Current Thermocool Gas Cooker Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

With gas cookers being the most preferred option for kitchen cooking, a lot of brand have come up with various types of gas cookers. One of such is Haier Thermocool, which is a conventional brand in the home electronics industry. Presently, their gas cookers are among the best and as well most sought after in the Nigerian market. This could be attributed to the quality and great services they offer.

gas cooker prices in Nigeria

Overview of Thermocool Gas Cookers

Haier Thermocool is a renown multinational brand that is very well known on making the best of home electronics like refrigerators, washing machines, as well as gas cookers. This is a reputable company that has been in this industry for over 40 years. Thermocool offers their large customer base innovative, durable and beautifully designed products that has made them continue to reckon on the brand. In all, these products are made to make every day tasks easier and less time consuming.

Thermocool is a brand that has been reputable for quality and standard products which have strengthened a great status and positivity in the minds of their customers. Their products tell of the quality and reliability of the brand. This adds to the fact that they are one of the most popular kitchen appliance brands in the country. This is obvious as you will always locate thermocool gas cookers more often.

Also, gas cookers by Thermocool stand top in the list of this cooking equipment brands. This being that they are the very best. It’s sometimes difficult to get a brand that performs better than Thermocool products with respect to ease of use, safety and overall efficiency. Their products are ones you can use for a long run without any hitch.

Thermocool gas cookers are available in various sizes, types and designs, depending on the one that suits you. These various types of cookers are available in different specification. They differ in basic features which includes sizes, number of burners, design, control mechanism, type of burner and other similar features. Even as these types maintain a standard overall quality, there are some that are more high-tech bothers and likewise easier to use.

The latest introduction to Thermocool gas cookers designs feature an auto-ignite button that allows the cooker ignite by the push of a button. Also, some other modern features include times that can be used to regulate the timing and control the heat and fire intensity.

Quality includes some significant features, however once in a while, they may come in any other way; this is the case with Thermocool gas cookers as they have unique features to give you a buying value. Thermocool gas cookers make the rundown of top gas cookers for number of good reasons. From their sparkling design that will add class to your kitchen to the productivity and dependability of their items, their gas cookers talk about the brand’s quality.

When considering how much Thermocool gas cookers cost in the country’s market, they are not the most expensive; hence they are not the cheapest either. A good number of their new gas cookers are quite expensive even as they gives nice features to guarantee absolute value for the cost. This gas cooker brand is not some random brand and so also are their products which has a uniform price. More explicitly, these cooking equipment speak class, efficiency and durability, and some of their table top gas cookers are rated high. This being that they are among the best and most sold cookers.

Looking at the market of this product, with the continuing irregularity in the prices of kitchen equipment today, it is ideal to know how much the best gas cookers go for in the current market. That’s our aim in this article, as we will highlight the current proces of notable brands of Thermocool gas cookers in Nigeria. Continue reading as we explicate more on the cost of this essential kitchen equipment.

Current Prices of Thermocool Gas Cookers in Nigeria (2024)

Just as Thermocool gas cookers varies in specification, size and features, the costs of these gas cookers are reliant on the these variables. This includes the type you are purchasing and the accompanied features they posses. Taking for instance, a 4 burner gas cooker is somewhat less costly than a 3 burner in addition to one electric plate cooker. Moreover, a gas cooker with worked in oven will be more costly than ones like table top gas cooker which doesn’t have this feature.

Let’s take a gander at the current prices of the most regular and top brands of Thermocool gas cookers in the country:

  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (single burners) costs ₦5, 500 – ₦7, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Teflon 2 burners) costs ₦11, 000 – ₦12, 500
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Luxury 2 burners) costs ₦12, 000 – ₦14, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Assy 2 burners) costs ₦20, 000 – ₦23, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (503G) costs ₦40, 000 – ₦55, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (504G) costs ₦48, 000 – ₦60, 000
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (4 burners) costs ₦75, 000 – ₦100, 000

That’s the current cost of Thermocool gas cookers that are available in the market here. Moreover, Thermocool gas cookers are among those couple of cookers you can any where in the country. These products are available in kitchen equipment stores and some other electronic stores. They can also be purchased directly from the producer or any of the company’s dealers around the country. For ease and swiftness, you can source their gas cookers online from popular web based e-commerce stores in the country.


Conclusively, Thermocool gas cookers are regarded as one of the best brands that does the cooking work perfectly. They are vast in specification as they offer a wide range of this kitchen appliances. Few important things to note about their cookers is that: They are safe and easy to use; Also, Thermocool gas cookers are available in different sizes and grades. This product also vary in number of burners and operation mechanism. All these gives users a good usability for kitchen cooking.

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