Original Xiaomi Power Banks in Nigeria: Prices & Specifications

Some years back, I was at a motor park with a low battery and needed to make a call. Then comes a man selling a power bank branded as Samsung with 30,000mAh. Seeing this, I bargained and got it for less than N2500 with the hope I could charge my phone for at least 5 times. Guess what?

That fake power bank couldn’t get my phone up to 80%. If you had bought powerbank at a park, you should have a similar story. This prompted me to look twice and do my research. I now avoid powerbanks with large battery capacity except I am paying huge for it. One very important thing to look out for is also the brand as some brands are known for making good power banks that are tested and trusted.

I know, the brand can be faked just like in my story. that takes us to another important point – always buy this products from trusted stores where you are offered warranty. This among other places, can be gotten from online store in Nigeria.

When it comes to brands, one of the trusted brands that makes power bank is Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company with headquartered in Beijing. They make and invests in laptops, smartphones, consumer electronics and mobile apps. Their power banks are called Mi Power Banks.

According to the information available on their website (www.mi.com), they currently have just three Mi Power Bank unless the ones created for specific countries which Nigeria is not one of those countries – this is different from what we see in the market where power banks branded as Xiaomi or Mi is more than 10.

So, this article will only discuss the official ones as they are the original Xiaomi Power banks currently in Nigeria at the moment.

Mi Power Banks In Nigeria And Their Prices This 2023

  • Mi 16000mAh Power Bank | N10,000


In terms of battery capacity, the Mi 16000mAh Power Bank is the highest power bank produced by Xiaomi in Nigeria. The powerbank packs a 16000mAh capacity. Together with it charge conversation rate of up to 93%, this Mi 16000mAh Power Bank according to the lab test conducted by the company, will give a Redmi Note 4G 3.5 full charges, give an iPhone 6 5 full charges and the iPad Mini 2.5 full charges. Again, these are lab test and actual usage may vary depending on a lot of factors.

This power bank is compatible with a wide range of devices. It automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. Aside smartphones, it is also compatible with handheld gaming devices, MP3s, digital cameras, etc.

The power bank comes with 2 output ports in form of USB ports. A micro USB port as input port (for charging it). Also packed into this power bank is a power check button and 4 light indicators to show you the level of charge in this power bank.

In terms of protection, Mi power banks provides one of the best protections. Among others, Mi power banks are made with protections such as temperature resistance, input over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, automatic charger protection, protection from overcharge and over-discharge, protection from output overcurrent and PTC protective circuits for the cell.

  • Mi 10000mAh Power Bank N6,000


Just like the other Mi Power Bank, the Mi 1600mAh Power Bank was made of a sleek aluminum case providing them with a beautifully textured surface. Because of this, the surface of the power banks are water and corrosion resistant.

The power bank can fit into your pocket because of its size – it is sized like a business card. However, it holds enough power to charge a Mi Note 2.5 times. It gives an iPhone 6 3.5 full charges and an iPad mini 1 full charge. This is possible because of the power bank’s capacity which is 10,000mAh and it conversion rate which is up to 93%.

This power bank comes with just one output port which means unlike the Mi 1600mAh Power Bank, it cannot charge two phones simultaneously. It also comes with a power check button and 4 light indicators just like the Mi 1600mAh Power Bank. In terms of protection, it provides the same level of protection just like the Mi 1600mAh Power Bank.

  • Mi 5000mAh Power Bank | N3,500



“So thin, you won’t know it’s in your pocket” – this is Xiaomi honing this power bank. They are however not far from the truth as the case of the power bank is 9.9mm slim. As it stands, this is the thinnest power bank produced by them so far. Needless to say, it is very portable.

However, it slim nature means a reduction in it battery capacity and price and it carries just about 5000mAh as compared to the two above that carries about 16000mAh and 10000mAh. With the power it carries, it gives a Redmi Note 4G 1 full charge, an iPhone 6 1.8 full charges, an iPhone 5s 2.2 full charges.

Looking at the prices and specifications of the Xiaomi Power Bank in Nigeria, they can be said to be worth the money.

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