Shea butter has many advantages to the body physically and internally. We list below the benefits or advantages of the using shea butter:

  • First, it saturates the skin and helps keep the skin supple through hydration by providing constant supplementation.
  • Shea butter helps to reduce wrinkling and improves the flexibility and appearance of the face and skin.
  • Also, Shea butter forestalls stretch imprints caused into the skin.
  • Shea butter is utilized to revive harmed hairs.
  • Shea butter is useful in treating wounds, dried out lips, rashes, dermatitis, muscle hurts, and even diaper rashes in the skin.
  • Shea butter does not square skin pores, but it rather help to diminish skin break out
  • Lastly, the butter is more advancing in its importance and goes about as a gentle sun-shield. This means it can help shield the skin from hurtful ultra violent radiations emitted from the solar system.

In summary, these special kind of tree product called shea butter has many importances; from giving the needed vitamins to the body and prodiving nutritional benfits, down to being skin protection and nourisher. The usefulness of shea butter cannot be overemphasized, and this results to the discripancies and variances in the products.

Nonetheless, to keep you on a safe side, we outlined the methods involved to know original shea butters in Nigeria. These involves physical observances and series of tests.

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