The Human Ear and Nose: Structure, Function and Care

The Ear

You all know how important your ears are, especially for hearing. Therefore, they require good care. The outer ear is the part seen from the outside, the middle and the Inner parts are covered by skin and muscle.

human ear and nose

Structure of the Ear

To be able to care for the ear, it is necessary to understand its structure. The ear is divided into three main parts: the outer, the middle and the inner ear.

Functions of the Ears

The ears perform the following functions:

1. We use them for hearing; the outer ear which is like a funnel picks up sound or noise and is received by the ear drum. The ear drum in turn transmits the sound to the inner ear where it is relayed to the brain. In the brain, the sound is interpreted into a meaningful message. There are some tiny hairs at the entrance of the outer ear which prevent dust from entering the inner ear.

2. They help us to maintain our balance.

Care of the Ear

One important material for ear care is the cotton bud.

Ways of taking care of the Ear

1. The outer ear should always be washed carefully and dried with a towel.

2. If objects or insects enter the ear, it is necessary to remove them immediately either by putting a few drops of warm water or drops of olive oil into the ear.

3. When girls are born, their ears are pierced and small gold earrings are put in their ears.  Do not put on very heavy earrings that could cut your outer ears. .

4. There are some wax inside the ear which protects and prevents dirt and small objects from entering the ears. When the wax reaches the outer ear it should be removed very carefully with fluffy cotton buds. Never use match stick, pin or pen cover as they can damage the ear drum.

5. Water should not be allowed to enter the ear and remain there as this will disturb the eardrum and block the sound passage.

Prevention and control of Ear problems

1. When insects or other objects enter the ear and are not easily removed with water or simple liquid or cotton buds, see a qualified medical doctor to avoid serious damage to the eardrum. Serious ear damage may cause deafness.

2. When the ear is swollen or is bringing out pus, see the doctor immediately.

3. Small earrings should be used for small ears. School girls should use small earrings, while adults could use bigger earrings for occasions. When earrings are used and they are causing sore to the ear. they should be removed and the sore should be treated immediately to prevent more infections.

The Nose

The nose is used to breathe and smell. The human nose is of different shapes.

Structure of the Nose

The nose is at the centre of the face. It has two nostrils with tiny hairs in them, helping to hold back dust. The nostrils’ tube leads into the brain through the nose ridge.

Functions of the Nose

1. The nose is used for smelling.

2. The nose is used for breathing.

3. The nose is used for sending out excess mucus from the head.

4. The nose is used for sneezing.

5. The nose helps to prevent dust or insects from entering the lungs through the hair in the


Materials used for Care of the Nose

The materials used for nose care are very simple. They include the following: balm or vapour rub, small pair of scissors, clean handkerchief or tissue paper.

Ways of Caring for the Nose

1. When air passage is blocked, the nose should be cleared of any mucus or dust.

2. Always use soft clean handkerchief or tissue paper for cleaning the nose.

3. Use an appropriate balm or ointment to clear the nose. When it is blocked by cold, see the doctor for treatment.

4.  When the hairs of the nostrils are too long and coming out of the nostrils, it makes the nose look ugly. Use a pair of small scissors to reduce the hair in the nostrils regularly.

Prevention and Control of Nose Problems

1. Avoid putting any sharp object into the nose.

2. When clearing the mucus or dust from the nose, snort repeatedly before wiping with a handkerchief.

3. If there is a boil or pimple inside the nose, do not press open with force. Always see the doctor for advice and treatment.

4. Do not pull out the hair that grows inside the nostrils with the hand. This can cause injury to the nose.

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