The Human Mouth: Structure and Care of the Teeth

The Mouth and Teeth

Mouth care includes the care of the teeth, the lips, and the whole area of the mouth. When the mouth is not well cared for, it smells and the teeth become bad.

the mouth and teeth

Structure of the Teeth

To care for the teeth properly, it is necessary to learn about its structure. There are thirty-two teeth in the upper and lower jaws of an adult. Children usually have twenty-eight teeth because they are still young. A tooth is made up of many parts. The outer part of the tooth is called the enamel and it is white. Its function is to protect the dentine. The pulp cavity is at the centre of the tooth and contains nerves and blood vessels. The gum helps to hold the tooth firmly into the jawbone.

Materials for caring for the Mouth and Teeth

Mouth and teeth care requires the following materials: toothbrush. toothpaste, toothpick. chewing stick and lipgloss.

Ways of Taking Care of the Mouth and Teeth

1. Use either chewing stick or toothpaste and toothbrush with clean water to clean your teeth everyday. It is necessary to clean the teeth early in the morning before bathing. Chewing sticks are of different types and usually bitter. Some are not very hard while some are very hard. Use the one of your choice. When used properly, they keep the teeth clean with fresh breath.

2. Use toothbrush with soft bristles to wash your teeth and other areas in the mouth.

3, Use toothpaste that contains fluoride to help strengthen the enamel.

Things to do to the teeth daily

1. Clean the teeth at least twice a day, especially in the morning and before going to sleep. .

2. Use toothpaste and a medium or soft-bristled brush or softened chewing stick so that the enamel is protected.

3. Brush the teeth away from the gum to avoid injuring it; that is, move the toothbrush up or down. This should be done gently.

4. Brush all surfaces of the teeth not only those that show.

Ways of caring for the lips

Many people apply lipstick to the lips to make them soft and beautiful. There are different types of lipsticks available in the market. During the harmattan period, our lips become dry and we need some oil to prevent them from cracking. Petroleum jelly and menthelated cream are good for glossing the lips while grown-up ladies use lipstick. These come in many colours and are used to blend with the skin colour and clothes. The following steps are the steps for applying the lipstick.

1. Solten your lips with a moisturizer.

2. Apply a coat of gloss for a shining finish.

3. Apply an outline with a lip liner.

4. Apply the lipstick lightly and evenly and observe the result in a mirror.

5. Consider another coating if necessary.

6. Blot the lips with tissue paper.

Prevention and control of mouth and teeth problems

1. Sweets and sugary things spoil the teeth if you take too many of them. Always brush your teeth after you have taken them.

2. Avoid the use of knife to pick dirt from the teeth.

3. Avoid the use of pins or very sharp objects to pick meat or other fibrous food items that hang in between the teeth. Use only toothpick.

4. If you feel any pain in any of the teeth, see a dentist for treatment.

5. Avoid using hand to pull your teeth. If anyone of them is infected, or if you have toothache, see a doctor.

6. Use glossy lipstick to prevent dryness of lips.

7. Avoid scraping dry lips with the teeth as it can cause sore.

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