Current Prices of Mercedes GLE 450 Cars in Nigeria (2024)

Mercedes are one the very best automobile producing brands in the world, this is as result of the undeniable qualities, and beautiful designs that are often seen in any of their car/model.

Mercedes vehicles are known for their durability, incredible and long-lasting engine, eye-catching exterior and interior designs, and ability to move on any road network.

All of these attributes are major reasons why Nigerians fall in love with all kind of cars produced by the world-class brand.

Though the citizens of this country have huge regard and love for all Mercedes products, Mercedes GLE 450 is one model wealthy Nigerians can’t  do without having in their environment.


Every Information About Mercedes GLE 450

GLE 450 is a SUV car launched two years ago by Mercedes as they continue to take giant stride in their mission to becoming the front runner in automobile industry.

Just as Mercedes 4matic Vehicles, Mercedes GLE 450 is made of a four-wheel-drive system which ensures that it can have a firm grip of the road while in motion.

The 2018 Mercedes GLE 450 model was developed  just to be able to comfortably take five passengers at a time. In short, the recently launched Mercedes SUV crossover has just five seats apart from the driver’s seat.

Irrespective of its big size, GLE 450 is soundless and you will hardly know if a car is moving unless you see it.

Qualities & Specifications of Mercedes GLE 450

This model contains diverse qualities, just as said above, and we shall be talking on some of these attributes below:

  • High speed

In terms of speed, this is one area where this wonderful vehicle stands head and shoulder above all other vehicles and models.

It can move at a great speed, hence, you should be very careful not to get carried away with the way you turtle so as to avoid breaking traffic rules and regulations.

  • Possession of Fragrance Dispenser

Mercedes GLE 450 possesses fragrant dispenser that can be regulated at any time of your choice.

This fragrant dispenser is a built-in attribute which helps the car to remain in good and pleasant atmospheric condition.

  • Possession of Heated Interior Panels

Mercedes GLE 450 has heated interior seats which automatically produce heat in a cold whether condition.

You don’t need to be too concerned about any chill weather condition as the seats including armrest and side of the door will automatically provide heat by itself.

  • It contains electronic clutch

Many clutch are manually controlled by drivers, but this latest Mercedes model contains an electronically-controlled clutch.

This electronic clutch enhances perfect, regular and adequate flow of power to every part of the vehicle – both forefront and behind.

Prices of Mercedes GLE 450 Vehicles In Nigeria, 2024

Nothing good comes cheap, Mercedes GLE 450 is one of the most expensive cars in Nigeria today, no thanks to the aforementioned importance and characteristics.

However, If we’re to consider the qualities and luxury you will derive from this vehicle, it won’t be out of place to say that it worth its expensive price tag.

Here is all you must know about Mercedes GLE 450 car prices in Nigeria today

Prices of brand-new Mercedes GLE 450

The least price of a brand-new GLE 450 car is valued at N38 million in all automobile markets in Nigeria; while the highest price at which you can buy this model in Nigeria is valued at N45 million.

It is important you prepare nothing less than N45m, so as to be on a safe side whenever you’re financially ready to go for it.

It is important you know that the price of this Mercedes product varies from one location to another as it depends on exchange rate, dealers’ artificial increment among other factors.

Prices of Used Mercedes GLE 450 Vehicles

Used cars are not as expensive as a brand new one; Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let the price force you into buying substandard cars.

There are some factors you must consider  before paying for any used vehicles in Nigeria. These factors are exclusively listed below:

  • Physical appearance

It is mandatory you take a good look at physical appearance of any car of your choice. You should ensure it looks attractive and it is worthy of the money you are about paying for it.

  • Engine capacity

The capacity of any engine is directly proportional to how often it is being used, so, you shouldn’t be deceived by the year of its existence.

You must make sure the engine is in good condition before buying it.

You can equally strike a deal with the dealer by asking for warranty on the car of your choice.

  • Fuel Mileage

You must ensure that the car doesn’t consume much fuel so as to save you from unhealthy spending on fuel.

If possible, you can test-run the car before releasing any amount of money in order to be sure of the fuel mileage or fuel consumption.

Having made sure that the listed factors are intact, then, you can proceed with your decision to buying a Mercedes GLE 450 vehicle of your choice.

Now, the prices of fairly-used Mercedes GLE 450 are listed below:

Foreign Used GLE 450 in Nigeria
  • 2015 – 2016 model ===  N28 million – N38 million
  • 2017 – 18 model  ===  N 38 million – N45 million
Locally Used GLE 450 GLA- Class in Nigeria
  • 2015 – 16 model === N8 million – N12 million
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