Australian Visa in Nigeria: Cost, Application & Requirements (June, 2024)

Australia is one of the most visited country in the whole cosmos (world inclusive). Tourist attractions centres and the good serenity has been the contributing factors why visitors choose the country more often. 


One may want a visa for various purpose, one of such is for holidays, getting a residence in the country, business and school purposes, and also to just go for a visit in the country.

As Visa is what allows someone to visit or leave a country, the same applies in Australia. The country has eligibility for obtaining their visas, requirements, and the cost of getting the official stamp on your passport. In this article, we’ll enunciate and construe the cost of having an official Australian visa in Nigeria.

Application fee for Australian visa

Before completing your application for the Australian visa, you’ll have to pay a service charge known as the visa fee as required by the country’s Home Affairs Department. This fee is used for processing your Australian visa request.

The visa fee is nonrefundable and will not be retrieved to you if your request does not eventually goes through. And the payment of this fee is not an assurance that visa will be granted as screenings will be done on your application and reviewed by the concerning departments. 

However, its not all that are required to pay the application fee. The payment of Visa fee excludes the following category of individuals and people.

Foreign representatives from other countries like government personalities, ministers. 

People specified to be given the grant by the Minister.

Registered charity organisation that is fully inscribed with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. 

The application fee does not applies to foreign government agency, embassy or consulates.

State and Territory Government or Commonwealth Government agency are also excluded from paying the visa fee.

Cost of Australian visa in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Here is what it will take you to pay for an Australian visa when applying from Nigeria. The price of the official stamp depends on the type of Visa you are seeking for. There is the temporary, permanent and students visa.

Temporary Visa

This category of Visa is obtained by tourists, visitors and people who wishes to spend a little time in the country. An outline of the temporary visa charges are:

Base Application Charge: AUD 280 (N70,000)

Additional Applicant charge 18 and over: AUD 280 (N70,000)

Additional applicant charge 18 and under: AUD 70 (N17,500)

Student Visa

Students seeking application to Australia will not have to pay the base application fee.

If you belong to any of these categories as a student, you don’t have to pay the base application charge. You can apply for the Australian visa for a course approved under a student’s training scheme approved by the Commonwealth. 

These are the charges required as a student:

  • Base application charge: AUD560
  • Additional applicant charge (18 and over): AUD420
  • Additional applicant charge under 18: AUD140
  • Subsequent temporary application charge: AUD700

Nonetheless, when insinuating about the time your visa will be ready. The expediency of your visa application is a function of the time you applied for the process.

Tourist Visa

For the tourist visa, it takes 20 to 33 days while the business visa takes 9 to 20 days for delivery of the visa to applicants. For frequent travellers, the time for processing the visa can take between 5 to 18 days and sponsored family visa, can take between 50 and 70 days. This family visa is a little bit time elongating because of the complexity which always involve more than one individual.

Also, after forwarding your application for the visa, you will be notified by the visa office when you visa will be ready.

Where to get Australian Visa in Nigeria

To start application for Australian Visa, channel to TLC contact Application Centre and reserve an appointment to register for the process.

Their Lagos office is located at Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way in Ikeja, Lagos.

The Abuja address to get Australian Visa is at Third floor, Eloy akin Building beside Metro Plaza, on Plot 1129 Zakariya Maimalari Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

Alternatively, the visa fee could also be paid at the bank through the immiAccount by making use of Credit cards. Please ensure to collect a receipt for the payment you’ve done as it is the only proof that payment was made

It should be noted that a surcharge rate will be charged in processing your payment for the visa fee.

Requirements for Applying for Australian Visa

To ensure fast and easy acceptance of application for the country of Australia’s visa, as a Nigerian you must keep the following documents handy and submit then when doing the application process.

  • It is required to posses a Nigerian passport that is still valid not more than 6 months old from obtaining it.

A recent passport photographs that clearly shows your face so as to aid in easy identification when needed. The passport should 29mmx34mm, coloured with white background.

  • A medical report of checkup disclosing your current health status. This should be done in a recognized hospital. 
  • Bank statements showing that you are not in any way indebted to anyone or organization.
  • Your letter of employment is needed.
  • Itinerary
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Marriage certificate
  • Children birth certificate (if any)

Proof of ownership

  • Family pictures
  • Tax clearance
  • Biometrics (fingerprints and a digital photograph) .

In addition to the above, you should have the photocopies of your passport, national ID card and other related documents that may be required. 

How to Track and collect your Australian Visa

You will be issued a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) after finishing the process of applying for the visa . With this unique number, Applicants can track the status of their visa process to know when it’ll be ready.

The Visa is normally given at the Australian embassy in Nigeria. If peradventure you are not living in the country, you should send the application to any of the Australian embassy in the country you’re residing

After you’re given the visa, a confirmatory mail will be sent to your email.

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