Germany Visa in Nigeria: Cost, Application & Requirements (June, 2024)

Traveling to Germany with the German visa may be possible if you have the official stamp on your passport that guarantees your access to enter the country for a purpose.


The process of getting this visa entails many procedures, requirements and also a fee for Germany visa itself and for the application of the visa. To complement this, in our write-up, we have explained all what is needed in getting a Germany Visa and the fees for each of the category of visa.

Requirements for getting a Germany Visa

Below is the required documents to attach to your application for a German Visa:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Two recent passports photographs
  3. Proof of financial status (bank statement of account)
  4. A clean criminal record from the Police medical report showing you are physically and mentally healthy.
  5. Flight itineraries
  6. Proof of accommodation (Hotel reservations etc)
  7. Proof of civil relationship (marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates etc)
  8. A declaration of Accuracy
  9. Your qualifications (diploma, degree etc)
  10. Your CV (for those going for working permit)
  11. Your travel history
  12. A valid Nigerian International passport with at least two blank pages.

Application Fee for German Visa

The application fee is the fee charged when applying for the Visa. This fee is relatively small and excludes the cost for the Visa. 

Applicants for a Germany visa are charged an application fee for the processing of their application. This is mandated by the German immigration authority for applicants to pay this fee except if they fall under the visa fee waiver category that is exempted.

Children less than the age of six fall win the waiver category, also for scientific researchers traveling for research work and representatives of NGOs younger than 25 years. If you are related to a German citizen as son, daughter, spouse, parent or relative of a European Union national, then you would not pay the visa fee.

The Germany immigration law exempts those under this category not to pay for the Visa application fees.

Types of Visas and their Fees

Visas issued by Germany are of various type and category, ranging from the short term to long terms for the duration. Some of the visa fee are also classified according to the purpose and typicality of the visa.

Short Term Visa

This types of visa only last for a short  time say months. They are:

  • Airport Transit Visa – N24,000

This type of visa is applicable for travelers who wish to travel through Germany in order to reach their destination. For instance, some travelers from Africa to USA, sometimes use Frankfurt Airport in Germany to get to the States. As such, this permit allows them in Germany.

Using this type of visa means you would not stay in the country for a very long time (usually not more than 24 hours) neither are you allowed to do any complex dealings in the country.

Before this visa permit is granted to you, it must be after booking a flight to take you to where you opted to.

The fee you will be required to pay before beginning your application process is €60 and its non-refundable.

  • Adults Visa – N24,000

With this visa, a maximum of 180 days is granted to the visitor.

In the space of six months, you can stay in the country for tourism purposes, vacation, religious event or even for an educational excursion/research. If you’re want to go for a visit in Germany, then this is the kind of legal permit you should go for.

When choosing this visa, take into cognizance that;

You won’t be allowed to partake in any paid job throughout the time you stay in the country.

Your financial capability will be required of which you must show with a prove. 

Also, Your health status both physically and mentally will be examined.

The fee for obtaining this kind of visa is to pay a non refundable fee of about 60 Euro before kick starting the application process.

  • Children Short Term Visa– N14,000

Children that fall between the ages of 6-12years are granted the visit Visa for a less fee of €35. Once paid, and all registration and application formalities completed, they are permitted to stay in the country for a period of 180 days.

  • Children Short Term Visa – Free

This type of visa is for children below the age of 6 years, in which they won’t be allowed to pay any dime for the Visa. 

This is possible if the parents is/are citizens after which a legal proofs would be required for them to be issued the German Visa.

Documents needed for this type of visa is the birth certificate and other necessary certificates.

Long Term Visa

This category of visas are the permanent and long duration ones which would imply staying in Germany for a period of like years.

  1. Job Seeker Visa – N29,960

Just as one may not be satisfied with the jobs specification available in his country, he/she may opt to travel out to Germany for a greener pasture.

In a duration of six months you’ll be given, the permit will allow you to stay and look for a job in Germany. 

Once you’ve gotten the type of job that suits your satisfaction, you must immediately apply for a work permit.

With this visa, you are not allowed to partake in any paid job, you will have to take care of yourself from what you already have until when the work permit is granted.

The cost for this type of visa permit is about €75.

  1. Student Visa – N29,960

Studying in Germany is possible with this visa but first you will be required in some cases to show a proof of admission from a recognised university or any other institution in Germany.

The fee charge for this type of visa is to pay a fee of €75 before your application process will be processed.

  1. Work permit – N29,960

Working in Germany is possible by applying for this type of visa which is erstwhile known as employment visa. This visa is issued to foreigners who have already gotten a job in the country and has a Employment letter as one of the required document.

As said, the letter indicating your employment will be required as a proof of job security 

The required documents are: an employment letter from a company in Germany, your qualifications (diploma, degree etc), Health Insurance (from your employer), two passport photographs and fully completed application forms. You will also be required to provide your CV, proof of a clean criminal record and payment for the visa application fees.

Payment of a non refundable fee of €75 is the cost to secure this type of visa.

  1. Business Visa – N24,000

This type of visa is issued to those who are travelling to Germany for a business purpose. This is something like to attend a business meeting, sign contracts and do other things that will not require you to stay in the country for more than 6 months.

Multinational business companies uses this class of visa to do their dealings in foreign countries.

To be granted this type of visa, these documents will be required: 2 passport photographs, travel health insurance, flight itinerary, proof of financial status and other necessary requirements.

The fee included for this visa is to pay a non-refundable application fee of €60. The payment receipt is very consequential and should come along with you when submitting your application.

Where to get the Germany Visa in Nigeria

  • Germany Embassy Abuja

Address: 9 Lake Maracaibo Close, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone Lines: +234-9-220-8010


  • Germany Consulate, Lagos

Address: 15 Walter Carrington Crescent (formerly Eleke Crescent), Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone lines: +234-1-280-9966


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