Quarry Business In Nigeria: Guide On How To Start (2024)

Do you have money to invest? Then Quarry business might be one of the profitable idea you can venture into.

For those that might not know what a quarry and quarrying business is, a quarry is simply a site where stones, limestones or slate and even sand is excavated from.

Quarrying is simply the act of mining this mineral from the ground. With the population of the country and the numerous construction companies found in it each having projects to execute, then being an agent providing raw materials for them will make you a lot of money.

Do you know Dangote is also into this business? and it is the bedrock of his cement factory? You can now see how profitable quarry business is in Nigeria.

However, being profitable does not mean you should jump into it so that you don’t jump out of it. This business is capital intensive and if you don’t have enough, it is best to venture into it as a middleman.


As a middleman, you just need to link quarry business owners and those in need of it product and get paid. However, being a quarry site owner pays more and if you have money to invest, it is best to venture into it.

Follow the steps below to start your own quarry business in Nigeria.

Draw up business plan

This should be the first step as you would need a quarry business plan to start with. Drawing a business plan on this granite or rocky venture helps you to know the direction the business will go.

For example, the granite quarry business plan should outline the needs of the business, how profit would be made, equipment to purchase, whether it would require loan or grants, and so on.

Get required capital

This venture is a capital intensive business. Infact, it would cost you millions of naira to start this business. If you know that you cannot afford the capital needed in starting of this quarry business, you can take a loan from the bank.

This is the only source we believe can fetch you the desired money you would need to kick start unless you have the money already.

Site Selection

The next step after having the required capital for the business is for you to select a suitable location for your business. As you should know already, this entail quarrying of minerals which are not found everywhere so you need to either buy or rent a site that has the required mineral you want to excavate and sell.

If you want to deal in limestone then getting a site with just rocks that are not limestones is a waste. You might decide to rent it since after excavating what you are after, the site becomes useless.

Register Your Quarry Business

Your business need to be registered to be legal in Nigeria and for a quarry business since you deal with mineral resources, the law is stricter on it as a result of the government interest in it.

You need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as well as the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals. Depending on the state your business is located, you need to register with several other bodies.

Purchase Equipment For Your Business And Securing Labour

To some, they prefer doing this step before even registering their business. whichever step you follow is ok but you need to secure the equipment and also know that equipment are expensive.

You can decide to lease them. It is important to note that the equipment you should secure depend on the fund at hand, type of operation and mineral to be excavated. Generally, for a granite quarry, you will need an excavator, granite crusher, pay loader, dump trucks aka tipper. For a sand quarry, you need just an excavator and a tipper.

After securing equipment, you need to employ workers to help with work on site such as those that will operates the machines, those doing the manual labour and those involved in administrative task. Just know that team work is a key in this business.

Advertisement And Marketing

Just starting a quarry business does not mean customers will come knocking. In fact, just know now that most people that will be in need of your products already have suppliers and you need your marketing skills to break through but with determination and letting people know of your business existence, you will make it in this business.

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