Toyota Hilux Engine Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Toyota Hilux is arguably the most used pickup vehicle on Nigerian roads. Indeed, the power of the brand lies in the immense volume of data Toyota has amassed in long periods of building dependable and tough pickups of this nature. The wide range of Hilux is accessible in 2WD/4WD single and twofold cabins and as well as fuel and diesel engines. In this article, we will look specifically at the latter which is the engine and heart of the vehicle. We will then highlight the prices of Toyota Hilux car engines in the country this 2024.

Toyota hilux engine price in nigeria

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Firstly, let’s take a peek at Toyota Hilux engines, to see what they are made of. Typically, the Hilux comes with two engine types: Petrol or Diesel engine. The petroleum accompanies VVT-I (Variable Valve Timing with features) which conveys expanded power and output, fuel mileage and decreased outflows. On the other hand, the diesel engine features direct fuel infusion by regular rail into the chambers which controls the air fuel proportion adding to incredible reaction and eco-friendliness.

Looking at the safety of Hilux cars, the design mirrors the rugged and vigorous nature of the vehicle’s view. Top notch materials are utilized to guarantee an exceptional look and feel of the pickup vehicle. The particular Toyota grille delivers the Hilux to be suddenly conspicuous. Extreme plate bodies secure freight and increases your conveying capacities, while compound or steel wheels are fitted with wide tires to give you better hold. So how much does the Toyota Hilux engine cost in Nigeria today? Let’s find out.


For the most part, Nigerian trade-in car engines are less expensive than foreign or new ones. This is so because most of these locally used engines have been used outside the country prior to being imported. They are afterward utilized for a long or brief time prior to being made ready to move as Tokunbo products. These machine parts have lost some critical esteem and have devalued with time. Contingent upon the states of fundamental parts of the vehicle including the engine, tires, inside and the overall parts, most Nigerian pre-owned car engines cost between 55% and 70 percent of their foreign used counterpart.

On the whole, the average price of Nigerian-used Toyota Hilux Engines for different models falls between ₦1 million – N4 million.

It is something very similar with Toyota Hilux to have a price below or above this range. For its ruggedness and durability however, there is just an insignificant distinction between locally used and foreign used Hilux, given that the engine and other essential parts are as yet in working condition.


Now, let’s see how much foreign used Toyota Hilux Engines goes for in the current market here. Generally, foreign or near new car engines move the auto industry and market in Nigeria. With regards to Toyota Hilux, there is generally no enormous distinction between the foreign used and the tokunbo adaptation. They are all independent of the model. This has the brand’s toughness, simple support and strength to thank for the little difference. Additionally, simple availability and less clearance stress contrasted with foreign car engines have urged a lot of people here to seek after the locally utilized versions more.

The normal price range of different models of foreign used Toyota Hilux Engines in the current year is between ₦2 million to ₦6 million. Some collosal engines may even go up to ₦7 and ₦8 million.

Note on the Price: It ought to be noticed that specific variables, including state of vehicle, mileage rate and currency exchange rate have caused the varieties in the costs. This implies that it is possible for lower model to be more costly than a later model. The state of the vehicle and fuel mileage directly has a ton to do with the possible cost of the foreign and locally used Toyota Hilux engines.


  • Toyota Hilux is known for its strength and ruggedness which has attracted a lot of buyers. Undoubtedly, all new models of Toyota Hilux are extremely rough and intense. Because of its amazing engine and all around fabricated body parts, you can be certain you are getting a car power machine in Toyota Hilux. The roughness and solidness of most recent models have been tried and passed incredibly. With Toyota Hilux, be certain you won’t need to visit the mechanic workshop regularly.
  • There is an attached beauty on any of Toyota Hilux cars. Who says Toyota Hilux pick-ups can’t look modern day and alluring? Most recent models of Toyota Hilux certainly beat that mark with its momentous tough grille and hood swell. The attractive look of most recent models unquestionably proposes they can’t be meddled with out and about.
  • Magnificent handling is another thing you will like about Toyota Hilux. You will not expect anything less from a get with an improved 217mm ground freedom and a 2.4-liter diesel engine. Toyota Hilux adjusts well on the ground and ensures top dealing with for both the manual and programmed renditions.

Additionally, most recent trims of Toyota Hilux brag of awesome and easy to use features incorporating a 4.2inch touchscreen with a switching camera and DAB radio, plummet voyage control, collapsing entryway mirrors, 18inche amalgam wheels, environment control and key passage among other incredible highlights.


In wrapping up on the current prices of the Toyota Hilux engines, here are some things you need to know about. The Toyota Hilux is perhaps the most rugged, strong and adaptable pick-ups that have at any point graced the vehicle market here in the country. The advancement and astonishing update in its new models shows Toyota isn’t done at this point with this overall tough feature. The new models are more appealing than any time in recent memory.

Most recent models of Toyota Hilux brag of astonishing features that incorporate a 2.4 liter diesel engine and a 295lb ft of piwer that improves handling and smooth riding. That’s the size of this write-up, as we have been able to let you know how much Toyota Hilux engines is sold in the Nigerian auto market.

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