10 Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos (2024)

Last updated on April 6th, 2024 at 06:14 pm

If you are looking for a very cheap area to live or rent in Lagos this 2024, then see the places we have listed below as the cost of living in these places are low when compared to other areas in Lagos.


Lagos is the commercial centre of Nigeria and its a city where you can do business and thrive. It is also one of the most populated states in Nigeria making it a very expensive place to live in.

Aside this, there are less expensive areas where you can find cheap houses for rent in Lagos. In this post we list 10 cheapest places to live in if you are on a low budget including the estimated prices for rent in these locations.


Ogba is close to Ikeja and Iju-ishaga and it is a less expensive area to look for an apartment if you are on a low budget. Although I won’t rate this place as the cheapest locations to live in Lagos, but I would still put it on this list.

At Ogba, if you meet the right agent, you would see a standard three-bedroom flat for as low as N350,000 with bore-hole water, light, compound space and other specifications of your choice.


Badagry is another cheap location to live in Lagos. This is due to the fact that Badagry is far from the Island which makes the cost of renting an apartment in this area cheap.

From our survey, a standard three bedroom flat in Badagry is N300,000 or less. One room self contain which is normally rented by most people can be gotten for N150,000.

One thing you should note about living in Badagry is that it is one of the tourist centres in the country linked to the history of slave trade in Nigeria.


The cost of rent in Ikorodu is very low as the area is still developing hence, most Lagosians are ignoring this location. Ikorodu is an area in Lagos where one can see lands to buy.

Migration into this location has been on the increase and most lands have been acquired by civil servants in a bid to either build or sell in the foreseeable future when the land price has appreciated.

One disadvantage of living in Ikorodu area is the constant security threat posed by touts and area boys plus the traffic one experiences during rush hours. Kidnapping was on the rise in this area but has not hampered Lagosians from dwelling there because the cost of rent is affordable for those with low budget.


You could argue that Agege is one if the heavily congested areas in Lagos state but you can’t deny the fact that it has locations like, Iju-Ishaga where rent is reasonably affordable.

Although, you can find houses where rent is affordable, we can’t guarantee you security in this area as Agege has over the years been listed among the unsafe places to stay or live in Lagos. Aside the presence of thugs and area boys making life uncomfortable for residents, the area is been known as a hub where hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana as sold.

Lest I forget the offensive odour emitting from the Abattoir in Oko-Oba and other refuse dumps around Agege, makes it difficult to live a healthy life in this environment. The drainage systems are normally blocked by refuse which has caused residents discomfort.


You should know that Mushin isn’t a safe place even though its among the affordable areas to live in Lagos. Sorry to write this, but this is a ghetto and those who live here can testify that it is difficult to find a standard house to rent in Mushin.

Just like Agege, Mushin also enters the list of dangerous places in Lagos where you should not be at night and have to be careful during the day.


Located on the Island by the northern side of the Lekki Lagoon, Epe is kind of far from the mainland and I must confess that most Lagosians aren’t aware of this area due to its silent nature and low key activity in this zone.

What you should know about areas in Lagos is that the farther a place is from the Island or the mainland, the cheaper the cost of accommodation in such locations.


The cost of renting apartments at Ayobo or even Iyana Ipaja is quite affordable especially if you are on a low budget and can not afford to stay in Surulere, Lawanson,etc.

You can get a good two bedroom flat for as low as N200,000 in Ayobo or at Ipaja.


We put up these two locations together because of proximity. Ketu Mile 12 are on the same road. So if you are finding it difficult to stay in Ojota, you can try these two places as there are affordable old houses where you can live there.


The only pitfall we have living in this area is constant traffic gridlock. Even if you see an apartment for as low as N300,000 or N250,000, accessing this location after work can be tasking.

Getting vehicles or commercial buses going to these areas can be very hard at night.


Bariga is last on our list of places that are cheap to live in Lagos. Located within the mainland, it is also a good place depending on the area or street. It is also close to the University of Lagos and would be suitable for students who wish to attend this school.

It is also close to places like Yaba which is also an expensive area but has a market where cheap things are sold like clothes, food stuffs and other things that you would be needing.


While the above locations are cheap to live in, landlords are known to hike prices especially when the houses are new. You might see houses as low as N200,000 for a room and parlour while two rooms might go for N350,000, all depends on the area.

For those who have the money and can afford the huge expenses and would love to live in an expensive location in Lagos, you might want to check for accommodation in areas like Lekki, Ikeja GRA, Ikoyi, Banana Island, Victoria Island, Victoria Garden City, Magodo, Omole Estate, and even Surulere.

The price for rent in this places costs as high as N1.2 million and above for a flat of 2 to 3 rooms and also note that the cost of living in these places is quite high when compared to cheap locations to live in Lagos state.

One more thing for those looking for a cheap area on Lagos mainland to live,  the agent fee, caution fee, agreement fee normally amounts to N200,000. It’s usually negotiable to at least N150,000. This depends on the landlord and agent in question.

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