How to Make Money from Comedy Skits in Nigeria (2024)

Do you wish to enter the Nigerian comedy scene? Do you wish to begin producing skits to share on social media in order to earn money? This post will show you how. You will understand how to start comedy skits in Nigeria, become well-known, and earn money by the end of this article.

comedy skit makers in Nigeria

I’ll explain how comedians and popular skit makers like Taaooma, Brain Jotter, Mr. Macronni, Sabinus, Broda Shaggi, and others earn their living in this article. Nigeria’s entertainment industry is worth many millions of naira, and new and rising stars are making millions of dollars every day by simply using their talents.

Its not because most of them have connections to influential people. They just understand how to observe the trends and take the necessary actions to become well-known in Nigeria. It takes more than just shooting one random video, editing it, and submitting it to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria. To finally reach the top, small, consistent steps are necessary.


Below are ways to start comedy skits in Nigeria.


Whether acting is a talent or a skill, it is not as simple as everyone believes. In fact, the more you make an effort to understand it, the less professional it appears. You should therefore regularly practice acting even before you turn on the camera. Whether acting is a skill or a talent for you, you should practice frequently.

Try to be as natural as you can when acting, and focus on making yourself, not other people, impressed. You can even enroll as a student at nearby film schools in Nigeria to begin acting as a comedian. You’ll get some novel acting and video-making ideas from this. Joining your church’s theatre group will also help you get acting experience.

Mr. Macaroni, who creates skits, has been acting long before he became famous as a comedian. He did not just happen to start making comedy films by accident. He considered acting to be more of a skill than a talent. However, Taaooma considers comedy skit creation and performing to be more of a talent than a skill. As a result, every actor is unique. What counts is how you approach the situation and doing what suits you.

Acting is what you live and breathe, and with time and consistent practice, it will come naturally to you. In actuality, you won’t need to do much to start garnering laughs from your comedy skits.


As a comic or skit creator, your social media handles or accounts are crucial. You must carefully choose your stage name because it will be used to construct your social media handles and help you become famous.

It is best to use stage names that the general public (your followers) can relate to; names that your supporters can quickly recognize and recall. Popular comedy sketch creators’ names, such as Oluwadolarz, Mark Angel, Zicsaloma, Broda Shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, and Oga Sabinus, are simple, relevant, and simple to say, making them easy to remember.

Your fans won’t be able to recall your stage names if they are difficult to remember, visually odd, or both. The next step is to use this name when signing up for social media accounts after choosing your stage name.


There are specific filming equipment you require in order to make great skits in Nigeria. They include:


Verify that the camera you plan to purchase is an HD camera. Depending on the specifications, HD cameras often cost ₦100,000 and above. If you do not have access to an HD camera for equipment like a camera, you can simply shot the videos with your phone. The majority of Apple and Android smartphones can record videos in HD.


For editing your skits, you will want to get a laptop. You might not need to purchase a new one. You can get a decently used one if you can’t afford a new one. Additionally, you may use your phone to both shoot and edit. Just get the knowledge.


Your camera needs a gimbal, which is a tool used to hold your camera and give you stabilized shots. Your videos will appear to have been directed by a pro even though they were actually shot by a buddy or anyone else.


Lighting equipment comes in a variety of forms. Their price varies according to their features. You can just shoot your movies during the day if you are unable to afford to purchase any type of lighting for your comedy skits.


A microphone makes it easier for your audience to hear you. Microphones come in varieties and price categories.


The next step is “action” — beginning to record your comedy skits — after you’ve honed your comedic skills to a certain level and got your equipment ready. Shooting two to three skits per week, editing them, and uploading them on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is a good place to start. Do them continuously until you begin to gain popularity, at which point you can cut down on video production to once a week.


Collaborations are crucial, particularly if you want to become well-known as a comic or skit creator. You must let your followers know that you are well-known among other comedians or skit writers. Collaborating with other comedians and Nollywood actors is a frequent practice for comedians like Broda Shaggi, Officer Woos, and Mr. Macaroni.

Other comedians will not want to hang out with you if you are stingy with your space. Even aspiring comics and sketch writers will steer clear of you like the plague.


On your road to successfully make money from video skits in Nigeria, consistency and perseverance are crucial. One quality that many comedians lack is this. You must be consistent in the quantity of videos you record and submit as a comic or sketch creator.

Do not become easily weary because you seek instant fame. Recognize that approval might sometimes come quickly and sometimes it can take time. Additionally, you should be aware that your path to popularity is unique and that you are only competing with yourself.

Always keep this in mind, and you will be happy with your accomplishments and the higher ground you are going to reach.


You may use your video skits to earn money online in Nigeria in a variety of ways. They include:


Sharing your funny skits on social media might earn you money. You may publish videos to social media platforms like YouTube, monetize your YouTube channel, and start earning money with Google Adsense. You can earn money in US dollars using Google Adsense.

Additionally, you can earn money by posting your comedy videos on Facebook. Utilizing video monetization, you can also earn money there. Google Adsense income is regarded as a passive source of income.


By creating sponsored material for brands, comedians may also profit from their comedic acts. if businesses adore what you do, they may desire a business relationship with you. To create videos promoting their brands, they will pay you. If you know how to bargain effectively with sponsors, you can earn at least ₦300,000 or more as a comedian creating comedy videos for commercial brands.


As a brand ambassador, you can gain financial benefit. You may start receiving offers of brand ambassadorship from both domestic and international brands if you work very hard to build your name as a comedian skit creator. Being able to represent as many brands as you can is the finest aspect of being a brand ambassador.

And if you are skilled at bargaining, you can profit greatly from this. There are several variables that affect how much you are paid as a brand ambassador. It relies on your brand, popularity, and negotiating skills.


In Nigeria, the potential earnings from comedic skits are endless. Along with this, you also get fame, which increases your earnings. However, as I previously mentioned, the route to get there could be quick or lengthy, depending. Nevertheless, never lose up on your dreams. Start right away with whatever you have, and you might be one of the most popular comedy skit makers in Nigeria.

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