South Africa Visa in Nigeria: Cost, Application & Requirements (June, 2024)

Going to South Africa is what most rubbernecker and holidaymakers think of when looking for where to visit. This is always possible if you have what guarantee you permit to reach the country. Its nothing more than having a personal visa.

South Africa is a country where most Nigerians would love to travel to, but for various reasons and purposes. It might be that you would want to travel to South Africa for studies which of cause would require you get a student study visa for South Africa, or even for tourism purposes.

Whatever your reason for travelling to South Africa may be, this post will inform you on the visa requirements for Nigerian(s) going to South Africa.


The Southern African country as always, does not approve visas to individuals without proper screening and examination.  This is entirely on the applicants part as you should be eligible before going for a visa. Other things that is consequential in obtaining a visa is having the required, legal and legit documents. With all these adding together and in your possession, you are qualified to get a stamped official mark on your passport to enable you visit South Africa.

In this article, we’ve written about how to do the above procedures successfully and also extensively on the cost of South Africa Visa fees in Nigeria.

South Africa is obviously one of the most visited countries in the continent of Africa, and its also same for tourist attraction. The country has millions of people in her settlement having diverse culture, people and languages. To also be note is its history, parks, culture and multiple tourist attractions that is one of the contributor to it’s stand today. One particular tourist attraction centre that attract tourist is their wildlife which marks the country with numerous parks, zoos and games. Also explore the whale coast or see the exotic wine farms and table mountains  in South Africa if you take a visit there.

The attend your quest and see more than these wonders of nature we highlight, it will be possible by securing a South African visa. We’ve curated all what is required for the process and information needed to secure a South Africa visa.

South Africa Visa Fee in Nigeria (2024)

The cost of the visa is dependent on the type of visa you are requiring for as the fees varies across all. Here is the outline of South Africa Visa fees when considering the terms.

Short Term: Holiday Visa | ₦8,600 |₦25,470

Long Term: Business Visa |₦30,600 | ₦25,470

Requirements for South Africa Visa

As it is everywhere, before your visa application is granted, there are several requirements to have. One of such for SA visa is possession of an International passport and also being <b>eligible</b> for the application of the visa.


In order to avoid your application been declined, be sure that you don’t fall in these category:

If you’re applying with a South African passport, you need not apply for visas again.

An exemption is made for visitors who have passports from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including the British Islands Bailiwick of Guernsey and Jersey, Isle of Mann and Virgin Islands, the Republic of Ireland as well as British Overseas Territories) not to get the  South African visa.

Also, Visitors from certain other countries are exempt from getting South Africa visa under certain conditions. A documentation of the countries exempted from obtaining a South Africa visa has been made by the Republic of South Africa, Home Affairs Department. The citizens of these countries may be issued a visa at the port of entry into the country (SA).

Documents Required

The following documents listed below are required to get a South Africa Visa:

  • Two colored passport photograph
  • International passport valid for at least 30 days after the expiry of your visa.
  • A completed visa application form BI-84.
  • A receipt of payment of the visa application fee.
  • Purpose and duration of visit.
  • Travel itinerary with return ticket.
  • Yellow fever vaccination card.
  • Financial statements which will ascertain you can afford to care for yourself during your stay in South Africa.
  • Medical cover
  • An Undertaking by host in South Africa.
  • Salary advance(s)
  • Bank statement
  • Copy of passport data page as well as copies of existing visa and previously issued visas
  • Introduction/Recommendation letter from an employer, where applicable, signed with contact details.
  • Marriage certificate(if married) and if the couple will be staying for more than 90 days
  • Non-refundable visa fee of ₦8,600 which excludes service fee charges.

The documents listed are dependent on the type of visa you apply for, as we have also enunciate the types and classes of South Africa Visa.

Types of South Africa Visa

The different classes of South Africa Visa travellers can apply for are;

Work Visa

If you’ve been offered a job in the country, it’s then the South African work visa would be given to foreigners. The duration of the visa is based on the work Visa type and the contract of your employment.

Visitor Visa

The South Africa tourist or visitor’s visa is issued to persons who plan to travel to South Africa for leisure or visits to family and friends.

The applicant will be issued a temporary residents permit that affords you the opportunity to stay in the country for 3 months.

The purpose for which the Visitor’s visa can be issued include: Medical purposes, Tourism purposes, Study purposes, Business purposes, Charity and Volunteer purposes, Visit to family and friends,Research, conferences, sports events.

Corporate Visa

Corporate organizations are granted this visa, by allowing them employ foreign employers as a group for a certain period of time which is usually not more than 3 years. This visa type is requested by corporate bodies/ organizations for their workers. The company will be required to show proof that about 60% of their staff are citizens and permanent residents.

Also required from the corporate organization will be a documentation showing the job description and remuneration package for the employees.

Business Visa

Entrepreneurs and investors who plan to start up a business in South Africa are granted this visa. It is also given to persons who would like to do business or manage to existing business in the country.

A prove of finance will be required from the applicant as it should show that they have the financial capacity to fund and sustain the proposed business. The applicant for the business visa has to sign an undertaking agreeing that at least 60% of the staff they would employ would be South Africans. The applicant will also collect letter of recommendation from the Department of Trade and Industry stating about the proposed business.

Medical Treatment Visa

The medical treatment visa is granted to individuals who plan to travel to the country for medical purposes.

Before issuance of the visa, the applicant will be required to provide a letter from a medical practitioner or a medical institution indicating it as it is part of the requirement. The letter must indicate the reason for the treatment, the period of medical treatment and the treatment plans in South Africa. The maximum duration for the medical visa is a space of 6 months and the applicant can re-apply again upon visa expiry.

Study Visa

This visa is given to students who apply to study in South Africa. The proof of provisional admission by the educational institution which they wish to attend will be required from the applicant and also the duration of the programme as the duration of the visa is based on the duration stated.

Where to apply for South Africa Visa in Nigeria

The visas are available for application at VFS Global offices in Lagos, P/Harcourt and Abuja.

VFS Application Centre – Lagos

Address: Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, 3rd Roundabout, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Contact: +234 815 018 8800

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 15:00

VFS Application Centre – Abuja

Address: No. 38, Lobito Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Contact: +234 81 5018 8800

Submission Timings: Monday to Friday – 08:00 – 15:00

VFS Application Centre – Port Harcourt

Address: Vineyard Shopping Centre, 88 Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt

Contact: +234 81 5018 8800

Submission Times: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 15:00

The processing time for the application is on normal circumstance 6 working days and the applicant will be notified via SMS when his/her application has been sent to the South African Embassy on the submission day and from then the application can be track online to see when it will be issued.

What are the Visa Requirements for South Africa for a Nigerian?

Before I go on to explain the Visa Requirements for Nigerians to gain access into South Africa, note that South Africa is not among the list of visa free countries for Nigerian citizens. Unless, if you are a diplomat from Nigerian traveling to South Africa, you will not require visa to enter into South Africa. Apart from diplomats, those who also hold service passports and official passports too can also enter South Africa without a Visa.

The only pitfall for these group of persons is that such rights have a specific period of time. So, if you are a Nigerian(s) holding service, official or diplomat passports, you can remain in South African free without visa for up to 90 days. Other Nigerians outside these groups of persons would have to obtain visa to gain access into South Africa.
Below are the visa requirements for a Nigerian to gain access into South Africa legally

Visa to South Africa from Nigeria Application Process

1. You would have to submit your application at the South African Embassy in Nigeria or at any accredited visa application centers in Nigeria.

2. Photocopies of original documents will be submitted along with the South African visa application form. Also, visas to other countries you visited should also be photocopied and submitted together with the application.

Documents for Visa Application for South Africa in Nigeria includes:

  • Valid International Passport.
  • Two passport photos with white background.
  • Data page of your international passport (photocopy).
  • International vaccination card (photocopy).
  • Proof of financial status, i.e, bank statement.
  • Self introduction letter bearing phone number and your address.
  • A recommendation letter from employee if stated.
  • Verifiable hotel bookings without the use of third party.

3. You would have to download the South African application from the South African embassy website and fill in your information as required of you.

4. Next is to pay the service fee as well as the visa application fee which should be done online, through accredited centres or at any of the accredited banks for South Africa visa in Nigeria. The account number to pay for the visa is provided at the South African embassy website.

5. Submit all documents listed together at the embassy or visa accredited centres after which you track your application online.

How to Track Your Application Online

The next step is to track your visa application online. After applying for South African visa, you would be given a tracking ID which contains your date of birth and passport number that would enable you track your application progress on the website.

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