Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria (2024)

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A good mattress play a vital role in the quality of sleep you get as a human being. There are various types of mattresses available for different body types, some are hard (orthopedic), moderate and soft. The aim is to look for the mattress that is comfortable and won’t cause pain or ache to your body.

mattress brands in Nigeria

There are top mattress brands in Nigeria offering good mattresses for you to have a splendid night rest. Whether you are a child, teen, middle aged or old aged, these top brands have different kinds of mattresses that fits into any category.


Here are top mattress brands that have proven to be the best in Nigeria this 2024:


Mouka Foam Mattress is the most popular mattress brand in Nigeria and can be found in almost every household in the country. Over the years, Mouka Limited has manufactured quality foams to take care of the sleeping/resting needs of Nigeria’s ever growing population. Founded in 1959, this company specialize in bed making and furniture production.

Mouka foam mattress brand is also a giant foam brand known both locally and internationally for producing various types of mattresses that offers different comfort levels ranging from the luxury mattress, the well-being mattress, the economy mattress and the mainstream mattress. We have covered the prices of mouka foams in Nigeria in one of our previous posts.

Whichever mattresses from Mouka Limited you pick, know that they were made from quality materials and have warranty. Mouka foam mattresses are durable, budget friendly and fits various categories of people. For example, the mainstream mattress have spring within it to ensure that its tough. The more friendly ‘Dreamtime for kids’ as the name implies are mostly for children and teenagers while the orthopedic mattress are for the aged.


Vitafoam is another best mattress brand in the country and a leading company in the mattress industry in Nigeria. They major in the production of foam products, custom-made pillows, bed sheets, et cetera. Vitafoam Nigeria PLC was founded in 1962 and has the largest foam distribution/manufacturing network in West Africa.

Vitafoam mattresses are known to be made from superior materials to ensure quality beddings. They were also the first company to get accredited by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). It is no surprise that many Nigerians see Vitafoam Mattresses among the best mattress to buy in Nigeria today. This is due to the durability of their products.


Owned by Group Enterprises Nigeria Limited, this is one of the indigenous mattress manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Their product, Polly Foam, is the standout mattress brand name used by this company. The company was founded in 1978 and has since grown in its quest to provide satisfactory and quality foam products to cater for various age brackets.

If you are looking for a cheaper option than Mouka or Vitafoam, then try Polly foam. The company’s head office is located at Onitsha with distribution networks in states like Abia, Imo, Port Harcourt and Abuja. All Polly Foam Mattresses are good, offering the much needed satisfaction to consumers. Their orthopedic mattresses are good for aged persons.


The Unifoam mattress comes in different designs, sizes and colours. This mattress has been touted as one of the best mattress available in Nigeria. From spring foams, pillows, cushions, sofa, etc, this brand deals more on quality and is patronized by many in Nigeria.

Unifoam PLC was founded in 1981 and has been producing different foam products that gives ultimate comfort to the body when sleeping or resting. The production process of Unifoam Mattress follows strict quality guidelines and is free from harmful chemicals.


Winco Foam has various mattresses made from eco-friendly materials and designed for different category of people to provide ultimate comfort for the body while sleeping. Its luxurious double-layer mattress is just one of the best you can find in the country. The company, Winco Foam Industries Limited was established in 1983 and is one of the largest foam producers in Nigeria.

Winco Foam Mattress is mostly loved by students and the elderly due to its comfortability. The orthopedic Winco Foam can be found in hospitals as it helps curb body pain, and offers ease of spinal comfort. Winco Mattresses are among the best mattress brands in the country today.


While there are other mattress brands in Nigeria that you can find in the market, these ones listed above are the best of the lot. They offer different kinds of mattresses for children, elderly ones and have various sizes and prices. The main thing is about your comfort and budget. If you want the best, try any of these top mattress brands in the country as seen in this article.

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